Business Protocol: How to Survive and Succeed in Business

Business Protocol: How to Survive and Succeed in Business

by Jan Yager PH D


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This how to book on using business etiquette as a strategy for success is the second edition of the award winner by Jan Yager, a sociologist and workplace consultant. Here she explains her six business protocol principles and also covers image, gift-giving, ethics, international etiquette and communication skills. "Recommended for etiquette and business collections".

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781889262147
Publisher: Hannacroix Creek Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/20/2000
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to Second editionxi
Introduction to First edition1
1.How Etiquette Can Make or Break Your Career3
What Is Your BEQ (Business Etiquette Quotient)?8
Six Basic Principles of Business Etiquette9
2.Good Morning--Rise and Shine!17
Do's and Don'ts of Business Dress22
Being on Time27
Understanding and Overcoming Lateness29
Table Manners31
On the Phone: Telephone Etiquette34
3.Relationships at Work41
What Makes a Good Manager?41
Male and Female Work Relationships at Work44
When a Businesswoman Becomes Pregnant50
Friendship at Work53
Company Romance56
4.Executive Communication61
In Person63
Effective Communication at Meetings, Conferences, and Seminars66
Follow-Up: In Person, By Phone, By Letter67
In Writing70
The Art of Letter Writing71
Cover Letter with Resume when Seeking a Job76
Resignation Letter78
Rejection Letter79
Follow-Up Letter80
Reference or Recommendation Letter81
Thank-You Letter83
Thank-You/Recommendation Combination Letter84
Sales Letter87
Keeping-in-Touch Letter89
Delinquent Account Letter90
Upcoming Event Notification Letter90
Interoffice Memos91
Writing Tools93
5.How Your Office Should Look95
Creating an Appropriate Office99
Etiquette Issues if You Work from Home105
6.International Etiquette109
Central and South America112
People's Republic of China113
The Middle East122
7.The Business Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner125
Accepting or Canceling132
Table Manners134
Who Picks Up the Tab?135
How About a Thank You?135
8.Written Invitations and Executive Entertaining137
Executive Entertaining144
9.Types You May Encounter in Work-Related Situations149
The Courtship Type149
The Need-for Closure Type150
The Spy150
The Mentor150
The Braggart151
The Tell-All151
The Manipulator151
The Workaholic151
The Hidden Agendist152
The Lay Psychologist152
The Official Host152
The Unofficial Host152
The Nervous Wreck153
The Success-Story Type153
The "Life Is a Struggle" Complainer153
The Parent154
The "On-the-Make" Type154
10.Business Gift-Giving and Receiving155
Reasons for Gift-Giving158
The When and How of Gift-Giving161
Giving of Oneself166
Thank-You Notes167
Keeping Track of Gifts Received or Given168
11.Giving or Receiving Cards or Notes171
Christmas or Holiday Cards172
Condolence Cards and Notes177
12.End-of-the-Day and Weekend Concerns179
When and How to Leave179
What to Leave Behind180
Parting Words181
Leisure Time181
13.Job Changes and Etiquette183
Advancing at Your Current Job183
Working with Consultants or Freelancers185
Looking for a New Job187
From Corporate to Freelance: Making the Transition192
Accepting a New Job194
14.Etiquette and Ethics: Is There a Connection?197
Selected Bibliography214
Appendix 1Research Methods and Survey219
Appendix 2Essential Equipment for a Home or Office Bar225
Appendix 3Sample Menus226
Appendix 4Additional References (Second edition)233
Appendix 5Where to Find Business Etiquette Consultants236

What People are Saying About This

Thomas R. Horton

"Every fast-tracker should read this book."
former CEO, American Management Association

Harold Burson

"Jan Yager's book, Business Protocol, is (or should be) the post-graduate course for every aspirant to a successful business career. In fact, it's a tailor-made post-graduate course for every MBA-a compendium of 'what they didn't teach you in B-School.' Nor should it be overlooked by those, male and female, already in business. It's never too late to learn!"
Chairman, Burson-Marsteller

Laurence J. Stybel

"Jan Yager's book deserves a permanent spot on your reference shelf. Indeed, the country-by-country etiquette review is by itself worth the price of admission."
President, Stybel Peabody & Associates

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