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Following up their C87 box set, which was the next step after their C86 box set, Cherry Red takes yet another step in documenting the U.K. indie pop scene with the three-disc C88. It follows the fortunes of some of the bands from previous years who didn't make the jump to major labels, tracks the influx of bands who were influenced by the jangling pop sounds of C-86, and generally provides an exhaustive view of the guitar groups sneaking around the edges of the late-'80s scene. Each disc is a mix of both names that have lasted through the years and complete unknowns; the compilers take great care to make the set one that even dedicated followers of indie pop will find full of surprises. For every Stone Roses or Vaselines track, there's one by the Driscolls or the Church Grims. For every indie pop classic like the Charlottes' "Are You Happy Now?" or the Sea Urchins' unbearably lovely "Please Rain Fall," there's a total obscurity that gives them a run for their money, like the Prayers' "Sister Goodbye," or "Village Green" by the Clouds. The big labels like Creation, Sarah, Rough Trade, and the Subway Organization are all represented with a few songs each, but mostly the tracks are sourced from tiny labels whose names have been lost to time -- names like Whoosh, Bi-Joopiter, and Medium Cool don't exactly resonate with the public at large, but the bands they contribute to the collection (Holidaymakers, Remember Fun, the Corn Dollies) show that there were plenty of good bands out there and plenty of savvy label owners to release their singles. Most of the collection focuses on sunny indie pop that was noisy, sweet, and as catchy as a summer cold (as typified by the Pooh Sticks, the Flatmates, and the Darling Buds), but there are detours into Lloyd Cole-style sophisticated singer/songwriter sounds (the Caretaker Race's "Anywhere But Here"), angular post-punk drama (the Great Leap Forward's "Who Works the Weather"), jaunty instrumental pop (Apple Boutique's "The Ballad of Jet Harris"), a couple of frothy fun songs from the El Records stable ("The Camera Loves Me" by the Would-Be-Goods and "Curry Crazy" by Bad Dream Fancy Dress"), synth pop with trumpets (Pacific's New Order-on-a-shoestring-budget "Barnoon Hill"), and tough and scrappy rockers like Rote Kapelle's "Fire Escape." They even dug up a rare demo from Pale Saints, "Colours and Shapes," which shows they were a fine pop band before they discovered atmosphere. These side trips help make the journey a fairly varied one, even within the pretty tight confines of the indie pop scene of 1988. It's also a thoroughly enjoyable trip, whether you were there at the time and want to rediscover the glorious tunes of your long-ago youth, or a neophyte just getting into indie pop. Either way, there is a wealth of brilliant pop on C88 ripe for the picking, enough to keep anyone smart enough to check it out satisfied for a long time, or at least until C89 arrives.

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Release Date: 07/07/2017
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929103689
catalogNumber: 2910368
Rank: 19228

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Mike Morgan   Composer
Stephen Bishop   Composer
Steve Hackett   Composer
Herb Ellis   Composer
Oliver Jackson   Composer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
Patrik Fitzgerald   Composer
Adrian Smith   Composer
Shamen   Composer
Sean Bergin   Composer
David Hassall   Composer
Andrew Innes   Composer
James Taylor   Composer
Clive Jones   Composer
Joseph McAlinden   Composer
Ric Menck   Composer
Chris Quinn   Composer
Fraser Reid   Composer
Neil Taylor   Liner Notes,Sleeve Notes
Simon Fisher Turner   Composer
Wheatley   Composer
Gary Wilkinson   Composer
Moon Williams   Composer
Pete de Freitas   Composer
Andrew Murray   Composer
Bill Prince   Composer
Chris Cooper   Composer
Mark Shaw   Composer
Ian Brown   Composer
Paul Chastain   Composer
John Squire   Composer
Colin Angus   Composer
Simon Scott   Composer
Mike West   Composer
Andrea Lewis   Composer
Baby Lemonade   Composer
Tom Hingley   Composer
Graham Lambert   Composer
Clint Boon   Composer
Carl Finlow   Composer
Julian Swales   Composer
Philip King   Composer
Alan Stirner   Composer
Craig Gill   Composer
Eugene Kelly   Composer
Frances McKee   Composer
Alaric Neville   Composer
Shaun Charman   Composer
Ian Masters   Composer
John Mohan   Composer
Andy Strickland   Composer
Richard Blackborow   Composer
Charley Keigher   Composer
Angus McPake   Composer
Andrew Tully   Composer
Mike Dunphy   Composer
Carl Puttnam   Composer
Simon Armstrong   Composer
Mark Side   Composer
Dan Goodwin   Composer
Harley Farr   Composer
Wake   Composer
Peter Martin   Composer
John Wood   Composer
Matthew Drummond   Composer
John Scally   Composer
James Moody   Composer
Roland Chadwick   Composer
Ohmega Watts   Composer
Ian Binns   Composer
James Roberts   Composer
John Charnley   Composer
Bill Charnley   Composer
Aeroplanes   Composer
Graham Gargiulo   Composer
Petra Roddis   Composer
Lily Allen   Composer
Steve Coogan   Composer
Arnold Palmer   Composer
Mark Randall   Composer
Jessica Griffin   Composer
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David Read   Composer
John Sullivan   Composer
Graeme Naysmith   Composer
Martin Whitehead   Composer
Nick Potter   Composer
Sarah Curtis   Composer
Alan Harrison   Composer
Jeremy Hunt   Composer
Remember Fun   Composer
Paul Towler   Composer
Martin Vincent   Composer
Colton Dixon   Composer
Johnny Male   Composer
Martyn Walsh   Composer
David Barbenel   Composer
Martin Cotter   Composer
Rob Young   Composer
Jack Hoser   Composer
Ian Michael Hodgson   Composer
Johnny Johnson   Composer
Margarita Vasquez-Ponte   Composer
Simon Pickles   Composer
Steve Musham   Composer
Pat Walkington   Composer
Tim Sales   Composer
Nick Roughley   Composer
Sheila Seal   Composer
Marty Cummins   Composer
Mike Eagle   Composer
Jo Bartlett   Composer
Danny Hagan   Composer
Dave Todd   Composer
Manny Lee   Composer
Stephen Ellcock   Composer
Kevin Hand   Composer
Chris Henman   Composer
Malcolm Kergan   Composer
Jonathan Muir   Composer
Tommy Cherry   Composer
Andrew Boote   Composer
Adam Halford   Composer
Howard Goody   Composer
Gordon Dawson   Composer
Torquil Macleod   Composer
James Harrison   Composer
Kevin Bache   Composer
David Timlin   Composer
Stuart Knowler   Composer
Steve Gregory   Composer

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