Charter Schools: A Reference Handbook

Charter Schools: A Reference Handbook

by Danny Weil, Danny Weil


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A timely work that examines this unusual experiment and the controversies that surround public choice and charter schools as a means of educational reform.

• Includes information about the performance and curricula of charter schools, related laws, and legislation

• Includes four appendixes, an index, a chronology, and selected print and nonprint resources such as union and government publications, books, and journals

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ISBN-13: 9781576072455
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/01/2000
Series: Series on Contemporary Educational Issues
Pages: 211
Product dimensions: 6.29(w) x 9.34(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Danny Weil is professor of philosophy and critical thinking at Allen Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction1
The Emergence of Charter Schools1
Who Selects Charter Schools?3
Does Everyone Support Charter Schools?4
Defining a Charter School6
Differences between Charter Schools and Other Educational Reforms7
Magnet Schools8
Privatization of Schools9
School On-Site Management10
The Debate over Educational Standards and Assessment11
Why Charter Schools?12
Educational Choice13
Why Educational Stakeholders Choose Charter Schools16
Parental Frustration16
Teacher Frustration21
Student Frustration26
Chapter 2Chronology33
Chapter 3Curriculum and Instructional Approaches39
A General Look at What Some Charter Schools Are Doing39
Preserving Native-American Heritage39
Oakland Charter Academy40
A Curriculum Designed by Children41
Alianza Bilingual Immersion Model42
A Back-to-Basics Charter School44
A Specific Look at What Some Charter Schools Are Doing44
Freire Charter School44
Minnesota New Country School49
O'Farrell Community School52
Mater Center Charter School56
Pimeria Alta School58
Chapter 4Charter Schools and the Law63
State Laws That Affect Charter Schools66
Funding and the Law66
Charter School Costs66
Charter School Funding67
District Revenues and the Law69
Teacher Issues and the Law69
Admission Policies and the Law70
Autonomy and the Law70
Equity and the Law70
Accountability and the Law71
Legal Accountability of Charter Schools72
Understanding Charter School Laws in One State: Michigan72
Directions in the Law75
Looking at Charter Laws State by State76
Starting a Charter School86
Doing a Situational Analysis87
Assembling a Core Group of True Believers87
Designing the Plan88
Gaining Approval for the Charter90
After Approval: Opening the School90
Developing, Enabling, and Sustaining a Learning Community91
Chapter 5Politics and the Charter School Challenge95
Historical Background95
American Industrialism and the Factory School96
Post-World War II Politics of Public Education105
The 1960s and the Politics of Education108
Conservatism, the 1980s, and the Politics of Public Education110
School Choice and the Politics of the Charter Movement in the 1990s115
The Politics of School Choice116
The Emergence of Public Choice117
Competition and Public School Choice119
Charter School Supporters122
Opposition to Public Choice and the Charter School Movement125
The Controversy over For-Profit Management Firms126
The Controversy over the Segregation of Schools128
Admission Practices and Discrimination130
Undecided Educators and Unanswered Questions131
Chapter 6Teachers' Unions and Charter Schools137
Where Unions and Anti-Union Charter Proponents Agree141
Combating Privatization144
Charter School Reliance on Private Resources146
The Privatization of School Management147
Contracting Out for Specific Services149
Union Positions on Charter School Legislation and Development150
Standards and Accountability150
Accessibility to Charter Schools153
Teacher Professionalism155
Collective Bargaining and Charter Schools155
Teacher Certification156
Local District Approval of Charter Schools157
Public Accountability and Charter Schools158
Transforming Teachers' Unions: Rethinking Roles and Responsibilities159
Chapter 7Organizations, Associations, and Government Agencies165
Chapter 8Selected Print and Nonprint Resources179
Printed Sources179
Union Publications179
Government Publications181
Private and Public Think Tank Publications184
Books and Journals186
Nonprint Resources190
Appendix AComparison of State Standard Development and Charter School Requirements193
Appendix BState Testing Requirements196
Appendix CAdmissions Policies197
Appendix DTeacher Professionalism199
About the Author211

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