Christmas Cozy

Christmas Cozy

by Kathi Daley


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Christmas in Ashton Falls is always a magical time of year. The first big snow has arrived, the tree in the town square has been decorated, the window displays completed, and Hometown Christmas is just around the corner. Zoe finds herself knee deep in holiday shopping and Children's wishes as she and Zak play host to nine year old Scooter Sherwood and his friend Alex. Although a bit hectic, the magic of Christmas is in full bloom and things couldn't be more perfect until Zoe finds the body of history teacher Holly Jolly in the Ashton Falls High School Christmas Tree lot run by best friend Levi Denton and is pulled into a dangerous holiday investigation.

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ISBN-13: 9781502402042
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/17/2014
Series: Zoe Donovan Mystery , #11
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 354,299
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.43(d)

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Christmas Cozy 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
jody714 More than 1 year ago
I love this story, the characters, and mystery. I highly recommend to all who love cozy mysteries and Christmas themed stories. Kathi Daley has a way of writing that sucks you right into the story. You will come to love the characters and the community. Trying to solve the mystery is fun and challenging as the author weaves the story and leaves clues. I highly recommend this whole series.
Debb23 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I love the addition of Scooter coming back with a new friend. I always enjoy the interaction of the characters in this series, you really feel a part of their lives. The mystery was great when a well liked teacher is surprisingly murdered and people begin to realize that they know nothing about her. I kept guessing as to who I thought did it and was surprised when I found out who. I will definitely continue on with this series.
Tarri More than 1 year ago
Zoe and her family and friends are getting ready for the holidays, when Zoe discovers the body of a teacher, in the bushes, by the Christmas tree lot the high school is running. While entertaining two visiting nine year olds, trying to figure out what is going on with one of her best friends (suck it up Levi, you are starting to irritate the crap out of me), and getting ready for the holiday, Zoe and her friends do their best to investigate. Christmas Cozy is a quick holiday read with fun characters (with the exception of grumpy pants Levi) and a victim who everybody knew but nobody really knows.
TheLittleReadingCabin More than 1 year ago
I have to say that I absolutely love the way Kathi Daley writes her series books.  The next book in the series starts out right where the last one left off.  Not many series do that.  So I really enjoy that Kathi's books do.   This book will keep you on your toes for sure wondering who done it and why.  Of course Levi is at the  top of the list of suspects since he is the one running the Christmas tree lot.  But luckily is cleared pretty quickly.  There are so many people that could be suspects in the murder of Holly Jolly, who is a mystery in and of herself.  When the murderer is finally revealed, I bet you will be as surprised as I was.   I also really enjoyed the bond that Zoe and Alex had in this book. I hope we see more of little Alex in future stories.  And maybe just maybe finally a wedding with Zoe and Zac. And maybe a baby too.   Oh and make sure to check out all of the wonderful recipes at the end of the book. Kathi gathered recipes from some of her readers and included them in the book. I myself can't wait to try them! 
WisReader More than 1 year ago
The holidays are always magical in Ashton Falls. This is a town built on tradition and steeped with history. In this 11th Zoe Donovan novel we get to appreciate some of both. What makes Christmas even more enjoyable? Of course snow and children! Zoe, Ellie and Levi have been best friends forever. Whatever one of them gets involved with, the other two are sure to lend a hand. Levi is being "punished" by Principal Lame for not having completed enough adjunct hours.  He puts Levi in charge of overseeing the Christmas tree sales lot which is a school fundraiser.  Fortunately Levi, being the football coach, is popular among the students, so his team, the cheerleaders, and his friends all pitch in to help make the tree lot a success. There are lights, music, refreshments and even Santa on a sleigh, along with temporary volunteer elves. It looks so good the school newspaper counselor comes out to take photos and decides she will make it a full spread. What ends up being the news headline is that the teacher, Mrs. Jolly, is murdered on the tree lot one night. It appears that Levi is being framed for the murder. In looking for clues to help clear her friend, Zoe discovers that not much is known about poor Mrs. Jolly. She led a very quiet life, kept to herself, and enjoyed doing good for others. Still, no one knew much about her and had no idea why anyone would want her dead. As Zoe and her colorful townspeople friends try to figure out a motive for Mrs. Jolly's murder, Christmas is coming closer day by day. There is a town holiday festival to attend and other social gatherings. Relationship issues need some attention. Zoe's fiance, Zak, has volunteered to host 9 year old Scooter during holiday vacation while his parents are away for work. Scooter brings along Alex, a school friend whose parents are also away. She is a delightful surprise who seems much more mature than her 9 years. It is heartwarming when we do see her act as a child and get excited about childlike things. It is also through Alex and a found diary in the attic that we learn more about the history of Ashton Falls. Even grouchy sheriff Salinger seems to have a little bit of holiday spirit as he grumblingly shares information with Zoe. I had to smile at their exchange where Zoe explains how it will work out with information sharing. I enjoy all of the novels in this series. I do think you'll have a better understanding of this one if you have read #10 before this, Turkeys, Tuxes, and Tabbies, but it can be read as a stand alone novel. And the ending definitely sets us up for the next in the series, Alaskan Alliance. I won a copy of this ebook from an online contest, but I love this series and recommend it to all cozy mystery lovers or readers of small town fiction.
Barbara-Tobey More than 1 year ago
The title says it all. Zoe and friends find new ways to spend their holiday. Zoe does have to solve a murder mystery along with spending time with friends and family over the holiday season. Heart-warming with surprises all along the way. I enjoy spending time with Zoe, no matter what time of year. A charming read for those who celebrate Christmas and enough mystery to please those who don't. I am eager to read her next adventure.
kats4uknit More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading another Kathi Daley winner! I want to go to Ashton Falls and see all the Christmas sights as Kathi describes them. This is my favorite mystery series as I love all the characters and the mysteries that occur at all the holidays. Read the whole series if you have not done so. It is Christmas in Ashton Falls as Zoe and her family and friends prepare and help Levi run the tree lot. Zak and Zoe have wonderful young house quests that really have them entertaining the thought of children someday. The murder occurs at the tree lot. I don't like to spoil the plot but I did not have a clue who did this one.. And as we eagerly await book twelve coming out soon, I caught some exciting hints of what is to come! Get in the holiday spirit and read this book now. Yummy recipes included for the holidays. I am thrilled to find an old family recipe for Boiled Custard. I had lost it and this one in the book is almost identical.
mijoyco More than 1 year ago
This is the 11th book in a great mystery series by one of my favorite writers. What makes it great as a mystery is I once again did not predict who the perpetrator of the murder was and I even predicted the wrong person who would be murdered with this one in the beginning pages. The motive is one that could really happen in today's world. What makes Kathi one of my most favorite writers is she has created a small town filled with big characters who grow and change with each volume. Besides Zoe, her fiancé, and two best friends in their mid-twenties there are people from all generations in this book. There is a new child introduced in this volume who I just fell in love with. You will love this series. I am so glad we don't have to wait months and months for each new volume. The next one publishes on Dec. 1 and centers on Zoe's job working with animals. Every volume has recipes at the end, this one has a collection submitted by Kathi's readers which sound great but also tell how about each person's holiday traditions. Family is as important to these real people as it is to the fictional ones in this series.