Children's Illustrated Bible

Children's Illustrated Bible


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Accessible, lively stories hold the readers attention and give a uniquely broad and interesting insight into the world of both the Old and New Testaments.

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ISBN-13: 9780754810964
Publisher: Anness Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 01/15/2003
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 8.68(h) x 1.24(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

The World's Best-selling Book8
The Chosen People12
Land of the Patriarchs16
The Creation18
The Garden of Eden20
Serpent in the Garden22
Cain and Abel24
Noah and the Flood26
God's Covenant to Noah28
Tower of Babel30
God's Promise to Abram32
Promise of a Son34
Abraham and Isaac36
Isaac and Rebekah38
Jacob and Esau40
Jacob's Ladder42
Jacob and Rachel43
The Wedding of Jacob44
Jacob's Return46
Joseph and his Brothers48
Joseph in Egypt50
Pharaoh's Dream52
Moses in the Bulrushes54
The Burning Bush56
Moses Warns Pharaoh58
Plagues of Egypt60
The Passover62
Crossing the Red Sea64
Poetry in the Old Testament66
The Song of Miriam67
Judaism and the Old Testament68
Family Tree of the Patriarchs68
The Origins of the Bible69
Names and their Meanings69
Look over Jordan70
Egypt to the Promised Land74
Manna from Heaven76
The First Battle78
The Ten Commandments80
The Golden Calf82
The Tabernacle84
In the Wilderness86
Balak and Balaam88
Death of Moses90
Rahab and the Spies92
Crossing the Jordan94
Fall of Jericho96
Battle of Ai98
Tricked by the Gibeonites100
The Longest Day102
Dividing the Promised Land104
Death of Joshua106
Israelites Disobey the Judges108
Deborah the Judge110
Gideon and the Angel112
Samson and the Philistines116
Samson and Delilah118
Destruction of the Temple120
The Book of Ruth122
The Battle of Beliefs125
The Judges126
Samson and the Nazirite Laws127
The Great Kings128
Israel in the Time of Samuel132
The Birth of Samuel134
Philistines Capture the Ark136
Samuel in Command138
Saul is Made King140
Saul's First Victory142
Saul and Jonathan144
Saul the Warrior King146
The Choosing of David148
David and Goliath150
David in Danger152
A Faithful Friend154
David the Outlaw156
David and Abigail158
The Witch of Endor160
The Death of Saul162
David Becomes King164
Bringing the Ark to Jerusalem166
David and Bathsheba168
Absalom the Rebel170
The Death of David172
The Wisdom of Solomon173
Building the Temple174
Wealth and Splendour176
Fall of Solomon178
The Kingdom is Divided180
The Book of Proverbs182
The Temple184
Exile and Return186
Divided Kingdoms and Exile190
King Ahab the Bad192
Elijah's Challenge194
The Still Small Voice196
Ahab Strikes a Deal198
Naboth's Vineyard199
The Death of Ahab200
Elijah's Chariot of Fire202
Elisha and the Women204
Naaman the Leper General205
Saved from the Syrians206
Jehu the Avenger208
The End of Israel210
Kings of Judah212
Isaiah Shows the Way214
King Hezekiah the Good215
Josiah and the Law216
Jeremiah's Warnings218
The End of Judah220
Ezekiel and the Exiles222
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream224
Belshazzar's Feast226
Return from Exile228
Rebuilding Jerusalem230
Daniel and the Lions232
Esther the Beautiful234
Esther Saves the Jews236
Jonah and the Whale238
The Old Testament Prophets240
The Book of Psalms242
The Trials of Job243
A Child is Born244
Jesus and His Early Life248
A Son for Elizabeth250
A Son for Mary252
The Birth of John254
The Birth of Jesus256
The Visit of the Shepherds258
Jesus is Presented in the Temple260
The Wise Men Find Jesus262
Escape to Egypt264
Lost and Found266
Jesus is Baptized268
Tempted in the Wilderness270
The First Miracle272
Followers Flock to Jesus274
Jesus the Healer276
Matthew is Called278
The Faithful Centurion280
Trouble Begins to Brew282
The Apostles are Appointed284
The Sermon on the Mount286
The Parables of the Kingdom288
Jesus Stills the Storm290
Legion and the Swine292
Healed by Faith294
The Death of John the Baptist296
Jesus's Time and Place298
The Apostles300
The Man of Miracles302
Jesus and the Sea of Galilee306
Feeding the Five Thousand308
Jesus Walks on Water310
Peter the Rock312
A Vision of Glory314
Moving Mountains316
Jesus and the Children318
The Rich Man's Question320
The Good Samaritan322
Joy Over Repentance324
The Story of the Prodigal Son326
Heaven and Hell328
Opposition to Jesus Grows330
Ungrateful Lepers332
The Power of Prayer333
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector334
Martha and Mary336
Lazarus is Brought Back to Life338
The Unmerciful Servant340
Zacchaeus is Forgiven342
The Workers in the Vineyard344
Blind Bartimaeus346
The Wedding Feast348
The Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids350
The Parable of the Pounds352
Judgement Day354
Teachings of Jesus356
Women in the Bible358
Death and Resurrection360
Jesus in Jerusalem364
Jesus Turns for Jerusalem366
Jesus is Anointed368
The First Palm Sunday370
Jesus in the Temple372
The Wicked Tenants374
The Barren Fig Tree375
Jesus is Put to the Test376
Jewish Elders Try a Trick377
The Great Denunciation378
The End of the World380
Judas Plots Betrayal382
Jesus Faces His Betrayer384
The Last Supper386
In the Garden of Gethsemane388
Peter's Denial390
Trial Before the Sanhedrin392
Pontius Pilate394
Condemned to Die396
Jesus is Buried400
Jesus Disappears402
The Women Meet Jesus404
On the Road to Emmaus406
Doubting Thomas408
The Appearance at Galilee410
The Ascension412
Christian Art Around the World414
The Gospels416
Spreading the Word418
The Early Church422
Twelve Once More424
Tongues of Fire426
Peter the Healer428
The Early Church Community432
Teaching in Jesus's Name434
Stephen the Martyr436
Saul and the Christians438
Philip and the Ethiopian440
The Road to Damascus442
Aeneas and Tabitha444
Peter and Cornelius446
Peter in Prison448
Paul's First Missionary Journey450
Faith for the Gentiles452
The Disciples Hold a Council454
Paul's Second Missionary Journey456
Paul and Silas in Prison458
Paul's Travels and Miracles460
Demetrius and the Riot462
Paul in Troas463
Paul in Jerusalem464
Paul Stands Trial466
The Voyage to Rome468
The Revelation to John470
The Church Since the Apostles472
Faith, Love and Charity474
Reference section476

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