Cellulose Biosynthesis Inhibitors as Tools for Research of Cell Wall Structural Plasticity

Cellulose Biosynthesis Inhibitors as Tools for Research of Cell Wall Structural Plasticity


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This monograph deals with a heterogeneous group of structurally unrelated compounds, called cellulose biosynthesis inhibitors (CBIs). This group includes dichlobenil, isoxaben, thaxtomin A, flupoxam, triazofenamide, compound 1, CGA 325'615 and AE F150944. Other putative CBIs that inhibit cellulose biosynthesis in a secondary effect, such as quinclorac, ancymidol, coumarin and derivatives, triaziflam, indaziflam, oxaziclomefone and cobtorin are also considered. With the exception of thaxtomin A, the only naturally occurring CBI, the rest of CBIs are synthetic compounds. The mode of action of CBIs is mostly unknown. However, some of them (dichlobenil, isoxaben flupoxam, triaziflam and indaziflam) are used as herbicides, and are included into group L in the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee classification of herbicides (inhibition of cellulose synthesis)

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ISBN-13: 9781614709466
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2012
Series: Cell Biology Research Progress Series
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Cellulose Biosynthesis 2

Chapter 2 Cellulose Biosynthesis Inhibitors 5

Dichlobenil 5

Isoxaben 11

Thaxtomin A 16

Other CBIs 19

Chapter 3 Compounds Proposed to Indirectly Inhibit Cellulose Biosynthesis 25

Quinclorac 25

Ancymidol 28

Coumarin and Derivatives 29

Cobtorin 32

Triaziflam 33

Indaziflam 34


Oxaziclomefone 35

Chapter 4 CBIs-related Mutants 37

Mutants Resistant to CBIs 41

Mutants with Changed Sensitivity to CBIs 43

Some Mutants Show Similar Phenotypes to CBIs-Treated Plants 44

Chapter 5 CBIs as Tools to Research the Structural Plasticity of Cell Walls 47

Habituation to CBIs 47

Habituation to Dichlobenil 48

Habituation to Isoxaben 50

Habituation to Quinclorac 51

Habituation to Thaxtomin A 51

Dehabituation 51

Chapter 6 New Perspectives in CBIs Uses 53

Conclusion 55

References 57

Index 79

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