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Bedford/St. Martin's
Fields of Readings: Motives for Writing / Edition 8

Fields of Readings: Motives for Writing / Edition 8

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Because composition students will major in a wide variety of disciplines, Fields of Reading draws on the major divisions of the curriculum -- arts and humanities, social sciences and public affairs, and sciences and technologies -- to present well-crafted and high-quality writing from these fields. Chosen by five editors who are all distinguished teachers and writers, the selections are organized in each division by writing purpose (reflecting, reporting, explaining, and arguing) in order to show how writing must be suited to a particular situation in order to be effective. Students are thus exposed to important readings by key voices in contemporary intellectual life -- the kind of thought-provoking pieces one expects to encounter in college. The unique dual organization by academic discipline and rhetorical purpose helps students to understand how subject, intent, and audience influence the form and style of their own writing.

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ISBN-13: 9780312446932
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication date: 12/21/2006
Edition description: Eighth Edition
Pages: 864
Product dimensions: 6.47(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

Preface v

Thematic Contents xvii

For Students xxv

Introduction 1

From Reading to Writing 1

Writing as Conversation 2

Modes of Writing and Thinking 3

The Modes as a Continuum 3

Reflecting 4

Reporting 8

Explaining 15

Arguing 23

Writing across the Curriculum 31

Rereading and Rewriting 33

Using and Acknowledging Sources 35

Arts and Humanities

Reflecting in the Arts and Humanities 43

Graduation Maya Angelou 43

Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self Alice Walker 54

Mirrors Lucy Grealy 62

Learning to Read and Write Frederick Douglass 74

Mother Tongue Amy Tan 80

Unspeakable Conversations Harriet McBryde Johnson 86

The Work of Mourning Francine du Plessix Gray 104

Don Ysidro (fiction) Bruce Holland Rogers 113

Reporting in the Arts and Humanities 117

At Home, at School, in Hiding Anne Frank 117

A New Kind of War Ernest Hemingway 127

Hatsuyo Nakamura John Hersey 133

The Long Good-bye: Mother's Day in Federal Prison Amanda Coyne 141

Teaching Literature at the County Jail Christina Boufis 150

Labor Day Hurricane, 1935 (fiction) Douglas Trevor 158

Problems of Art (fiction) James Alan McPherson 176

Explaining in the Arts and Humanities 190

On Keeping a Notebook Joan Didion 190

Memorywork (fiction) Susan Choi 198

Urban Legends: "The Boyfriend's Death" Jan Harold Brunvand 209

What High School Is Theodore R. Sizer 219

Your Face in Lights: The Secrets of Cinematography Alec Wilkinson 230

The Cave Plato 241

Blocked Joan Acocella 247

Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective Leslie Marmon Silko 260

Arguing in the Arts and Humanities 268

Hiroshima John Berger 268

If Black English Isn't aLanguage, Then Tell Me, What Is? James Bladwin 276

Politics and the English Language George Orwell 280

Why We Hate Teachers Garret Keizer 292

Watching TV Makes You Smarter Steven Johnson 301

Something Borrowed Malcolm Gladwell 313

Social Sciences and Public Affairs

Reflecting in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs 329

The Way to Rainy Mountain N. Scott Momaday 329

The Story of My Body Judith Ortiz Cofer 336

Pilgrimage to Nonviolence Martin Luther King Jr. 346

Shooting an Elephant George Orwell 354

Tools of Torture: An Essay on Beauty and Pain Phyllis Rose 361

What Did You Do in the War, Grandma? A Flashback to August 1945 Zoe Tracy Hardy 366

Reporting in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs 375

"This Is the End of the World": The Black Death Barbara Tuchman 375

Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Told by Flight Member William L. Laurence 387

First Observations Jane van Lawick-Goodall 395

The Nature Faker (fiction) Richard Harding Davis 405

U.S. Attacked: Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon in Day of Terror Serge Schmemann 415

Edgy First College Assignment: Study the Koran Patrik Jonsson 424

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America Barbara Ehrenreich 429

Explaining in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs 443

The Futile Pursuit of Happiness Jon Gertner 443

Some Conditions of Obedience and Disobedience to Authority Stanley Milgram 453

On the Fear of Death Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 479

Nonverbal Courtship Patterns in Women: Context and Consequences Monica M. Moore 486

Zeno and the Distance between Us (fiction) Sharon Wahl 504

Inside Dope Marcus Laffey 511

The Naked Face Malcolm Gladwell 519

I'm Right, You're Wrong, Go to Hell Bernard Lewis 536

Arguing in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs 545

A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift 545

The Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson 554

Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr. 559

Sifting the Ashes Jonathan Franzen 574

Isn't Marriage for Procreation? Evan Wolfson 588

Fools' Paradise Ronald Wright 596

Sciences and Technologies

Reflecting in the Sciences and Technologies 605

A Mask on the Face of Death Richard Selzer 605

Close Encounter of the Human Kind Abraham Verghese 616

Can We Know the Universe? Reflections on a Grain of Salt Carl Sagan 620

Memoria ex Machina Marshall Jon Fisher 626

Design Robert Frost 632

Reporting in the Sciences and Technologies 634

A Delicate Operation Roy C. Selby Jr. 634

A Delicate Balance Is Undone in a Flash, and a Battered City Waits Peter Applebome Christopher Drew Jere Longman Andrew Revkin 638

Joey: A "Mechanical Boy" Bruno Bettelheim 657

Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good Eric Schlosser 669

Fun with Physics K. C. Cole 680

The Other Stem-Cell Debate Jamie Shreeve 692

Explaining in the Sciences and Technologies 703

Why the Sky Is Blue James Jeans 703

Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall Diane Ackerman 706

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks 711

Our Picture of the Universe Stephen W. Hawking 724

Natural-Born Liars David Livingstone Smith 734

Life Is a Narrative Edward O. Wilson 746

Arguing in the Sciences and Technologies 754

The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles Emily Martin 754

Women's Brains Stephen Jay Gould 771

A Designer Universe? Steven Weinberg 778

Show Me the Science Daniel C. Dennett 787

The Case against Perfection Michael J. Sandel 793

Acknowledgments 810

Rhetorical Index 815

Author and Title Index 819

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