Civilization Is Not Yet Civilized

Civilization Is Not Yet Civilized

by David Cook


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The world is caught in a vicious cycle with no end in sight. For thousands upon thousands of years, nearly every nation has cycled through a series of attacks, conflicts, and eventual wars. Even though the majority is against such violence, the tyranny of a small minority leads the way to global bloodshed.

David Cook argues that the majority can no longer remain silent. For the first time in its history, the world is in a unique position to break this cycle and finally achieve peace.

This is just one of the fascinating concepts Cook approaches in his new look at global conflict and resolution. Cook's work includes the following:

  • Psychological studies of conflict on a massive scale
  • Illuminating Hopi stories of lost civilizations
  • Discussions of the Native American medicine wheel and concepts of oneness and harmony
  • Reasons why the Bible is a contradictory and misleading text
  • Examinations of the evils of the military-industrial complex
  • Applications of the Gandhi principle
  • Ways to resolve conflict and finally accomplish peace

With the advent of global communication, the majority is finally in a position to drown out the minority. All they have to do is start the movement!

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ISBN-13: 9781978043558
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/08/2017
Pages: 134
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About the Author

David Cook spent his early years in subsidized housing. When he was ten, his family moved into a more secure neighborhood. He credits his father, who worked six days a week to afford the new neighborhood.

Cook spent more than three decades working blue-collar jobs but began attending Capital University at the age of fifty. He earned his bachelor's degree in social work. He then earned his master's degree in clinical social work from the Ohio State University.

Cook worked in drug and alcohol treatment programs at a county mental health agency. He also offered anger management training and solution-focused therapy for a variety of issues. Although he officially retired when he was sixty-five, he continued volunteering part time as a therapist.

Cook writes from a serene cottage on his six-acre plot of land. He is active in his Native American community.

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