Bob Dylan: The Illustrated Biography

Bob Dylan: The Illustrated Biography

by Chris Rushby


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Bob Dylan is a unique talent: writer of some of the most memorable popular songs of the twentieth century as well as a charismatic performer and cultural influence on succeeding generations of audiences and artists. In his teens, Dylan began to play and sing in local bands and when he left school his main ambition, as recorded in his high school yearbook, was “to join Little Richard.” But
it was folk, not rock ’n’ roll, which gave the young Dylan his first taste of fame when he moved to New York, became part of the burgeoning folk music scene, and recorded a series of albums cementing his fame as a leading light of the early sixties protest movement.

In 1965 Dylan famously “went electric” at the Newport Folk Festival, outraging purist fans, but finding a new and ever growing rock audience. Dylan toured the world with a rock backing band, creating music of an intensity never heard before in rock, once again outraging some fans and thrilling
others with the power of the music.

A mysterious motorcycle accident ended the touring in 1966 and Dylan retired to Woodstock to raise a family. It was not until 1974 that he returned to touring and began to make great music again, notably the Blood on the Tracks album, which many consider to be his finest. In 1979 Dylan was “born again” and made several albums of overtly Christian music, yet again dividing his fans. Through the 1980s Dylan struggled to find his way musically and personally, although embarking on what has since become known as the Never Ending Tour: a punishing schedule of touring around the world, unprecedented in size and scope, all the more surprising for a man of his age. The 1990s saw another creative renaissance and Bob Dylan today has rarely been more feted critically and commercially.

This richly illustrated book, with many classic and rare photographs, supported by an informative text, tells a compelling story of the most influential musician of the twentieth century.

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About the Author

Chris Rushby has been a bookseller for twenty-five years and has been listening to Bob Dylan’s music for more than thirty-five. Whatever the ups and downs of Dylan’s career, Chris has always found something there to marvel at. He lives in Norfolk, England.

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lporter51 More than 1 year ago
For being mostly pictures this book has a lot of great information on his life and music career in chronological order. The author put everything in order with a lot of relevant information plus a whole timeline and a complete discography. my most favorite part was when he described about how Arthur Guthrie was Dylan's idol and how much it set the stage for his music career. The reason i am such a fan of this book is because of how it described his whole career and every album he had made, every movie he was in, and a lot of personal information as well. so for all big Bob Dylan fans who want to know a little bit about the man behind the music, read this book.