Captured Memories: Across the Threshold of War

Captured Memories: Across the Threshold of War

by Peter Liddle


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Peter Liddle was a pioneer in the recording of memories of personal experience in the First World War and in the social background of those who lived through those years. Later he moved into the recording of men and women for whom the Second World War was the formative experience of their lives.

In a planned two volume collection of the most outstanding interviews of the four thousand he made, for the first volume he has chosen memories which take the reader back as many as a hundred and twenty years to days in sailing ships, a Hebridean boyhood, suffragist action, pre-1914 working class life and work in the North-East of England, city life in London, service in the Boer War, pioneering a settlement in Manitoba, Canada, and the Army's experiments in the use of man-lifting kites, airplanes and balloons.

The main focus of the book is upon the First World War with The Western Front battles, the Gallipoli Campaign and the Battle of Jutland prominently featured. Liddle also represents the Mesopotamian and East African fronts and women nursing under particularly unusual circumstances. Several Victoria Cross award winners and a fighter pilot ace appear, as do those whose distinction was to come later in their lives like Harold Macmillan, Henry Moore, Gordon Jacob, Emanuel Shinwell, Barnes Wallis and Victor Silvester. There is even an interview with the first conscientious objector to be court-martialed and sentenced to death before commutation of the sentence.

This book is a veritable treasure trove of the past.

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ISBN-13: 9781848842342
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Publication date: 02/23/2011
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Dr Peter Liddle is a leading historian of the First World War and has concentrated on the personal experience of the men and women who took part. He founded the Liddle Collection, a repository of documents and memorabilia connected to the conflict, which is housed in the Brotherton Library, the University of Leeds. His many books include Captured Memories 1900-1918, Captured Memories 1930-1945, The Soldiers War 1914-1918, The Gallipoli Experience Reconsidered, The 1916 Battle of the Somme Reconsidered and, as editor, Facing Armageddon, Britain Goes to War and Britain and the Widening War.

Contributors: Holger Afflerbach, Phylomena Badsey, Niall Barr, Chris Bellamy, Nick Bosanquet, Peter Burness, George Cassar, Tim Cook, Irene Guerrini, Clive Harris, Kate Kennedy, Ross Kennedy, William Philpott, Marco Pluviano, Chris Pugsley, Duncan Redford, Matthew Richardson, Alan Sharp, Yigal Sheffy, Jack Sheldon, Edward Spiers, David Welch, Ian Whitehead

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

List of Illustrations xi

Introduction xiv

Section 1 Pre-1914

1 A 1904 Apprenticeship in Sail Jimmy Hooper 3

2 A Northumberland Pit Boy Tom Easton 7

3 Working-Class Life in Sunderland Nellie Elsdon 14

4 Middle-Class Life and Work in London Howard Marten 21

5 The Air Battalion in the Regular Army John Fletcher 38

6 Political Activist and Suffragist Margery Corbett Ashby 42

7 A Crofter's Boyhood in the Hebrides Donald Macdonald 52

8 Boer War Trooper and Colonist to Canada George Ives 55

Section 2 The First World War

1 Training in Balloons Victor Goddard 63

2 The Western Front, August 1914-1918 Robin Money 77

3 The Dardanelles and Jutland Charles Hughes-Haliett 85

4 An Intelligence Officer on the Western Front James Marshall-Cornwall 95

5 Labour Relations Emanuel Shinwell 111

6 Fighter Pilot 'Peter' Fullard 123

7 Citizen Soldier at Cambrai Henry Moore 134

8 Front Line Nurse in Belgium, August 1914-1917 Elsie Knocker 143

9 Rigid Airship Designer Barnes Wallis 155

10 Indian Army, Mesopotamia and Turkish POW Henry Rich 159

11 Jutland Clare Vyner 184

12 Lancashire Fusilier at the Gallipoli Landings James Grimshaw, VC 195

13 Western Front and German POW Gordon Jacob 201

14 Indian Army at Gallipoli Alexander Savory 214

15 Kings African Rifles in East Africa Charles Phillips 222

16 Nurse for the Russians Florence Farmborough 231

17 Submarine Exploit at the Dardanelles, 1914 Norman Holbrook, VC 245

18 Soldier in France, Ambulance Service in Italy Victor Silvester 254

19 Indian Army in France, 1915 John Smythe, VC 265

20 Conscientious Objector, Death Sentence in France Howard Marten 279

21 Grenadier Guards Officer in France Harold Macmillan 288

Index 301

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