Book a Trip: The Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records

Book a Trip: The Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records


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Book a Trip has 26 tracks from singles released on Capitol from roughly 1966-1970, most of them making their CD debut. The actual sounds are very much more "pop" than "psych," and it might be more accurate to peg these as pop recordings reflecting some influence of the psychedelic era rather than tracks combining pop and psychedelia. Certainly they're obscure and collectable, however, with just a couple of unlikely popular acts (the Four Preps and the Lettermen, neither of them groups associated with psychedelia or rock), as well as a few (the Shanes, Stained Glass, Chris & Craig) who might be recognized by specialist '60s collectors. The songs and productions are generally period pieces that are pleasant but not innovative, with little that approaches the classic or even extremely commercial. The arrangements often show strong traces of Capitol's biggest American group, the Beach Boys, in both the harmonies and musical backing; a good share of Association influences crop up, too. One of the strongest tracks, "Chris Craft No. 9" by the Shanes (actually a Swedish group), is much more in the guitar-oriented British Invasion style than its surroundings. The numerous famous names and connections to bigger acts, detailed by the excellent liner notes, are arguably more interesting than the music itself. Chris & Craig went on to lead one of the better obscure Los Angeles folk-rock groups, the Penny Arkade; a couple tunes were written by Dick & Don Addrisi, of "Never My Love" fame; David Axelrod co-wrote and co-produced Moorpark Intersection's "Yesterday Holds On," and produced the Lively Set's "Let the Trumpets Sound," written by David Gates; the Exception, whose "My Mind Goes Traveling" very strongly emulates the late-'60s Beach Boys, featured a pre-Chicago Peter Cetera; Leon Russell arranged and conducted the orchestra on the Four Preps' "Hitchhiker"; "Along Comes Mary" composer Tandyn Almer arranged and played on Pleasure's "Don't Take the Night Away"; and Summer Snow's "Flying on the Ground" is one of the earliest covers of a Neil Young song.

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Release Date: 08/03/2010
Label: Now Sounds
UPC: 5013929061927
catalogNumber: 2906192

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Glen Campbell   Guitar
Leon Russell   Conductor
Frank Capp   Percussion
Don Randi   Keyboards
Gerald Wiggins   Piano
Pete Jolly   Keyboards
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Philip Goldberg   Viola
Jim Gordon   Drums
Jim Aikin   Vocals
Chris Ducey   Guitar,Vocals
John Audino   Trumpet
Hal Blaine   Drums
Benjamin Barrett   Conductor
Arnold Belnick   Viola
Harry Bluestone   Strings
Bill Bridges   Vocals
Artie Butler   Keyboards
Peter Cetera   Bass,Vocals
Gary Coleman   Percussion,Bongos,Conga,Vibes
Casey Cunningham   Drums
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Emmerson   Guitar,Vocals
Gilbert Falco   Trombone
Jimmy Faragher   Bass,Celeste,Background Vocals,Clavinet
Bill Franz   Drums
John Gallie   Electric Piano
Leroy Glover   Keyboards
Paul Griffin   Keyboards
John Guerin   Drums
Billy Herman   Drums
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Carol Kaye   Bass
James Kehn   Drums,Vocals
Lou Klass   Trumpet
Larry Knechtel   Piano,Keyboards
Glen Larson   Baritone
Jay Lewis   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Macey   Guitar
Joe Mack   Bass
Jerry McClain   Vocals
Lou McCleary   Trombone
Jim McPherson   Bass,Vocals
John Morell   Guitar
Larry Muhoberac   Keyboards
Allan Nicholls   Vocals
Jim Nyeholt   Keyboards
William Peterson   Trumpet
Ray Pohlman   Bass
Emil Richards   Percussion,Mallets
Michel Rubini   Keyboards
Mischa Russell   Strings
Stephen Schlaks   Keyboards,Vocals
David Sommerville   Bass (Vocal)
Paul Tabet   Drums
Christie Thompson   Vocals
Greg Tornquist   Guitar
Arthur Wright   Guitar
Shari Zippert   Strings
Mike Brady   Vocals
Anthony Terran   Trumpet
Tandyn Almer   Bass,Keyboards
Michael Melvoin   Electric Piano
Allen DeRienzo   Trumpet
Rick Belanger   Drums,Vocals
Tony Butala   Vocals
Vern Craig   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Engemann   Vocals
Jim Pike   Vocals
Brian Rading   Bass
Rick Novak   Bass,Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Anthony Zungolo   Strings
Bob Rominger   Guitar
Marc Sampson   Bass,Vocals
Michael Anthony   Guitar
Jean Pierre Lauzon   Guitar
Tommy Wählberg   Guitar,Vocals
Svante Elfgren   Bass
Tor-Erik Rautio   Drums
Kit Sundqvist   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Lennart Grahn   Vocals
Brian Parks   Bass
Dave Warner   Vocals
Pam Parker   Vocals
William Kurasch   Viola
Tim Wilde   Vocals
Craig Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Eric Sampson   Reeds,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Terry Johnson   Bass
Don Peake   Guitar
Matthew Hyde   Guitar,Vocals
John Sherrill   Bass,Background Vocals
Louis Morell   Guitar
Oliver Mitchell   Trumpet
David Rosenthal   Percussion,Vocals
Dennis Carrasco   Drums
Mike Deasy   Guitar
Kenneth Ballard   Vocals
Frank Friedman   Harmonica,Rhythm Guitar
James Bond   Bass
D.A. McDowell   Bass,Guitar,Harpsichord,Vocals
Billy Elder   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ronald Tutt   Drums
Robert McPherson   Keyboards
Tom Jukem   Percussion,Drums
Susanne Roshay   Vocals
Stuart Royal   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Teddy Neeley   Vocals
Santo Ciccarello   Guitar
Rudy Parker   Vocals
Ronnie Seitel   Guitar,Background Vocals
Leon Woofter   Vocals
Jack Riolo   Drums
Gary Duckworth   Vocals
Jerry LeMire   Guitar
James Horn   Woodwind
Dave Practman   Vocals
Flo An Fountain   Vocals
Dick Dow   Vocals
Diane Roshay   Vocals
Dean Wilden   Bass
Craig Helwig   Vocals
Charlie Weiss   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Charles Stokes   Vocals
Brian Ballestrieri   Guitar,Vocals,Hammond B3
Billy Patton   Bass
Bill Hill   Guitar
Anthony Bordonaro   Rhythm Guitar
Allen Arkus   Drums
Paul Conocenti   Organ
Vince Morton   Vocals
Tony Decker   Guitar
Richard S. Kaufman   Strings
Pete Carson   Bass
Nicky Katsos   Drums
Mike "Bell" Belanger   Drums
Michael Dean   Flute,Piano,Vocals
Lynn Ready   Guitar
Ken Whitman   Guitar,Background Vocals
Joey DeSane   Vocals
Joe Ballestrieri   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Jill Bunker   Vocals
Jan Bunker   Vocals
James Vincent Dondelinger   Guitar,Vocals
James Henderson   Trombone
George Green   Vocals
Thomas Scott   Saxophone

Technical Credits

Leon Russell   Arranger,Orchestral Arrangements
Neil Young   Composer
Brooks Arthur   Engineer
David Axelrod   Composer,Producer
David Gates   Composer
Kelly Gordon   Producer
Larry Weiss   Composer
Kenny Nolan   Composer
Jimmy Wisner   Arranger
Larry Taylor   Contributor
Marty Cooper   Producer
Dan Dalton   Producer
Don Addrisi   Composer
Dave Blume   Composer
Perry Botkin   Arranger
Buddy Buie   Composer
DeLory   Producer
Emmerson   Composer
Scott English   Composer
Wes Farrell   Producer
John Gross   Producer
Rene Hall   String Arrangements
Jimmie Haskell   Arranger
Kelso Herston   Producer
Max Hoch   Producer
Hank Levine   Arranger
Jay Lewis   Composer
Ken Mansfield   Producer
Ray Ruff   Producer
Stephen Schlaks   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Bill Szymczyk   Engineer
Jerry Vance   Musical Director
Nick Venet   Producer
Tommy Oliver   Arranger
Tandyn Almer   Arranger
Jerry Keller   Composer
Artie Kornfeld   Producer
James Cobb   Composer
Dick Addrisi   Composer
Sandy Yaguda   Producer
Steve Douglas   Producer
Steve Stanley   Producer,Liner Notes,Art Direction,Layout
Rusty Evans   Producer
Kit Sundqvist   Composer
Bob Halley   Arranger,Producer
Anders Henriksson   Producer
William Elder   Composer
Craig Smith   Composer
Eric Sampson   Composer,Producer
Art Wayne   Producer
Mark sampson   Composer,Producer
James Bond   Arranger
D.A. McDowell   Composer
Phillip Francis Stumpo   Composer
Ole Cuaresma   Contributor
Steve Kingsford   Composer
Santo Ciccarello   Composer
Frank Tesinsky   Arranger
Danny Jannsen   Composer
Charlie Weiss   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Bob Padilla   Producer
Tony Decker   Composer
Joey DeSane   Composer

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