Cinico: Travels With a Good Professor at the Time of the Scottish Referendum

Cinico: Travels With a Good Professor at the Time of the Scottish Referendum

by Allan Cameron


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With a Scottish professor of politics as his guide, a London-based Italian journalist traverses Scotland seeking a "big story" on the independence referendum. What he gets instead are small stories from myriad points of view: a Ukrainian nationalist, a Russian religious guru, an eccentric Estonian, an Algerian and a dying man, amongst many others. After a chaotic romance with a Scottish campaigner, the journalist, aptly named Cinico de Oblivii, leaves his post in London for Greece, where, reflecting on his time in Scotland, he writes a memoir (this book). In which, we encounter the full spectrum of ideas on Scottish independence, including the ones Cinico's editor didn't want to publish. Cinico's stories examine how Europeans interpret each other and, more generally, how people relate. Like Candide, Cinico starts with the dominant mindset of his era, which is incapable of bringing him either understanding or contentment, but ends up with an awareness that, though insufficient for the elusive happiness we all seek, is sufficient enough for a perfectly acceptable human existence. "This self-described "rant" has some persuasive elements, especially in Cameron's discussion of the chances that Gaelic will survive in Scotland and his encouragement to raise children to be multilingual."-Library Journal.

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ISBN-13: 9781908251824
Publisher: DUFOUR
Publication date: 11/20/2017
Pages: 194
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Table of Contents

Editor's Preface 3

I The Author Grows Up, Has a Family and Finds a Job in London All within One Brief Chapter 7

II I Make my Acquaintance of the Professor 15

III What the Edinburgh Academic Had to Say 22

IV What the Glasgow Hardman and the Ukrainian Had to Say 28

V What the Local Historian and the Englishman Had to Say 41

VI What the Frenchwoman and the Dying Man Had to Say 60

VII What the Presbyterian Minister and the Russian Mystic Had to Say 75

VIII What the Italian Professor and my Father Had to Say 94

IX What Karim and the Estonian Had to Say 115

X What the Swede So Persuasively Didn't Have to Say 135

XI What Maryanne, the Lithuanian, the Leader of the Allotment Society and the German All Had to Say 137

XII The Decision Is Made and What I Have to Say about All This 159

The Epilogue 167

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