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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
National Directory of Catechesis

National Directory of Catechesis

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Jesus commanded his followers to go, proclaim the Gospel, and bring others into communion with God. As they respond to that call, leaders in catechesis and education find their inspiration for catechesis in the National Directory for Catechesis.

This much awaited companion to the General Directory for Catechesis builds on the core themes of the GDC (like catechesis's relationship to evangelization and worship), serves as a reference point for forming catechists and developing resources, and provides practical tools for doing catechesis well.

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ISBN-13: 9781574554434
Publisher: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Publication date: 02/01/2006
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

1A Vision for the National Directory for Catechesis3
2Renewal of Catechesis7
3Signs of Vitality in Catechetical Ministry in the United States8
4Challenges in Catechetical Ministry in the United States12
AChallenges to Catechesis from Social and Cultural Conditions13
BChallenges to Catechesis Regarding Doctrine13
CChallenges in the Ministry of Catechesis15
5Purpose of the Directory17
6Audience and Use17
Chapter 1Proclaiming the Gospel in the United States21
10General Characteristics of U.S. Culture22
BReligious Freedom23
CEconomic Freedom24
EInterest in Science and Technology25
11Diversity in U.S. Culture28
ACultural Diversity28
BReligious Diversity28
CDiversity Within the Catholic Church29
DRegional Diversity32
12Profile of Catholics in the United States34
BPastoral Life35
13Family and Home in the United States36
Chapter 2Catechesis Within the Church's Mission of Evangelization41
AGod's Self-Disclosure in Salvation History42
BThe Transmission of Revelation44
17Evangelization and the Ministry of the Word46
AThe New Evangelization46
CThe Process of Evangelization49
DThe Context of Evangelization50
EPastoral Directives for Evangelization51
18Source and Sources of Catechesis53
19Nature and Purpose of Catechesis: Initiatory and Ongoing54
ANature and Purpose of Catechesis54
BThe Object of Catechesis55
CCatechesis and the Church56
DInitiatory Catechesis57
EOngoing Catechesis58
20Tasks of Catechesis59
21Inculturation of the Gospel Message63
AThe Mystery of the Incarnation: Model of Evangelization63
BThe Evangelization of Culture63
CThe Process of Inculturation64
DInculturation and the Media66
Chapter 3This Is Our Faith; This Is the Faith of the Church69
24The Symphony of the Faith70
ANormative Instruments of Catechesis70
BSacred Scripture70
CThe Catechism of the Catholic Church71
25Criteria for the Authentic Presentation of the Christian Message75
AThe Christian Message, Centered on Christ75
BThe Trinitarian Character of the Christian Message77
CThe Christian Message That Proclaims the Good News of Salvation and Liberation from Sin78
DThe Ecclesial Character of the Christian Message80
EThe Historical Character of the Christian Message81
FThe Inculturation of the Christian Message82
GThe Comprehensive Hierarchical Character of the Christian Message83
HThe Communication of Profound Meaning for the Human Person85
IThe Promotion of a Common Language of Faith in Transmitting the Christian Message86
Chapter 4Divine and Human Methodology89
28God's Own Methodology90
AThe Pedagogy of God91
BCatechesis and Divine Methodology94
29Elements of Human Methodology95
ALearning Through Human Experience97
BLearning by Discipleship98
CLearning Within the Christian Community100
DLearning Within the Christian Family100
ELearning Through the Witness of the Catechist101
FLearning by Heart102
GMaking a Commitment to Live the Christian Life104
HLearning by Apprenticeship104
30Means of Communication105
Chapter 5Catechesis in a Worshiping Community109
33The Relationship Between Catechesis and Liturgy110
34Liturgical and Personal Prayer111
35Catechesis for the Sacraments in General113
ASacraments as Mysteries113
BGeneral Principles for Sacramental Catechesis114
CCatechetical Guidelines for Celebration of the Sacraments114
DBaptismal Catechumenate: Inspiration for All Catechesis115
36Catechesis for the Particular Sacraments118
ASacraments of Initiation118
BSacraments of Healing131
CThe Sacraments at the Service of Communion138
37The Sacred: Time (Liturgical Year) and Space (Art)145
ASacred Time: The Liturgical Year145
BSacred Art, Architecture, and Music148
38Sacramentals and Popular Devotions151
BPopular Piety and Popular Devotion152
CMarian Devotion154
Chapter 6Catechesis for Life in Christ157
41The Dignity of the Human Person159
ACreation in the Image and Likeness of God159
BSome Challenges to the Dignity of the Human Person160
42Moral Formation in Christ163
CThe Formation of Moral Conscience165
EChallenges to Communicate These Fundamental Realities167
43The Human Community168
AThe Communal Character of Life in Christ168
BMoral Conversion and Society170
CPrinciples of Catholic Social Teaching170
DSocial Sin171
44Moral Formation in the Gospel Message172
45Catechesis on the Decalogue173
AThe First Commandment: I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me173
BThe Second Commandment: You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain173
CThe Third Commandment: Remember to keep holy the sabbath day174
DThe Fourth Commandment: Honor your father and your mother175
EThe Fifth Commandment: You shall not kill175
FThe Sixth Commandment: You shall not commit adultery. The Ninth Commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor's wife177
GThe Seventh Commandment: You shall not steal. The Tenth Commandment: You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor179
HThe Eighth Commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor181
IThe Decalogue in the Spirit of the Beatitudes182
Chapter 7Catechizing the People of God in Diverse Settings185
48Catechesis According to Readiness and Age Levels187
AAdult Catechesis187
BCatechesis of the Elderly193
CCatechesis of Young Adults195
DCatechesis of Adolescents199
ECatechesis of Infants and Children202
49Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities206
50Catechesis in Special Situations209
51Catechesis in the Context of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue210
AThe Unity of the Church210
BThe Principles of Ecumenical Catechesis211
CThe Ecumenical Formation of Catechists212
DCatechesis in Relation to Jews213
ECatechesis in Relation to Other Non-Christian Religions214
Chapter 8Those Who Catechize217
54Differing Roles of Those Who Catechize218
AThe Bishop and Diocesan Staff: A Shared Responsibility218
BPastors and Parish Leadership220
CParents and Families234
55Preparation and Ongoing Formation of Catechists235
AThe Ministry of Catechesis235
BDiscernment of the Call to Catechize236
CNeed for Formation236
DInitial Formation of Catechists237
EOngoing Formation of Catechists238
FPossible Settings for Catechist Formation241
Chapter 9Organizing Catechetical Ministry245
58General Principles and Guidance246
59Diocesan Structures248
AThe Bishop248
BThe Diocese249
CThe Diocesan Catechetical Office250
DCoordination of Catechesis253
60The Parish Community254
AParish Catechetical Plan255
BParish Catechetical Commission or Committee255
61Some Pastoral Efforts256
AParish-Based Organization for Catechesis257
BOrganization for Catechesis Outside the Parish267
62Regional Cooperation and National Associations274
63The Service of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops275
64The Service of the Holy See276
Chapter 10Resources for Catechesis279
67Resources in General280
ASacred Scripture280
BCatechism of the Catholic Church281
CLocal Catechisms282
68Catechetical Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials283
ACatechetical Textbooks283
BOther Instructional Materials285
69Communications Technology and Catechesis286
AThe Impact of Communications Media in Catechesis286
BInstruments of Catechesis287
CThe Media as a Subject of Catechesis291
70Preparation and Evaluation of Catechetical Materials292
72A New Millennium, a Renewed Passion for Catechesis297
73The Holy Spirit, the Teacher Within298
74Mary, Star of Evangelization300

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