Christianity for the Tough Minded

Christianity for the Tough Minded

by John Warwick Montgomery


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A collection of 24 essays that provide wide-ranging evidence for the intellectual respectability of the Christian faith, along with critiques of Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, Herbert Marcuse, Eric Hoffer, Franz Kafka, Hermann Hesse, and Ayn Rand.

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ISBN-13: 9781945500916
Publisher: 1517 Publications
Publication date: 11/01/2017
Pages: 298
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About the Author

To use C. S. Lewis's words, John Warwick Montgomery was brought over the threshold of Christian faith "kicking and struggling."

The year was 1949. The place, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Herman John Eckelmann, a persistent engineering student succeeded in goading Montgomery into religious discussions. Montgomery, a philosophy major disinterested in religion, found himself forced to consider seriously the claims of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in order to preserve his intellectual integrity. After no mean struggle he acknowledged his rebellion against God, asking His forgiveness.

Today, he is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for biblical Christianity.

A renaissance scholar with a flair for controversy, he lives in France, England and the United States. His international activities have brought him into personal contact with some of the most exciting events of our time: not only was he in China In June 1989, but he was In Fiji during its 1987 bloodless revolution, was involved in assisting East Germans to escape during the time of the Berlin Wall, and was in Paris during the 'days of May' 1968.

He is an ordained Lutheran clergyman, an English barrister, and is admitted to practise as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States and inscrit au Barreau de Paris, France. He obtained acquittals for the 'Athens 3' missionaries on charges of proselytism at the Greek Court of Appeals in 1986 and won the leading religious liberty cases of Larissis v. Greece and Bessarabian Orthodox Church v. Moldova before the European Court of Human Rights.

Dr. Montgomery is the author of more than fifty books in five languages. He holds ten earned degrees, Including a Master of Philosophy in Law from the University of Essex, England, a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and a Doctorate of the University in Protestant Theology from the University of Strasbourg, France, and the higher doctorate in law (LL.D.) from the University of Cardiff, Wales.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Acknowledgements
    • Part One: Philosophy and Scientific Method
      • Is Man His Own God? (John Warwick Montgomery)
      • A Critique of Bertrand Russell’s Religious Position (Arnold D. Weigel)
      • Religion Without Revelation? A Critique of Julian Huxley’s Evolutionary Humanism (Esther Lo)
      • Science and Christianity: Toward Peaceful Coexistence (James R. Moore)

    • Part Two: Ethics and Society
      • What About Situation Ethics? (Joseph Blasczyk)
      • God of War (Ronald Iwasko)
      • The Black Side of Christianity (Ronald Behm)
      • From the Great Refusal to the Great Affirmation: A Christian Comment on Herbert Marcuse (Gregory Best)

    • Part Three: Religion and Truth
      • The Inadequacies of the Structural-Functionalist Approach to Religion (Bruce Bonecutter)
      • Some Weaknesses in Fundamental Buddhism (James R. Moore)
      • Eric Hoffer and the True Believer (Mel Loucks)

    • Part Four: Psychology and Religious Experience
      • Existential Psychology and Christian Faith (Clark Eugene Barshinger)
      • Man Apart From God: Martin Luther as a Case Study (Douglas W. Frank)
      • The Problem of Pleasure (Loren Wilkinson)
      • LSD and Religious Truth (Robert A. Sabath)

    • Part Five: Literature and World-View
      • Absurdity and the Inscrutable: The Agnosticism of Franz Kafka in The Trial (Carole Fuester)
      • Hermann Hess: Novelist Against Man and History (Richard Kantzer)
      • Twentieth-Century Romanticism: The World of Ayn Rand (Janet G. Porcino)

    • Part Six: Christianity and Personal Commitment
      • The Integrity of the Gospel Writers (Rod Rosenbladt)
      • The Resurrection – A Credibility Gap? (James F. Babcock)
      • The Two-Sided Game of Christian Truth (Michael Murphy)

    • Appendices
      • Passover Plot or Easter Triumph? A Critical Review of H. Schonfield’s Recent Theory (Edwin M. Yamauchi)
      • A Sample of Scrollduggery (Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J.)
      • Computer Analysis and the Pauline Corpus: A Case of Deus Ex Machina (James R. Moore)
      • The Contributors
      • Index of Names

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