Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor: Memories and Identities

Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor: Memories and Identities


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Cityscapes consist of houses, streets, civic buildings, sanctuaries, tombs, monuments, and inscriptions created by multiple generations of citizens and foreigners with an interest in the city; they are interpreted and reinterpreted as expressions of past lives, changing relations of power, memories, and various identities. The present volume publishes 25 contributions written by scholars specializing in the history and archaeology of western Asia Minor. New and well-known material – literary, epigraphical, numismatic, and archaeological – is presented and analyzed through the twin lenses of memory and identity.
The contributions cover more than 1000 years of cultural diversity during changing political systems, from the Lydian and Persian hegemony in the Archaic period through Athenian supremacy and Persian satrapal rule in the Classical period, then autocratic kingship in Hellenistic times until, finally, more than half a millennium of Roman rule.
Identities are voiced through several media and visible at many levels of the ancient societies. So are the places of memory – the Lieux de Mémoire – and the studies presented here provide new insights into how human beings chose, deliberately or subconsciously, to commemorate their past and their ancestors, and how identity was displayed and expressed under shifting political rule.

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ISBN-13: 9781785708367
Publisher: Brown, David Book Company
Publication date: 02/16/2018
Edition description: Bilingual
Pages: 400
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About the Author

Eva Mortensen is a member of the academic staff at the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions, Aarhus University. She completed her Ph D on heroes in Ionian and Carian cities in 2016. Her main research interests are urban societies in the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

Birte Poulsen is Associate Professor at the Department of History and Classical Studies (Classical Archaeology), Aarhus University. Her main research interests are art and archaeology of the imperial period and Late Antiquity with special reference to architecture and mosaics.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Eva Mortensen and Birte Poulsen


Martina Seifert
Constructing Memories: Gateways between Identity and Socio-Political Pluralism in Ancient Western Asia Minor

Cityscapes of Remembrance

Eva-Maria Mohr and Klaus Rheidt
Cityscape and Places of Memory in Assos

Beate Böhlendorf-Arslan
Nothing to Remember? Redesigning the Ancient City of Assos in the Byzantine Era

Anthony Shannon
Glory be to (Insert Name Here): Civic Memory, Political Discourse, and Municipal Ruler Cult in Hellenistic Teos

Orhan Bingöl
Das Stadtbild von Magnesia am Mäander nach den 30-jährigen Ausgrabungen (Kurzfassung)

Eva Mortensen
Narratives and Shared Memories of Heroes in the Aphrodisian Cityscape

Jacques des Courtils
The City of Xanthus: “Lieu de mémoire” of the Lycians

Kai Töpfer
Expressing Civic Self-Perception and Constructing Identity – Public Imagery in Roman Asia Minor

Recollections of the Past in Public Civic Monuments

Ulrich Mania
Gymnasia: From a Space to an Institution of Remembrance

Günther Schörner
Representing and Remembering Rituals in Public Space: Depictions of Sacrifice in Roman Asia Minor

Ute Lohner-Urban
Aspects of Public Memory at the East Gate of Side

Representations of Memories and Identities in the Private Sphere

Elisabeth Rathmayr
Identity in the Private Sphere: Interpreting Houses as Loci Reflecting the Identity of Their Inhabitants

Christoph Baier
A P(a)lace of Remembrance? Reflections on the Historical Depth of a Monumental Domus in Ephesos

Narratives of Remembrance in a Religious Context

Ergün Lafli
Die Sitzstatue eines Dichters aus Klaros

Helene Blinkenberg Hastrup
Ephesus and the Amazons: Remembering or Recreating the Early History of a Greek Polis in the 5th Century BC

Monica Livadiotti and Giorgio Rocco
Building the Route Over Time: Memory of a Processional Road in Kos

Luigi Caliò
Building Memory on the Route: for a Visual Reconstruction of Festive Processions in Kos

Mustafa Şahin
Der Apollo Archegetes Heiligtum auf der Asar Insel bei Myndos

Katy Opitz
Two Cities – One Goddess? The Transfer of Ancient Cities in the Hellenistic Period and the Reinterpretation of Older Cults: The Example of Heracleia under Latmus

Commemoration of the Dead

Benedikt Grammer
Material Culture as Marker of Ethnicity? The Burial Mounds of Kolophon and the Question of “Lydian”, “Greek”, and “Ionian” Identity

Martin Steskal
Defying Death in Ephesus: Strategies of Commemoration in a Roman Metropolis

Poul Pedersen
The Totenmahl Tradition in Classical Western Asia Minor and the Maussolleion at Halikarnassos

Ilaria Romeo
A Distant Memory: New Seleucid Portraits in Roman Hierapolis

Laurence Cavalier
Memorials to the Lycian Dead

Veronika Scheibelreiter-Gail
MNHMA. Commemorative Inscriptions – Mirrors of Common Identity: The Epigraphic Habit in Ancient and Modern Funerary Spaces Compared

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