Cloud of Imagination: Notes, Quotes and Hopes

Cloud of Imagination: Notes, Quotes and Hopes

by Bullion Grey


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Bullion Grey brings a Cloud of Imagination, swirling in shapes, directions and interpretations. Here allowing for Creative vitality to emerge. These notes and thought-forms enclosed here are for those who want to become inspired, visionary.

Inside this unique book are pages of moments, contemplations, ideas, views, thoughts, considerations, and vast deep feelings, spanning years. The notes, quotes and hopes were selected by subjects, chance or necessity of exploratory expression.

It is the cultivation of perception of the inner world, the ability to see with & without eyes. Some contained in this work is poetic to strangely unknowable.

The great value of this book-art here is perhaps that it is unedited. In the author's own hand are note pages, as they were when first penned. Imperfect, exposed and revealing. Revealing a "Creative" in full flight. The reader/Creative is the editor, exploring their own way. Each one who grazes these notes determine what is "useful" or not for themselves.

Entering this Creative Energy Vortex is to illuminate further along the path of imagination, in different ways for each who visit these notes. It is fascinatingly true that browsing another's creative musings can inspire one to act on their own artistic ideas; becoming motivated toward one's creative expressions. To Create. Just one sketch, note, diagram or pondering can be invaluable in vaporizing creative blocks. Imbuing the reader with far reaching insights, even flashes of virtuosity.

Bullion Grey "Now more than ever our world needs innovators, artists, and imaginative contributors. We need collaborators more than competitors. We need cooperation far beyond competition. Never before in Human history have we encountered such a colossal demand for cooperative Imagination."

Cloud of Imagination is a book for those who yearn for Creativity. Artist, entrepreneur, or spiritual seeker will discover a treasure trove here of creative motivation, encouragement and luminosity.

The Cloud of Imagination has also a publishing first: a Do-it-Yourself Table of Contents. Invented by the author, this is a new & powerful way to always get more from this creative resource. Divided in years with places to note an idea or page that moves the reader. As a result, this book grows in value each time it is used, as it becomes more relevant, personally. (complete instructions in the first few pages) this book really "walks its talk".

To obtain this creative work for yourself is important, to get it for a struggling artist is even more important. Either way you bestow the gift of Imagination; one of the greatest gifts one can give is Creativity.

Our imagination is our brightest possibility. Your opportunity exists right now in your imagination, it is literally ONE THOUGHT AWAY.

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ISBN-13: 9781492742050
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2013
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Imagination is a faculty of perception. I have spent my entire life not knowing that single bit of information up to a few years ago. Yet imagination has been my friend, my companion, questioner, answer, savior, and my comfort as well as sometimes my terror throughout the years. Started out as a construction worker and worked for about 200 companys. Inbetween layoffs, firings (oh man did I get fired allot), and instable mental times I worked as a sales man for many different products. Sold mobile homes, gas grills, gas lamps, plants, vacumcleaners, raised funds for political candidates, and even did my share of non profit gigs. I also have been a volunteer for many year doing many needed things, like feeding the homeless, career assistance, coaching, teaching the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), started Disabilities Empowerment Groups for Korean communities, Hispanic communities, Developmentally Disabled communities ect. I also am one of the founding members of the first Commission on Disabilities in Santa Monica, CA. Have written, printed, hand-bind and sold 6 titles of my writings. In 2006, the new 100 million dollar Library of Santa Monica accepted my 6th book: Light Dawns Gradually into their Literary Arts Collection. Last year I was (for real) resurrected from death and spent 3 days in a coma. I lost some functioning and brain had damage but still mostly intact. Just another, called forth from Mystery to work and learn and teach in this demension for a while.

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