By Canoe and Dog-Train

By Canoe and Dog-Train

by Egerton Ryerson Young


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By Canoe and Dog-Train by Egerton Ryerson Young

The summons to the Indian work-The decision-The valedictory services-Dr Punshon-The departure-Leaving Hamilton-St. Catherine's-Milwaukee custom-house delays-Mississippi-St. Paul's-On the prairies-Frontier settlers-Narrow escape from shooting one of our school teachers-Sioux Indians and their wars-Saved by our flag-Varied experiences.
Several letters were handed into my study, where I sat at work among my books.

I was then pastor of a Church in the city of Hamilton. Showers of blessing had been descending upon us, and over a hundred and forty new members had but recently been received into the Church. I had availed myself of the Christmas holidays by getting married, and now was back again with my beloved, when these letters were handed in. With only one of them have we at present anything to do. As near as I can remember, it read as follows:-

"Mission Rooms, Toronto, 1868.

"Reverend Egerton R. Young.

"Dear Brother,-At a large and influential meeting of the Missionary Committee, held yesterday, it was unanimously decided to ask you to go as a missionary to the Indian tribes at Norway House, and in the North-West Territories north of Lake Winnipeg. An early answer signifying your acceptance of this will much oblige,

"Yours affectionately,

"E. Wood,

"L. Taylor."

I read the letter, and then handed it, without comment, across the table to Mrs Young-the bride of but a few days-for her perusal. She read it over carefully, and then, after a quiet moment, as was quite natural, asked, "What does this mean?"

"I can hardly tell," I replied; "but it is evident that it means a good deal."

"Have you volunteered to go as a missionary to that far-off land?" she asked...

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