Chakra Healing for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Get in Touch and Awaken Your Chakras

Chakra Healing for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Get in Touch and Awaken Your Chakras

by Astrid Jones


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Uncover how to open and heal your Chakras with the help of this ultimate guide!

Are you interested in learning about the ancient wisdom of the Chakras? Want a practical guide for channeling your Chakras and using them to improve your mental, psychological, and spiritual health? Then this book is for you!

Written with the beginner in mind, this powerful book uncovers the seven Chakras, arming you with the knowledge you need to harness this ancient wisdom. The seven power points of the body, the Chakras are responsible for your sense of balance and wholeness, connecting you to nature and the universe at large.

This book explores how you can open and heal your Chakras to recover from negativity and emotional turmoil. Covering everything from the roles of each Chakra to how you can use meditation, crystals, reiki and more, this book is perfect for anyone looking to balance their Chakras and enjoy the benefits.

Inside this detailed guide, you'll discover:

  • What Are the Seven Chakras? A Detailed Exploration
  • Why The Chakras Are so Important For Good Health
  • How to Use Chakras to Find Direction in Life
  • Using Meditation to Open and Channel Your Chakras
  • The Secrets of Meditation and Consciousness
  • Crystal Healing and Chakras - How to Harness the Power of Crystals
  • Understanding Yoga, Reiki, Colors, and More
  • Tips and Tricks for Astral Projection
  • And So Much More!

So if you're looking to balance your Chakras and improve your overall health, then this book is for you!

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Is this book good for beginners?

Absolutely! Inside, you'll find everything explained in a simple, easy-to-understand way, which will help you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals.

What else does this book cover?

You name it! This book covers meditation, Reiki, colors, Yoga, Crystals, Astral Projection, and much more.

Why is this an ultimate guide?

Because it's the only book on Chakras you'll ever need! Covering everything from the basics to the advanced secrets of the Chakras, this book covers everything you need to know.

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Publication date: 01/04/2020
Pages: 180
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