Briefcase Illusion

Briefcase Illusion

by Paul Romhany


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The Briefcase Illusion presented by Paul Romhany

Designed by Wayne Rogers.
Book by Paul Romhany

The Briefcase Illusion has been the opening for Paul Romhany's World Class Act for the past twenty years! An illusion that is designed to set up in less than five minutes, and pack flat in less than two! The possibilities are endless!! Use it as an appearance or vanish.

Basic Performance: The MC walks on stage with a briefcase, no magician, just the case. He then places it on top of a writing desk. The lid of the case opens and the magicians makes his appearance out of the briefcase.

Basic Vanish: The magician places the case on top of the writing desk, and a girl is pushed inside. The magician then picks up the case and walks off stage.

Variations: Use this for other productions with or without the briefcase. In Romhany's routine the briefcase lid opens up and an eight foot ladder appears from it, then Romhany makes his appearance out of the briefcase as though he is climbing up the ladder.

At FISM it was used to vanish TWO people. The briefcase was placed on the floor in front of the writing desk and a girl was pushed down inside. The magician then picked up the case and placed it on the table and another assistant was put inside the case. The case was then picked up and the magician walked off stage.

Puppetry: This was also used for a puppeteer who was concealed inside the writing desk and able to operate a puppet while the performer interacted with the puppet.

Mentalism routine: Perform the ULTIMATE Prediction routine. By concealing a person inside this unique table, you could perform incredibly strong mentalism type routines.

The possibilities with this unique design are endless. In the DVD Paul Romhany shares other ideas he has used this for, including performing it almost surrounded, performing it at FISM, how to make it pack flat and set up in minutes.

This book includes

Full plans - 3D + 2D plans
Set-up Instructional Book with step-by-step photographs
Link to live Performance footage - see Romhany use this in a live show
Video link of Romhany setting up the illusion so you can see it being set up LIVE and hear Paul talking about it.
Extras - Romhany shares extras on lighting, staging and other concepts with this unique illusion.

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Publication date: 08/19/2011
Pages: 54
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