Born to Shine: Practical Tools to Help You SHINE, Even in Life's Darkest Moments

Born to Shine: Practical Tools to Help You SHINE, Even in Life's Darkest Moments

by Ashley LeMieux


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Ashley LeMieux became a mother literally overnight through permanent guardianship. After raising her two children for four years, Ashley and her husband's world was shattered when they lost them just as quickly as they came. Born to Shine is her story of Joss, resilience, and the life-changing lessons found in the darkest seasons of life. Ashley shares practical tools to help women shine despite the darkness, to press forward one day at a time even when there is no end in sight, and to turn their most painful moments into their greatest teachers-signposts for true, deep, unassailable joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781642793840
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 9,314
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Ashley LeMieux has made a career out of helping others re-ignite the light within them. She is the founder and CEO of The Shine Project and is a firm believer that everyone was born to shine. Ashley is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who lives in Nashville, TN. Her company, The Shine Project, is an online community for women to find support, resources, motivation, and encouragement to triumph over the challenges in their lives. The Shine Project also employs first-generation college students to hand make products, ship online and wholesale orders, and work The Shine Project events to help impact the trajectory of their lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Finding Your Light 1

Part 1 Your Light is Yours

Chapter 1 Somebody Loves You 9

Chapter 2 Don't Let IT Stop You 19

Chapter 3 You're the One 25

Chapter 4 Welcome to the Club 33

Chapter 5 Unwanted Intruders 39

Part 2 Your Light is Contagious

Chapter 6 The Big YES 49

Chapter 7 Playing Pretend 57

Chapter 8 Guardians 65

Part 3 Your Light Will Get Heavy

Chapter 9 The Fight 75

Chapter 10 Don't Forget Your Courage 85

Chapter 11 When It's Over 93

Chapter 12 The Loss 101

Chapter 13 Letters 111

Part 4 Your Light is Constant

Chapter 14 When IT Stops You 121

Chapter 15 Robbed 129

Chapter 16 Broken Can Be Fixed 135

Chapter 17 Waking Up 143

Chapter 18 Permission to Shine 151

Chapter 19 Castle Views 159

Chapter 20 Stand Up and Shine 169

Chapter 21 Born to Shine 179

Acknowledgements 185

About the Author 189

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Born to Shine: Practical Tools to Help You Shine, Even in Life's Darkest Moments 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
AlyciaHawkins 4 months ago
The way that Ashley tells her story is the raw, real, genuinely authentic message that our world so desperately needs. It is okay to have pain, to feel everything, to lean on others, and then to use that pain to rise above out of the darkness and into a brilliant shine. I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t put it down. I cannot wait for the motivation and inspiration I know I’m about to witness in the pre-order livestream event. So grateful Born to Shine is spreading such powerful light.
MyArizonaAdventure 4 months ago
Born to Shine is part memoir, part self-help. Regardless of genre, it was hard to put down. Ashley's words were convicting, but also encouraging. The questions she asks of readers are thought-provoking. The story she weaves is spellbinding. Ashley writes with energy, even in the midst of pain, and the joy she shares is utterly contagious. Ashley and Mike LeMieux lost their children. They lost two little ones they raised and in whom they invested their lives. The LeMieux's did not lose their lives, however. They did not lose their humanity. They have emerged from their darkness humbler, stronger, and more full of light than ever before. Their story is proof of the goodness of humanity and the resilience of the human soul, even in the midst of the darkest night. I definitely recommend reading! Note: I received an advance copy of Born to Shine as part of the book launch team, but received no compensation for my review or opinions.
KatClark 4 months ago
I was so excited about reading this book after following Ashley for a couple years on instagram. I will say my journey and issues are a bit different than Ashley and her husbands. But one thing you will get from this book and Ashley's story, is that it doesn't matter what you're going through.. the pain and hurt that you feel, someone else also feels that pain. It can be difficult to deal with but as Ashley says, pain is privilege. I have already read this book but im going back through it and taking my time and letting everything sink in. Ashley's story is so real and im grateful for her. Thank you Ashley for writing in down for all of us to real and help us (women of all ages) to overcome and accept the things we go through.
Rata74 4 months ago
This book is an inspiring read no matter what is going on in your life. Ashely talks about some of the darkest times of her life, and how to find peace in the hardest times. When you like to over come your battles she leaves you wiht some awesome uplifting quotes that will help keep you motivated and positve,
TamD2000 4 months ago
What an amazingly helpful real-life story that would be beneficial for anyone to read, especially if you are struggling with anything. It will guide you to help remember the worth you have, no matter who you are, and help you find the light within yourself ❤️ Would recommend everyone read this real-life, raw tale
Anonymous 4 months ago
Every page of Born to Shine is like a confirmation that you CAN get through the difficult things life throws at you. That it’s ok pain or loss or hurt, but it’s not ok to live with the weight of those things forever. Ashley shows you again and again how to work through and overcome the heaviness in life and turn your pain into your power.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ashley's book has inspired me so much. Her story is about OVERCOMING and not giving up on yourself or your dreams. This book has helped me so much and I know it will help everyone who reads it. GO ORDER NOW!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ashley's book has inspired me so much. Her story is about OVERCOMING and not giving up on yourself or your dreams. This book has helped me so much and I know it will help everyone who reads it. GO ORDER NOW!
Sehr03 4 months ago
This book is so stinking inspiring! I was hesitant to read the book because her story is so different from mine and I was worried it wouldn't really resonate with me as much, but I was so wrong! I learned so much about loving and trusting myself, even when times get hard. I can't recommend this book enough! So much love for the book and the Lemieux's!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ahhh this book will. transform your life. It has mine. I’ve never ever read a book that caused me to reach deeply inside myself to be the most authentic version of myself possible. You’ll climb mountains, journey alongside Ashley, the author and. you’ll honestly never be the same. You can’t be the same .after reading this
EmilyHamilton 4 months ago
This book hooked me in right away where I knew I had to keep reading. I found this book so inspiring and really helped me with thinking about life's hardships and that all the pain can be overcome and how strong we as humans are :) I recommend this book to everyone I know! :)
OliviaCorbett 4 months ago
We've all faced loss. We've all felt tragedy. We've all experienced grief. Most of us spend time trying to move on and bury our painful experiences in the past where we seldom have to think of them. Ashley takes a different approach. What if, instead of running from our pain, we embraced it. What if we allowed pain to make a lasting mark on our present and future? What if we allowed it to change us? The results? Finally stepping into the shine we were born to inhabit. Ashley vulnerably explores this through her own journey to healing and recovery. She uses her experience as a light and a guide for every person out there that feels swallowed by the darkness. Ashley's light will light a fire in you and remind you that you were Born To Shine!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ashley is so inspiring and writes in a way that speaks to your soul. This book has become a best friend of mine- being there in all of my darkest moments to help me see the light and gives me honest, practical tools to help me move forward.
Cathy_J 4 months ago
I love it when you read a non-fiction book that reads as easily as a fiction book. Born to Shine was that kind of book for me. I read it so quickly because I didn’t want to put it down, even though I knew what happened in Ashley LeMieux’s story. Her story is one of heart break and loss. But it’s also one of hope and faith. I love the way she was able to not only survive her loss, but thrive despite it. Through this the reader is able to learn that they too can survive and thrive, no matter what comes their way. I loved that this book made me laugh in parts, but it also made me cry in parts. It’s a human story and it’s one that everyone should read. Go grab your copy now!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ashley is so inspiring-- she is relatable, raw, and real. Her struggles have illuminated a path that give hope to every tomorrow. Super grateful for the time I took to read this book.
AllieKay5 4 months ago
I've always said Ashley has a way of saying just what I need to hear when I read her Instagram posts or listen to her videos, and this book goes above and beyond that. It will meet you right where you're at, no matter what you're going through, because it speaks to the universal human pain points of grief, loss, and fear. Yet she doesn't stop at being relatable . . . she actually teaches you how to move beyond those pain points and embrace what they have to teach us about shining our own light in the world. I can't recommend this book more highly!! It is a must read!!! I was on the book launch team and provided an early version of the ebook.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I first learned about Ashley LeMieux in November of 2018. She was a guest on the Unspoken podcast, which is one of my favorites. Her story broke my heart, and inspired me at the same time. I began following her on social media, and her positivity radiated in every post. It was infectious. I knew I had to read her book when it became available. I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of the book and while I wanted to speed through it, I knew that to do her writing justice I needed to take my time with it. I needed to let the story seep into my soul. I am so glad I read it that way. Ashley's story is heartbreaking, but the way she worked with her husband Mike to pull themselves out of the darkest of dark times is an inspiration. I normally go into books like this very carefully. I do not like to feel like I am being preached at. Ashley's way of writing makes it seem like you are sitting with your best friend and getting well needed advice. There are mentions of religion, but it is not "in your face". This is such a great read and provides you with attainable steps to make your life "shine".