Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection

Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection

CD(Includes book)

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Release Date: 07/19/2019
Label: Earwig
UPC: 0739788497527
catalogNumber: 4975
Rank: 44513


Disc 1

  1. Welcome to Cadillac Baby's Show Lounge
  2. I'm Commin' Home
  3. Thank You Baby
  4. Nit Wit
  5. Sharpest Man in Town
  6. Mad House Jump
  7. You’re Breaking My Heart
  8. I Need Him to Love Me
  9. I Love You Darling
  10. Trying to Make a Living
  11. Dynamite
  12. The Legend of Cadillac Baby
  13. Blue Monday Blues
  14. The Blues Is Here to Stay
  15. Come Home!
  16. You Got to Reap!
  17. Times Are Getting Tougher
  18. Don't Come Back
  19. Little Lu-Lu Frog
  20. Teen-Age Jump
  21. How Detroit Junior Got Famous
  22. Money Tree
  23. So Unhappy
  24. Come On Home
  25. Reap What You Sow

Disc 2

  1. My Baby Is Coming Home
  2. Take Five
  3. You Mistreated Me
  4. Broken Heart
  5. It’s So Hard
  6. Sampson
  7. My Story
  8. Calvins Reserve
  9. Worried About My Baby
  10. Drinking and Clowning
  11. All the Way
  12. Where You Belong
  13. Cadillac Baby Gets Into the Record Business
  14. Please Baby
  15. Juanita
  16. Please Give Me a Chance
  17. I Still Love You
  18. I'm Your Fool
  19. Let Hootennany Blues (Out of Jail)
  20. One More Mile
  21. There Must Be a Panic On
  22. Your Love
  23. This World
  24. Joe's House Rent Party,Pt. 1
  25. Joe's House Rent Party,Pt. 2
  26. It's You I'm Going to Miss
  27. Red Lips

Disc 3

  1. The Christmas Song
  2. Santa Came Home Drunk
  3. One More Chance
  4. It Takes More Than Love Alone
  5. Mother-In-Law Blues
  6. Woman, Help Me
  7. The Sky Is Crying
  8. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man
  9. Trouble No More
  10. I’m Tore Down
  11. I Love My Man
  12. Hello Baby
  13. House Rock
  14. She Got That Jive
  15. Little Girl
  16. Too Late to Pray
  17. I Done You Wrong
  18. My Baby’s Gone
  19. My Kind of Woman
  20. Homesick Sunnyland Special
  21. Lost in the Jungle
  22. Special Agent
  23. Worried All the Time
  24. Potato Diggin’ Man

Disc 4

  1. Somebody Changed the Lock
  2. 38 Woman Blues
  3. Raise Your Window Baby
  4. Jump This Morning
  5. 7402
  6. Here We Go Chi-town
  7. Just in Case That You Got a Case
  8. I Bet I Don’t Die Tired
  9. The Preacher, a Deacon and a Razor
  10. Cadillac Baby Passed So Fast
  11. Worry My Mind
  12. Spirit Don’t Leave Me
  13. Lay My Burdon Down
  14. I Did a Lot of Spiritual Records
  15. Search Me Lord
  16. Now Lord Don’t Drive Me Away
  17. Holy Place
  18. God Has Prepared
  19. He’s a God
  20. Testimonial
  21. Witness There Too
  22. Over the Hill
  23. Climbing High Mountains
  24. Judgment Day
  25. Blues Is My Soul

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddie Boyd   Piano,Vocals
Sam Chatmon   Bass Guitar,Vocals
James Cotton   Harmonica,Vocals
Sleepy John Estes   Guitar
Earl Hooker   Guitar
Hammie Nixon   Harmonica,Vocals
Hubert Sumlin   Guitar
Eddie Taylor   Guitar
Hound Dog Taylor   Guitar,Vocals
Andre Williams   Vocals
Red Holloway   Tenor Saxophone
Gordon Alexander   Guitar,High Tenor Vocal
Lee Jackson   Guitar
Andrew McMahon   Vocals
Johnny Crawford   Bass Guitar,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Homesick James Williamson   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Lockwood   Guitar
Eddie Dean   Vocals
Sonny Allen   Drums
Bob Anderson   Bass
Boyd Atkins   Tenor Saxophone
Carey Bell   Harmonica
Fred Below   Drums
J.T. Brown   Tenor Saxophone
John Calvin   Tenor Saxophone
Odell Campbell   Bass
Bob Carter   Bass
Ernest Cotton   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Davenport   Drums
Detroit Junior   Piano,Vocals
McKinley Easton   Baritone Saxophone
Michael Robert Frank   Vocals
Lacy Gibson   Guitar
Willie Henderson   Baritone Saxophone
Joe Hudson   Drums,Background Vocals
Charles McCarthy   Background Vocals
William McDonald   Guitar
L.C. McKinley   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie King Milton   Guitar,Background Vocals
Eugene Pearson   Guitar
Jimmie Lee Robinson   Bass
Little Mack Simmons   Harmonica,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gerald Sims   Guitar
Sunnyland Slim   Piano,Vocals
Billy Stepney   Drums
Harold Tidwell   Drums
Levi Warren   Drums
Robert Whitehead   Drums
Ronald Wilson   Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Scott   Bass
Phil Sampson   Vocals
Leon Hooper   Drums
Samuel Patterson   Vocals
Georgia Hinton   Vocals
Oett "Sax" Mallard   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Meyers   Bass
Billy "The Kid" Emerson   Bass
Gloster Williams   Organ
Clyde Lasley   Vocals
Curtis Burrell   Background Vocals
Cadillac Baby   Master of Ceremonies
Willie Hudson   Guitar,Vocals
Tall Paul Hankins   Organ,Piano
Pete Hatch   Piano
Willie Williams   Drums,Vocals
John Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Lee Jackson   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Tony Gideon   Vocals,Background Vocals
Dorsey Wood   Vocals,Background Vocals
Bobby King   Guitar
Johnnie Jones   Piano
Willie Jones   Piano
Bobby Saxton   Vocals
Bobby Hudson   Bass,Background Vocals
Arelean Brown   Vocals
Bobby Little   Drums
Nat Charles   Guitar
Armand Jump Jackson   Drums
Chances   Background Vocals
Charles Drake   Background Vocals
Cleon Richardson   Vocals
Eddie Thomas   Vocals,Background Vocals
Margo Gibson   Bass
Faith Taylor   Vocals,Lead
Richard Robinson   Drums
Rudolph Aikens   Tenor Saxophone
Thurmon Valentine   Vocals
Theodis Winslett   Guitar,High Tenor Vocal
Reverend G. Gordon   Vocals,Background Vocals
Reverend A. Shannon   Vocals,Background Vocals
Mary Collins   Background Vocals
Richard Davenport   Vocals,Mouth Percussion
3D   Vocals,Mouth Percussion
Jesse Fowler   Drums
John Earl Winslett   Bass Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
George Wood   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jesse Neville   Vocals
George McCamey   Vocals
William McKinley   Tenor (Vocal)
Lamb Moore   Bass (Vocal),Bass Guitar
Reverend Emmitt Green   Baritone (Vocal)
Joe Johnson   Background Vocals
Grady Early   Background Vocals
Doyle Reed   Background Vocals
Cleve Minter   Vocals
Tommy Morris   Bass Guitar
Ulysses Johnson   Guitar
Elizabeth Shelby   Background Vocals
Eugene Coffee   Tenor (Vocal)
Ernestine Fisher   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Eddie Boyd   Composer
Sam Chatmon   Composer
Willie Dixon   Composer
Earl Hooker   Composer
Andre Williams   Composer
Andrew McMahon   Composer
Mike Vernon   Sound Library
Homesick James Williamson   Composer
Eddie Dean   Composer
Sonny Thompson   Composer
Blaise Barton   Track Programmer
Ralph Bass   Composer
Bill Beyer   Engineer
Stu Black   Engineer
John Calvin   Composer
Steve Cushing   Engineer,Sound Library
Ted Daniel   Composer
Tommy Dean   Composer
Michael Robert Frank   Executive Producer,Production Notes
Elmore James   Composer
Syl Johnson   Composer
Albert Luandrew   Composer
L.C. McKinley   Composer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Opal Nations   Sound Library
Jim O'Neal   Engineer,Sound Library
Don Robey   Composer
Morgan Robinson   Composer
Bruce Scott   Composer
Little Mack Simmons   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Composer
Phil Sampson   Composer
Samuel Patterson   Composer
Bill Dahl   Liner Notes
Georgia Hinton   Composer
Lee "Shot" Williams   Composer
Bernice Williams   Composer
Brandtner   Graphic Design,Art Direction
Marc PoKempner   Cover Photo
Scott Rowley   Engineer
Felix Wohrstein   Sound Library
Charles Jones   Composer
Cadillac Baby   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Willie Hudson   Composer
Willie Williams   Composer
Lee Jackson   Composer
Doc Oliver   Composer
Arelean Brown   Composer
Robert Marovich   Liner Notes
John Estes   Composer
Narvel Eatmon   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Robert Stallworth   Sound Library
Thurmon Valentine   Composer
Theodis Winslett   Composer
Richard Davenport   Composer

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