The Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space

The Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space

by Robert Zimmerman


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Since the historic launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in 1957, the world has been enthralled first by the race to the Moon and later by the exploration of space. Lost in the international competition, however, are the hundreds of other missions (commercial, military, and scientific explorations) that have taken place over the past four decades. This encyclopedia gives readers—for the first time—a complete picture of every space mission of every country that has taken place from Sputnik through 1999. In addition to providing a chronology of launches worldwide (over 1,000 in all), this encyclopedia includes hard-to-find information on the scientific objectives and results of these missions.

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ISBN-13: 9781573561969
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Publication date: 02/23/2000
Pages: 440
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About the Author

ROBERT ZIMMERMAN is a science writer and the author of an acclaimed history of the 1960s space race, Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8. His essays on astronomy, space exploration, and science history are published regularly in such publications as The Sciences, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Astronomy, Intervention & Technology, Sky & Telescope, and Stardate.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Before 1957

The Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space 1957-59 1960-69 1970-79 1980-89 1990-99

Appendix 1. Satellites and Missions Listed Alphabetically

Appendix 2. Satellites and Missions Listed by Subject

Appendix 3. Satellites and Missions Listed by Nation or Group of Nations




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