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Working forward from the legendary C86 tape, which they released as an expanded set, Cherry Red have been moving forward a year at a time with the worthy goal of documenting the guitar rock and pop scenes of the U.K. C88 did a fine job of capturing the scene just before it began to splinter into many different directions like shoegaze, baggy, and dance; C89 takes it one step closer and does an equally good job of making the scene come alive. The collection follows up with some of the bands that had shown up on past C80 collections (the Pooh Sticks, the Popguns, the Stone Roses); drops in early songs by groups that made names for themselves soon (the La's, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine); and, as on C88, showcases the cream of one of the best labels in the U.K. at the time, Sarah Records (with great songs by Brighter, the Orchids, and Another Sunny Day). What makes this another great compilation isn't the big names or the known quantities; instead, it's the also-rans and nobodies that they dig up and shine a light on that make the set worth checking out. There are ripping noise pop gems from Bobby Scarlet ("White Pearl") and Strawberry Story ("Tell Me Now"), sweet jangling pop nuggets from Ammonite ("Days in the Sun") and Brian ("A Million Miles"), and groups that sound like refugees from C86 like the Mayfields, along with twee groups like How Many Beans Make Five, dramatic dreamers like the Bardots, mod wannabes like Jane Pow, and a whole lot of bands following the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions playbook of literate songs with fancy chord changes sung by deep crooners. There are some hidden classics (listeners are sure to find a few of their own); Jane from Occupied Europe's "Annabel Lee," the Prayers' grungy "Fingerdips," the Holidaymakers' majestic "Skyrider," and Avo-8's romping "Big Car" all certainly qualify. The set hints at some of the big changes that were soon to come in the U.K. music scene with the inclusion of the Telescopes' proto-shoegaze track "Nothing" and the Stone Roses' "Going Down," but most of the bands here are slightly backwards-looking if anything, still trying to perfect the fuzzy noise pop template or knock Mr. Cole down a peg or two, and that's fine. Not every year can be revolutionary, which isn't a problem as long as it's as easy as this to fill three discs with songs as strong as these. With only a handful of dogs mixed in, C89 is another sterling set of great music, and Cherry Red deserve all the credit they can get for keeping the series going and digging so deep for the gems they uncovered.

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Release Date: 08/03/2018
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929105904
catalogNumber: 9105904
Rank: 28185

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Matthew Sweet   Composer
James Moody   Composer
Adrian Smith   Composer
Sean Bergin   Composer
Andrew Innes   Composer
Matthew Nelson   Composer
Chris Quinn   Composer
Gary Wilson   Composer
Mark Burgess   Composer
Andy Clegg   Composer
John Lever   Composer
Andy Whitaker   Composer
Ian Brown   Composer
John Squire   Composer
Lee Mavers   Composer
Simon Scott   Composer
Mike West   Composer
Andy Murphy   Composer
Dean Oloughlin   Composer
Andy Spearpoint   Composer
Andy Pell   Composer
Ammonites   Composer
Korova Milk Bar   Composer
Tony Stephenson   Composer
Paul Frederick   Composer
Shaun Charman   Composer
Cherry Orchard   Composer
Harvey Williams   Composer
Jim Harrison   Composer
Justin Crawford   Composer
Kevin Downing   Composer
John Graves   Composer
Richard Hawley   Composer
Dolan Hewison   Composer
Stephen Jelbert   Composer
Tim McVay   Composer
Wendy Morgan   Composer
Perry Saunders   Composer
Nian Brindle   Composer
Simon Nelson   Composer
Age Blackmore   Composer
Stephen Lawrie   Composer
Charley Keigher   Composer
Martin Coogan   Composer
Keris Howard   Composer
Stuart Ellis   Composer
Hue Williams   Composer
Matthew Drummond   Composer
John Scally   Composer
Mike Badger   Composer
Dave Swift   Composer
Andrew Starke   Composer
Graham Gargiulo   Composer
Petra Roddis   Composer
Andy Gray   Composer
Ian Travis   Composer
Simon McKay   Composer
David Fletcher   Composer
Mayfields   Composer
J Hustle   Composer
David Arnold   Composer
Martin Bishop   Composer
David Read   Composer
David Ware   Composer
James Hackett   Composer
Nick Potter   Composer
Barney Williams   Composer
Chris Strange   Composer
Dominic Blaazer   Composer
Paul Dawson   Composer
Neil Taylor   Sleeve Notes
Thomas Paine   Composer
Shirley Souter   Composer
Paul Towler   Composer
Martin Vincent   Composer
Philip Powell   Composer
James Fraser   Composer
Greg Dixon   Composer
Simon Pickles   Composer
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Clive Stubbings   Composer
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John Devenney   Composer
Jon Fagg   Composer
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Eamonn Davis   Composer
Derrick Dalton   Composer
Andy 'The Colonel' Purnell   Composer
Steve Yabsley   Composer
Cris Warren   Composer
Pete Stillman   Composer
Geoff Gorton   Composer
Danny Dean   Composer
Tony Russell   Composer
Paul Hemmings   Composer
Steve King   Composer
Dom Hall   Composer
Jason Collins   Composer
Steve "Spider" Croom   Composer
Clive "Kat" Day   Composer
Jer Hunt   Composer
Alistair Jackson   Composer
Nigel Buckland   Composer
Ashley Evans   Composer
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Hendricks   Composer
John Morrison   Composer
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Andrea Reid   Composer
Declan Allison   Composer
Eva Korczynski   Composer
Campbell L Sangster   Composer
Mark Marrable   Composer
Simon Dunford   Composer
Greg MacDermott   Composer
Vincent Kellett   Composer
Rupert Hanna   Composer
Huw Williams   Composer
David Morgan   Composer

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