by Pam Godwin


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I protect what's mine.The ranch, my family, our buried secrets.Nothing will stop me from reassembling the life that went terribly wrong.Not the law.Not our enemies.Not even Maybe Quinn.The gorgeous, quarrelsome journalist shouldn't have meddled.I shouldn't have let her stay.But she's hiding something in those deceptive blue eyes.Something deeper than her thirst for a news story.I make a deal with her to buy time.To unravel her lies. To play with her. To satisfy my darker appetites.When she buckles beneath my belt, I'll send her away.Unless I buckle first.TRAILS OF SIN series (HEAs with no cliffhangers - must be read in order):Knotted #1 - Jake and ConorBuckled #2 - Jarret and MaybeBooted #3 - Lorne and Raina

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ISBN-13: 9781722374075
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2018
Series: Trails of Sin , #2
Pages: 318
Sales rank: 1,051,780
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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Buckled 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book and series! Can't wait to read Lorne's story next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn’t connect with the main characters in book two like I did with book one. Book two was like reading book one but with no heart to it. It was like reheated week old food. I hope Lorne’s story is better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"An sexual assult victim has the ability to make her own decisions about her life taken away, at the hands of her manipulative boyfriend, his family, her brother, and abusive alcoholic father." That's what the honest synopsis of this book should read. Someone that survives a trauma, is strong enough to not have their ability to make choices taken away. Maybe it's just me, but that would be a deal-breaker for me, and the heroine's eagerness to overlook the lies (maintained for yeeears because they believed they were "protecting" her) was baffling. Even the way they came clean was entirely dictated on their terms...this book was odd and 100% ridiculous. After the midway point I just started skimming, because this author consistently messes up the narrative, development, and suspension of disbelief. 1.5 generous stars.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I read Knotted, the first in this series, a few months ago and have been waiting to read Buckled...holy crap! I can’t believe I waited this long! I read this in one day...it totally entranced me and kept my attention! Just when I thought I could put it down to go to bed the plot thickened and I just had to keep going! Well written, danger, love, heartache and family that always has each other’s back, this book is a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While this type of story is not everyone's thing, it is for me. Steeped in dark dangerous secrets, it digs into the complexity of an action and how it continues to ripple out from the point of impact upsetting everyone around and on into the future. Breaking the basics out of the context of that action, this is a story of a man who finds his other half and persists in overcoming all the obstacles stacked against them to build a better future together. I am in awe of the author for her skill on keeping the heart in this dark and twisted series. Now for the last one.
Timitra More than 1 year ago
Buckled was very angsty and light on the dark elements but it suited the characters and their story. Their story was a bit of a rollercoaster but an enjoyable one. I loved that it wasn't quick or easy but spanned sometime. I think what I loved the most was Jarret's patience, dedication and sacrifice it showed the depth of his love for Maybe, don't get me wrong the stuff he did would be illegal, creepy and raise a whole bunch of red flags in any other situation but in this one it's the things swoons are made of. I enjoyed it, recommend it and can't wait for the conclusion of this series. ARC provided by author
Robyn_Nichole More than 1 year ago
Wow wow wow ... Jarret and Maybe burned up the pages in this book. I love how Maybe was such a strong heroine (made me love her all the more)! Drama, hotness, thrilling, sassy chick and protective cowboy all wrapped up in a pretty package named Buckled by Pam Godwin!
DarGee More than 1 year ago
As soon as I started reading this book, I felt like I was immersed in dark chocolate and red wine in the middle of the afternoon - it was dark, decadent, it called me in, and wrapped me up in the sensations. Jarret will have that effect on you too, that man is too dark, and too sweet, all at the same time. You'll want him, you'll crave, and he'll call to you, even when you shouldn't. He is everything you want, and is what you need, all wrapped up in hard, handsome, cowboy It is no wonder poor Maybe didn't stand a chance. The poor woman was lost to him the moment her gaze connected with his. They fit, he knows it, but she resists, afterall, who has dark chocolate and red wine every day, all day. She gives in for a bit, then her world implodes. He doesn't think so, he knows it is a good thing. Maybe needs time, she needs space, and she needs Jarret. The three don't mix, but Jarret gives her what she needs, while staying on his path with her She thinks doom and gloom, he sees the perfection in the darkness. She will see things his way, she is too bright not to shine in his world, and he won't give up!
Rena_Bainbridge More than 1 year ago
Wow Wow Wow. Buckled slayed my life. The story of Maybe and Jarrett is so precious, ruthless, and daring. I fell hard for Maybe Quinn's passion, dedication, and willpower. Jarrett's dominance, strength, and protectiveness was so HOT. Maybe and Jarrett's story was so intense and damn admiring. The suspense and answers revealed we so damn good. I loved Godwin's writing so much, it makes everything x10 better. This series must be read in order. Get this book.
SpiderEffect More than 1 year ago
From the moment he laid eyes on Maybe, Jarrett knew that she was ‘trouble’. Everything about Maybe exuded the reporter vibe. With so many secrets surrounding his family and friends, Jarrett knew that he needed to send Maybe packing. The only problem with this plan is the attraction that Jarrett clearly felt for the new gal in town. An instant pull that couldn’t be pushed to the side. There is an underlying reason that has drawn Maybe Quinn to this town, but it is not just for the ‘scoop’ on what happened at Jeulep Ranch. When Jarrett discovers the real reason Maybe has made an appearance, everything will blow up in Maybe’s face. The secret that she has been hiding is just simmering beneath the surface. An explosion that can change the course of Maybe’s life. Saddle up….Buckled is going to ROCK you off your horse!! After the explosive and addictive read that I found in Knotted, I wasn’t quite sure how Pam Godwin would set up the plot surrounding Jarrett. The anticipation was killing me. I (im)patiently waited and waited. Let me tell you…..Buckled did NOT disappoint!! A completely different character than his twin, Jarrett leads you on his journey of sin, sizzling nights, and life of a ranch hand. Nothing that Jarrett does is without forethought. Always plotting and trying to right the wrongs of his family. Duty, loyalty, and desperation fuels this cowboys daily life. A definite ‘page turning’ experience all on its own!! After Maybe strolls into town, nothing will be the same. The backbone that this gal has will support the weight upon Jarrett’s shoulders in ways that neither could predict. BOTH of these characters had me pulled into their ‘dance’ of avoidance, determination, and longing. The plot is nothing that you expected, and everything that you didn’t know you wanted to happen. I seriously couldn’t get enough of this duo!! Pam Godwin knows how to weave the darkness into her romances in a way that immerses you into the lives of the characters. Leading you on a journey that you never really knew you NEEDED until you turn that very last page. A testament to the dedication and penmanship of a writer that is always at the top of my Must Read lists!! Jarrett and Maybe’s tale is one that you definitely don’t want to miss. As we all know, secrets have a way of coming to light even if no one planned it. The secrets swirling around the Jeulep Ranch are far from over. Lorne still hasn’t arrived on the scene, and after the mysteries that Maybe brings into the Holsten family’s life….nothing will ever be the same!!
KCSunshine69 More than 1 year ago
Maybe Quinn is just the best book character name ever! I want to change my name to Maybe Quinn. It’s darling! As is she. Blonde, curly girlie, sassy and sexy with a lot of naughty. That little snippet of Maybe and Jarret at the end of Roped was enough to rope me in. It is a cowboy book. With cows! And chickens. And a cow called chicken. And yet the cowboy part of the story isn’t the scene stealer. It is so much more than a cowboy book (no offence meant to cowboy book writers). It’s full of intrigue and mystery, longing and heart break, laughter and tears. Pam Godwin’s writing game is strong. She weaves a great plot around great characters and stuns you with where she takes it. So I’m maybe, changing my name to Maybe. I’m going to call my cat Chicken. I’m going to buy a Stetson and I’m going to get the hubs to tie me to a fence next time we have a storm #giggles Bring on the big man Lorne! I need book 3!
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
This is book two in this series of interconnected reads. Each book features the romance of a separate couple. However, for the big picture, the history, complete understanding and full enjoyment of the overall storyline you should start on book one and read the books in order. This book is so incredibly intense, dark, suspenseful, romantic and very, very hot!! Jarret and Maybe are both determined, very passionate, strong and enjoy kink. They share an off the charts attraction, blazing chemistry and witty banter that is so sharp, they should need bandages and disinfectant for the wounds from the barbs they are throwing back and forth. As both of these characters are harboring secrets. So the anxiety of all the impending complications and fallout is high and keeps you engaged and reading. Jarret will always hold a special place in my heart. He is the self designated gatekeeper of his family. It is a role that appeals to me. He is stoic, controlled, loyal and protective. He has a backbone of steel and a heart like hot magma. He does not love easily but when he does it's absolute and unending. As for Maybe, she is feisty, sassy and spunky, tenacious and sweet. I loved both of these characters and thought they were just perfect for each other. This is an excellent book in a superb series and I can't wait to see how it all ends in Lorne's book. This is my completely honest, voluntary review.
Mjones74 More than 1 year ago
"It's cruelty in its most primitive form, love in its deepest, most passionate state. It's animalistic mating, unbound and stripped bare, a connection that defines civility." The Trails of Sin series continues from Knotted with Jake and Conor, the knotted love around these two is soul deep and you definitely need to read it before continuing along the seductive heart piercing Trails of Sin by Pam Godwin! Now be ready to get Buckled with Jarret and Maybe, their story explodes with heated back and forth/push and pull chemistry that had me in giddy anticipation of their every moment which leads to the most "passionate, animalistic mating, unbound and stripped bare"......shew whee it was SO HOT!! The sizzling hotness was fantastic BUT man oh man the heart of Jarret Holsten simply blew me away, I was swept off my feet in complete sighing swooning fashion by this amazing cowboy that had never lost his heart before, and WOW when it happened he was a goner and so was I LOL!!! My heart not only soared and bleed for Jarret but also Maybe for all that she'd experienced in her past with love that left her feeling guilty and doubtful of herself and in need of someone to show her they would never leave or give her up no matter what......And Jarret is definitely the alpha cowboy that loves with all he is and giving up is not in his vocabulary! "Take your space, your time, whatever you need. But I won't let you take forever. That belongs to me. Your forever is mine." *sigh, swoon, all the heart emojis* I loved Knotted but I think I loved Buckled just a pinch more and can't wait for more of the Trails of Sin with Booted and Lorne!!!!
Mimiorphee More than 1 year ago
As  much as Knotted conflicted me,  I loved Buckled. The compelling characters, the ranch life, the storyline were excellent. Jarret and Maybe piqued my curiosity in the first installment and their story didn't disappoint. Jarret's possessiveness of Maybe and his protectiveness of his family touched me. Therefore he is a true alpha cowboy, one I could very well fall for. His determination didn't hide his playful attitude, which I enjoyed greatly.  The secrets and mystery surrounding Maybe's appearance in their town and her strength and fight drew him in. Then starts a dangerous game, one that could break both of them in their quest for answers. I absolutely loved Maybe adaptation skills. She is a woman who knows where  she stands at and what needs to be done. And when decisions needed to be made, she acted. Oh, how crazy the intensity, the anticipation and the mystery drove me!!!  As always I need to praise Pam Godwin flawless and precise writing. The dark atmosphere of that series, the documented  ranch scenes and the twisted intrigue totally enthralled me.