Child Kidnapping In The Isle Of Man

Child Kidnapping In The Isle Of Man

by Richard Stevenson

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This is the story in novel form of 3 Anglo-Russian children snatched by the Isle of Man care system due to an undiagnosed rare medical condition of one child. They have been prisoners for 5 years and the IOM Courts condoned this. It can happen to your children so is the IOM a safe place for children? John and Vera came here for better education but the worst school in the UK would have been safer
One Monday in 2014, 7-year-old Olga, an Anglo-Russian child was sent home from school in Ramsey Isle of Man as she had vomited. Dada took her to the GP who said it was gastroenteritis and prescribed fasting for 24 hours. The parents did so on Tuesday, but at 8.00am on Wednesday when she was to have her first meal she collapsed and was admitted to Nobles Hospital. A brilliant doctor saved her life and said neglect was the likely cause but there was a 1 in 100,000 chance of a metabolic explanation. Social Services stormed in and seized the children. A week later the 1 in 100,000 chance came up, but as with brittle bones cases, social services can never admit mistake. Their own ‘hired gun’ child psychologist said removal from her parents had been bad for the middle child, Tatiana, whilst Maria was a lively bright child and contrary to the social worker claims, was not closing down The consultant said Olga needed to be returned to her parents as did a consultant at the renowned Alder Hey childrens hospital. A foster carer misled Alder Hey by a factor of 500% on admissions to hospital to get them to agree to an operation a social worker wanted. When Alder Hey knew the truth they said no, but Olga with Addisons disease was saved from a risky operation by her English father and the consultant at Nobles, who was later removed from the case. Social services alleged child neglect by the parents, but glossed over two Addisonian crises by Olga in their care. When a foster carer forced a sick seven year old child to clear up her own vomit, that was OK. Social Services promised the three children, who had been described as a tight little unit, would not be split up. The IOM Family court refused to hear evidence from the children, and rubber stamped what social services wanted. After the verdict, social workers split the children up within weeks as the oldest child fought for her rights so was pushed off to another foster carer.
The Social worker said that in her opinion the mother had not been sufficiently exposed to the British Way of Life. This is racist. The mother, ‘Vera’ whose name must be disguised in this novel, as with the children’s names, was Russian, but is a Muslim or a Chinese woman any different? Racism crosses boundaries. How should the people of Russia react to the kidnap of these half Russian girls, one of whom said she wanted to join 106 Airborne when she was old enough to defend Russia? Dada John had to explain Addisons for her, but pulled strings so she has a genuine Airborne blue beret. In December 2018, Olga warned dada that the social worker wanted to talk to him, but he should not believe what he said. The girls cannot talk in Russian but can sing the anthem of Russia fluently as the Guardian admitted in a report.
The mother Vera is a gentle person and was devastated by what had been done in 2014. Biased contact reports trashed her for following WHO advice on hand washing when the contact centre said it was OK to eat OFF the tabletop! In January 2016 Vera had a breakdown, but her sister flew 3000 miles to help her, so she made it. John is English but says he has four Golf Star Heroines,Vera, Olga, Tatiana and Maria. John also has Russian ancestors. By exposing this crime against three children in the Isle of Man, he hopes the Manx people will say ‘enough’ and if the people of Russia say ‘nasha’, these 3 children who adore the Rodina they have never seen, maybe able to visit the Grand Kremlin palace soon. How many other child victims are there of social services?

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About the Author

Hi, As I cannot give my real name as this would outrage social services and the courts, I have to use a nom de plume, and I have selected the names of two Manxman to whom I am related. There were several family members called Richard Stevenson, one being a civil war era general, and I am descended for him John Stevenson was another family name, and a problem with the Stevensons was that brothers would often apply the same names to their sons and daughters, so there were brothers who both had sons called John and Richard and daughters with the same names as well, but it would not be safe to give such names. The John Stevenson of this novel IS related to the author but not an ancestor. He was described as a valiant defender of public rights when the Island was under the despotic rule of the Earls of Derby and the Dukes of Atholl. John Stevenson was instrumental in forcing the Act of Settlement 1704 onto the Lords of Mann which is often called the Manx Magna Carta. With the way Social Services kidnap children today the Island is in need of defenders again who will fix up the crack in the Liberty Bell John Stevenson bequeathed to us. I can tell you very little about myself as social services would try to use it with the court to see if they could imprison me. If you find it frustrating that I cannot be more open with you the reader, I can assure you that it is annoying for me. All I can say is that in past years I spent thousands of hour and thousands of pounds of my own money promoting the Isle of Man for the good of the Island rather than to benefit my own pocket. If in the book, you sense anger towards the Island, as I have said in the questionnaire, the Island is a lump of rock, and one can no more hate a lump of rock than one can love a brick or a car tyre. It is a thing. What one loves about a place is not a bit of rock, but the overall nature of the place and the people associated with it. As a small child I remember the old folks taking of the great snows of 1895, or the Great War, or the Laxey floods on 1930 or rationing in World War Two. If you doubt this, think for a moment. Someone born in 1890 would be five at the time of the Great snows and would listen to what her parents said. If she lived to be 85 she would still be alive in 1975, and old folks often talk of long ago so someone born in 1970 could have easily heard first hand accounts of 1895! A few people live beyond 85 and I had an aunt who went into Douglas by bus when she was in her nineties and had all her chairs with her. She certainly remembered the snows of 1895. So, I was brought up to love the Island as a special community, but what if the people running it are cruel or corrupt? We think of Hitler or Stalin as bad, and they were evil. BUT, by extension we apply the evil label to all Russians and Russia or the USSR as well. This is tantamount to saying King John murdered his own nephew so any descendant of King John must be bad, and that includes the present Royal Family. If the people with power are evil, we see the whole community and the place as evil. For example we need only look to Nazi Germany and the prejudice towards Germany. A tiny minority of Muslims have committed acts of terrorism, but are all Muslims bad? No they are not any more than all Christians are bad because of the abuse of children in orphanages. Massive reform is needed if the Island is to be a safe place for families to live in, as weak politicians have ducked for cover and allowed social workers to do as they like. The police and courts also seem to have fallen under the same evil spell, but are all MHKs or policemen or Manx lawyers bad? Some are, but not all, so what we need is to root out complacency and complicity, for both are unacceptable. Bishop Desmond Tutu said if a an elephant is standing on the tail of a mouse, the mouse will not thank if if you say you are neutral. Someone who condones bullying does not merit our respect. Someone who condones dishonesty does not merit respect. When a foster carer made Olga clean up her own vomit that was bullying and child abuse, but social workers AND the court condoned it. As I have said, I abhor bullying, racism, and all these evils and they are rampant in IOM Social Services, and the Island needs reform. If people condone it, they do not merit respect; indeed they have failed in their basic duty as members of the human race. We may not wish to live in a place with bad memories just as survivors of Auschwitz would not probably wish to live near Auschwitz, but once the bad is ended, it is ended. That is my goal.

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