Can't Break Me

Can't Break Me

by Janet MacDonald


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"Can't Break Me" is a personal journal of a Chinese-born American female who suffers from Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder and Discrimination due to Military Sexual Trauma and Retaliation.

Annie Melrose IS NOT A VICTIM despite the tragic events she experienced and the hardships that she endured. She stood up for herself. In the hope of obtaining justice and / or closure, Annie had continued to pursue authorities and society to address the problems with the seriousness these merit after all previous attempts had been thwarted.

Annie Melrose wants to bring awareness to the fact that Military Sexual Harassment and Military Abuse of Power can happen to anyone regardless of Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Rank, Education, and/or Social and Economic background.

Annie Melrose believes that our society and authorities have failed to pay attention to the abuse of power in the US Armed Forces to hold those who are accountable for the wrong doings.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781546476160
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/12/2017
Pages: 278

About the Author

With her background in Mortuary Science, Medical Technology as well as Accounting, Janet MacDonald has developed detail-oriented skills and an investigative mind that always questions things.
During her naval officer years, she had opportunities to assist many audits and investigations.
"Can't Break Me" is her in-depth true story of someone who had repeatedly encountered sexual assault and severe retaliation due to military abuse of power.

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