Business and Religion: A Clash of Civilizations?

Business and Religion: A Clash of Civilizations?

by Nicholas Capaldi (Editor)


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Since the late 1960s American culture has been involved in a struggle to articulate an effective business ethics. The scandals of Enron and WorldCom constitute egregious examples of the absence or deficiency of ethical decision-making in matters of commerce. The purpose of this volume is to inaugurate a dialogue on the common elements of all three Abrahamic traditions - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - that touch on ethical issues in business. With more than 40 scholars, religious and business leaders joining the debate, this anthology is the beginning of a reconstruction of the understanding of the relationship between religion and commerce.

Main Features:

    The following questions are addressed:

    • Is a purely secular business ethics irremediably deficient?
    • Does a substantive business ethic require a religious and spiritual framework?
    • To what extent does current business practice reflect a spiritual dimension?
    • What are the various religious traditions' perspectives on the ethics of commerce?
    • Can the various religious traditions generate a non-adversarial, consistent, and coherent business ethic?
    • Is there a role for religion and spirituality in a global and post-modern business world?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780976404101
Publisher: M&M Scrivener Press
Publication date: 08/28/2005
Series: Conflicts and Trends in Business Ethics
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents



Nicholas Capaldi / Introduction


Tibor R. Machan / Can Commerce Inspire?

Michael C. Maibach / The Virtues of a Commercial Republic

Mark S. Markuly / Ships Passing in the Night: The Conceptual Disconnects Between American Christianity and Capitalism

Stephen V. Arbogast / "Disconnected at the Roots": How Gaps in Catholic Social Doctrine Impede Dialogue and Action on Economic Justice

Art Carden / The Market's Benevolent Tendencies

Walter Block / The Jews and Capitalism: A Love-Hate Relationship

Robert H. Nelson / Doing "Secular Theology:" Business Ethics in Economic and Environmental Religion

Kevin E. Schmiesing / Why is There a Conflict Between Business and Religion? A Historical Perspective


Peter A. Redpath / The Metaphysical Foundations of the Ethics of Commerce

Seth W. Norton / The Deutronomic Double Standard: Human Nature and the Nature of Markets

William F. Campbell / What Does America Owe to Florence?

Leonard P. Liggio / Property in Roman Religion and Early Christian Fathers

Gary M Pecquet / Perestroika in Christendom: The Scholastics Develop a Commerce-Friendly Moral Code

Joseph Keckeissen / The Concern of the Church and the Unconcern of the Free Market

Harold B. Jones, Jr. The "Conflict" Between Business and Religion: Where Does It Come From?

James R. Wilburn / Capitalism Beyond the "End of History"


Rabbi Daniel Lapin / An Explanationfor Jewish Business Success

Rev. John Michael Beers / The Virtue of Commerce in the Catholic Tradition

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad / Islam, Commerce, and Business Ethics


A.A Christian (Catholic) Business Ethics

Rev. David A. Boileau / Can Theology Help Us in Applied Ethics?

Jean-Francois Orsini / The Sources and Spiritual Basis of Catholic Business Ethics

Rev. Stephen C. Rowntree / Calling, Character, Community: Spirituality for Business People

James R. Edwards, Jr. / "Mankind was my Business:" An Examination of a Christian Business Ethic and Its Applications to Various Ethical Challenges

B.Corporate Governance

James Cavill / Corporate Corruption: How the Theories of Reinhold Niebuhr and the Ethical Practices of Joseph Badaracco May Help Understand and Limit Corporate Corruption

Alejandro Antonio Chafuen / Corporate Social Responsibility: ATraditional Catholic Perspective

Joseph F. Johnston, Jr / Natural Law and the Fiduciary Duties of Business Managers

Peter Koslowski / The Common Good of the Firm as the Fiduciary Duty of the Manager

Gerald J. Russello / Subsidiarity as Business Model

Krishna S. Dhir / The Hindu Executive and His Dharma


Theodore Roosevelt Malloch / Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

Ryszard Legutko / Business, Religious Spirituality and the East European Experience

E. R. Klein / American Free Enterprise as an Enterprise in Freedom Abroad

Irfan Khawaja / Islam and Capitalism: A Non-Rodinsonian Approach

Himanshu Rai / The Role of Hinduism in Global India and Her Business Ethics

Celestina O. Isiramen / The African Traditional Religion's Business Ethics: A Paradigm for Spirituality in the Global Business Ethical Standard

Paul Chandler and Bartolomeu Romualdo / Faith-Correlated Responses to Rural Assistance in a Globalizing Brazil

Armando de la Torre / The Worldly Failures of Liberation Theology

Samuel Gregg / Globalization: Insights from Catholic Social Teaching


Gordon Lloyd / The Archbishop of Canterbury: On the Facts and Values of Religion and Globalization



What People are Saying About This

Alexei M. Marcoux

Alexei M. Marcoux, Graduate School of Business, Loyola University, Chicago
The writers do not deny the tensions between faith and commerce, but seek to show they are exactly that: tensions, rather than irreconcilable contradictions. They pave a path to a genuine business ethics.

Fr. Robert A. Sirico

Fr. Robert A. Sirico, President, The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
It is a welcome contribution to a growing body of scholarship that seeks to appreciate more fully the connection between our relationship with God and our work in the market.

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