Climber's Guide to Devil's Lake

Climber's Guide to Devil's Lake


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Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin is the most popular rock-climbing area in the Midwest. It features spectacular cliffs and other rock formations where the Ice Age glacier's terminal moraine meets an ancient landscape of rock.
            This third edition of the popular Climber’s Guide to Devil’s Lake has been thoroughly updated for twenty-first-century climbers and hikers and includes information for use with GPS receivers. It provides information for climbers of all abilities and preferences, offering precise directions to help them navigate and climb within the park.
Features include: •an updated introduction by George J. Pokorny and new photographs by Eric Andre
•a summary of the geologic and natural history of the Baraboo hills by Patricia K. Armstrong
•locations and updated descriptions of nearly 1,800 climbs
•landmark photographs from most major climbing areas
•GPS waypoints, map coordinates, altimeter readings, and approach information
•detailed diagrams locating climbing routes at most major climbing areas
•6 new diagrams, 5 new climbing areas, and 120 new routes

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780299228545
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication date: 09/18/2008
Edition description: 3
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 4.50(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Sven Olof Swartling and Pete Mayer are avid climbers and members of the Chicago Mountaineering Club. Swartling lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, and has climbed at Devil’s Lake for more than fifty years. Mayer is an engineer who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and brings his technological expertise to this edition.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations        
Introduction to the Third Edition           
            George J. Pokorny
A Geologic and Natural History of the Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin          
            Patricia K. Armstrong
Guidebook User's Information 
East Bluff Climbs
East Bluff                                 
Sandstone Bluff           
            Old Sandstone Area    
            New Sandstone Area  
East of the Quarry Rocks         
            Far East                      
                        Siamese Buttress                     
                        Bad News Gully                      
                        Prayer Wall                             
                        Rattlesnake Ridge                    
                        Bandshell Ridge                       
            Middle East                 
                  Mousehole Buttress     
                        Condor Corner            
                        Buttress Northeast of Condor Corner  
                        Bastille Rock               
            Near East                    
                        Aladdin's Castle                       
                        U-Haul Overhangs                   
            Summit Band               
                        September Wall                       
                        February Wall             
West of the Quarry Rocks                                           
            West Ridge                 
                        Crashing Rock Wall                 
                        Lost Temple Rock                   
                        Farewell to Arms                                 
                        Red Nose Wall                        
            Vulture Lookout                      
            West Terraces              
                        Hidden Buttress                                   
                        Juniper Wall                            
                        White Wall                              
                        Poison Ivy Wall                                   
                        Bird-Foot Buttress                   
                        West Post                               
The Guillotine                          
            No Sweat                                
            Guillotine Wall             
            The Guillotine                          
East Rampart                           
            The Monster                            
            D'Arcy's Buttress                     
            Pedestal Buttress                     
            Gill's Buttress and Brinton's Buttress                 
            Two Pines Buttress                  
            Many Pines Buttress                
            Moldy Buttress            
            Bill's Buttress                           
            Rainy WednesdayTower to LeaningTower Gully                    
            Four Brothers                          
            Leaning Tower            
            Pseudo Hawk's Nest               
            Balshazzar's Feast                    
            Hawk's Nest                           
Doorway Rocks          
            Major Mass, Upper Band                    
            Major Mass, Lower Band                   
            Minor Mass                                         
            Red Rocks                                          
            Ramsay's Pinnacle                               
Balanced Rock Areas                          
            Balanced Rock Wall                            
            Balanced Rock Ridge                          
            Rocks East of Balanced Rock Wall      
            Rocks East of Hole-In-The-Wall         
Railroad Tracks Areas             
            Railroad Amphitheater             
            Waterfall Wall                                     
            Birthday Rocks                        
            Horse Rampart                        
            Lothar's Ledges                                   
            Squirrel's NestTower                          
North End of the East Bluff                  
            Cabin Rocks                                       
            Elephant Rocks                                   
            Tomahawk Rocks                               
            Monolith Blocks                                  
SteinkeBasin Rocks                                        
            Cibola Wall                                         
            TripleTower Wall                               
            Steinke Wall                                        
            Storm Wrack Wall                              
 West Bluff Climbs
West Bluff                               
            Stettner Rocks                         
            Lincoln's Chair             
            Misery Rocks                          
            The Pantry                               
            Dutchman Rampart                  
            The Frigate                              
            Dungeon Wall                          
            Porkchop Buttress                   
            Double Chimney                                  
            Cleo Amphitheater                   
            Cleopatra's Needle                  
            Turk's Head                            
            The Blade                                
            Turk's Head Ridge                   
            Prospect Point Towers
                        First Tower                 
                        Great Tower                
                        Picnic Wall                  
            Prospect Point Rampart           
                        Prospect Point Pinnacle to Big Toe      
                        Dark Wall                   
                        Big Toe to Great Chimney                   
                        Great Chimney to Lost Face                
            Reclining Tower                       
            Dead Tree Wall                       
            Cave Rocks Rampart              
            Hangman Towers                    
                        The Hangman  
                        Twin Ridge      
                        Knobby Pillar and Bird Bath Tower     
                        The Beast                    
                        Go-Go Tower             
                        Shark's Tooth              
            Cake Walk                  
            Tyrolean Tower           
            Pearly Gate                 
            By Gully                      
            Hollywood and Vines              
            The Bottom                 
            North Slope                
South Bluff Climbs
South Bluff                  
            South Bluff Towers                  
List of GPS Waypoints            
Index of Climbs and Areas                   

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