Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Long-Term Ecological Research Sites

Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Long-Term Ecological Research Sites

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This volume in the Long-Term Ecological Research Network Series would present the work that has been done and the understanding and database that have been developed by work on climate change done at all the LTER sites. Global climate change is a central issue facing the world, which is being worked on by a very large number of scientists across a wide range of fields. The LTER sites hold some of the best available data measuring long term impacts and changes in the environment, and the research done at these sites has not previously been made widely available to the broader climate change research community. This book should appeal reasonably widely outside the ecological community, and because it pulls together information from all 20 research sites, it should capture the interest of virtually the entire LTER research community.

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ISBN-13: 9780190287832
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 10/09/2003
Series: Long-Term Ecological Research Network Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

University of North Carolina

Kansas State University

University of California, Santa Barbara

Table of Contents

Part I
1. An Introduction to Climate Variability
Part II Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response on Different Time-Scales Short Term Climatic Events
Short-Term Climatic Events: Introductory Overview
2. Hurricanes Impacts on Temperate and Tropical Forests
3. Drought Impacts on Tree Growth and Mortality of Southern Appalachian Forests
4. Climate Variability in the North Central Region: Characterizing Drought Severity Patterns
5. Climate Forcing at the Arctic LTER Site
Short-Term Climatic Events-Synthesis
The Quasi-Quintennial Time Scale
Introductory Overview
6. An LTER Network Overview and Introduction of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climatic signal and response
7. The Climate of the Central Arizona and Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CALPTER) Site and links to ENSO
8. Watershed Hydrological and Chemical Responses to Precipitation Variability in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico
9. Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response of the Marine Ecosystem in the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) Region
10. Climate and Hydrologic Variations and Implications for Lake and Stream Ecological Response in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Synthesis: The Quasi-Quintennial Time Scale Climate Variability and Ecological Response
The Inter-Decadal Time Scale
Introductory Overview
11. Interdecadal Scale Variability: An Assessment of LTER Climate Data
12. A 200-Year Perspective of Climate Variability and the Response of White Spruce in Interior Alaska
13. Decadal Climate Variation and Coho Salmon Catch
14. Decadal and Century-long Changes in Storminess at LTER Sites
15. Mulit-Decadal Drought Cycles in South-central New Mexico: Patterns and Consequences
Decadal-Scale Climate Variability and ecosystem response at LTER Sites
Century to Millennial Scale
The Century to Millennial Scale Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at LTER Sites
16. Century to Millennial Scale Climate Change and Ecosystem Response in Taylor Valley, Antarctica
17. Millennial-scale Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at the Jornada LTER
18. Millennial and Century Climate Changes in the Colorado Alpine
Part III Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at selected LTER Sites Over Multiple Time Scales
Cross Time-Scale Climatic Events and Ecosystem Responses
19. Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at the H.J. Andrews Long-Term Ecological Research Site
20. Climate Variability in Tallgrass Prairie at Multiple Time Scales: Konza Prairie Biological Station
Part IV
21. Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response-An Overview

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