Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert

Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert

by Katzie Guy-Hamilton, Habib Sadeghi

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Over 100 Whole-Food, Best-In-Class Recipes to Set You On the Path to Food Freedom

Pastry chef Katzie Guy-Hamilton was living her dream—traveling worldwide to represent Max Brenner chocolate—but her whirlwind lifestyle began taking a toll on her health. She started down the path to wellness by eating clean, but soon realized something essential was missing . . . dessert!

Today, Katzie cooks and eats “clean enough”—a more forgiving (and fun) approach that serves up equal helpings of healthful, effortless entrées and satisfying treats, all made with natural, whole ingredients and accessible techniques. Ranging from Blistered Miso Sweet Potatoes and Green Fava Baked Eggs, to Generous Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Pan di Spagna, the 100+ recipes in Clean Enough are designed to strike a delicious balance between savory and sweet; to be enjoyed on a busy weeknight, leisurely Sunday, or in the company of friends.

Katzie’s refreshing attitude toward health is a welcome reminder that there’s space in every day for broccoli and bread, mango and meringue. After all, eating clean is only half of living well—and you deserve enough to thrive.

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ISBN-13: 9781615195077
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
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About the Author

Katzie Guy-Hamilton is a nationally recognized pastry chef and creative, now the food and beverage director at the luxury fitness brand Equinox. Prior to entering the high-performance world of wellness, Katzie ran all Global Food and Beverage and Innovation for the indulgent chocolate brand Max Brenner International. She ran the pastry departments at Grand Hyatt’s New York flagship in Grand Central and the celebrated pastry program at New York’s trendsetting Ace Hotel. She trained in California under pastry maven Sherry Yard at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Beverly Hills. She is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and recipient of its Outstanding Alumni of the Year for 2011. Katzie’s talents earned her a spot on Season Two of the television cooking competition Top Chef: Just Desserts. She was named one of the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America by Dessert Professional Magazine in 2014.

Katzie teaches healthy cooking at Goal4Kids in Harlem and cochairs October Ball, benefitting the Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers Organization. She embodies the concept of living mindfully in the middle and is a certified health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Katzie’s mission is to inspire others to learn their happiest selves through clean eating, delicious indulgences, and a collective approach to integrative health. Katzie has appeared on Fox Network, Martha Stewart Radio, CBS, Food Network, Bravo TV, and internationally, in Japanese, Australian, and Korean media, as well as in various print and digital publications.

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Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Clean Enough By Katzie Guy-Hamilton Wow starting off this book is unlike other cookbooks. It is a holistic guide to bettering yourself inside and out. I totally appreciate this as I struggle with anxiety/depression. I personally took more from the authors perspective on health, food, and living then I did from the recipes shared. I did not connect with many of the recipes even though I enjoy almost all the ingredients. I am a much simpler cook and baker when it comes to preparation and taste. These recipes are all full of new ideas for a more "made from scratch" cook or baker. I enjoyed reading the recipes and trying to take some ideas from them for my own recipe box but I did not like any of the recipes wholly to try alone. Here is the order of the book: Section one: Clean: Drinks, Harmony Bowls, Toast, Greens, Prepared Veggies, The Good Startch, Soups on, Clean Pantry; Section two: Enough: Cookies, Cake, Pie, Long Weekends, Ice Creams and Chilly Treats, Sweet Pantry I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Stop_and_Smell_the_Pages More than 1 year ago
Let’s go back to what I love doing best: dissecting cookbooks. I chose this particular one because I found both the title and the cover photo appealing, and because ‘katzie’ in German is a pet name for a cat (sympathy points!). The beautiful photography continues inside the book and really gets you revved up for cooking… unless you’re a beginner. One recurring problem with cookbooks authored by professional chefs is that they love to be very specific with ingredients and, unlike most normal people, think nothing of a twenty-five-ingredient spice list. Ok, I slightly exaggerated that number, but you get my drift. But let us start at the beginning: Ms. Guy-Hamilton’s introduction to “Clean Enough”, alongside her story, pretty much makes it clear that this book is yours to customize, which is a very important point to bear in mind later. I like her holistic approach to food and life, and her relaxed attitude about occasional indulgences. After all, eating clean enough should be good enough, and sweets can play a stress-free part in one’s diet, as well. Please note that when I say ‘diet,’ I use the word in its original meaning of ‘way of eating,’ not in the sense of ‘trying your darndest to make your body comply to shed those x number of pounds you keep trying to lose whenever you come back from vacation.’ The reader receives an invitation to examine his or her own lifestyle to maximize wellness with some helpful pointers, then it’s on to the recipe section… …and we’ve circled back to the beginning where now some people will start crying at terms like “oat flaker,” “Sicilian pistachios,” “pine pollen,” and “raw licorice powder” (I did at that last one, primarily because I find licorice disgusting and would never want to ruin a perfectly good breakfast with it). Ignore all those terms and skip straight to the various recipe notes that tell you that you can SUBSTITUTE whatever you have on hand or simply leave things out that you don’t have/don’t want to use. Phew. Ok, deep breath and on with it… I’m not sure if anyone really needs a recipe for hot lemon water, which contains, gasp!, hot water and lemon. Or instructions to cook a runny, five-minute egg (cook egg for five minutes, plus some extraneous stuff that’s not really necessary). But if you’ve never made eggs before and feel a bit lost, there is a section on preparing eggs in a variety of ways that will assist you in becoming more kitchen confident. You may have guessed from my lingering on this particular part of the book that this is a vegetarian cookbook. Ms. Guy-Hamilton enjoys eggs and cheeses, and that is one reason why I personally would not get a copy but still recommend it to anyone wishing to go meat-free more often or looking for new spins on cooking for their veggie lifestyle. I notice that, as most other hip chefs these days, Ms. Guy-Hamilton is a huge proponent of Himalayan Pink salt, to which I will repeat my remark from an earlier review: salt mining is not environmentally friendly, nor is salt a sustainable resource, and nobody should go digging around in a sensitive areas like the Himalayas just so people can use pink salt that nobody will be able to see in the finished dish later, anyway. As a second concern, unless you eat a lot of seafood or sea vegetables, reliance on “raw” salts will leave you with low levels of iodine. This is why regular table salt has iodine added to it, and as much as it is en vogue to poo-poo anything labeled ‘processed’, you need iodine
Noire More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book to read in exchange for a fair review. Clean Enough by Katzie Guy-Hamilton is a collection of Vegetarian (she uses eggs and dairy) recipes. The recipes I tried were tasty and easy to follow ...Most of the recipes are made from ingredients already in your pantry or easily available at the grocery store. It’s January and you made that resolution to be healthier... this book will help you with some new ideas to set you on the right track. I found the writing style to be welcoming and engaging... not preachy at all. The recipes encompass healthy choices for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks with some sweet treats to help you through any cravings. Publishing Date January 1, 2019 #CleanEnough #NetGalley #theexperimentpublishing