Clouded Destiny

Clouded Destiny

by Clifford B. Bowyer


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Confidence. Faith. Courage. Heroism. Destiny. With belief in these things, one can face insurmountable odds without blinking and achieve almost anything. Doubt. Defeat. Failure. Pain. Even the bravest soul, the one destined to be the savior of all, can falter when faced with her own mortality. The realm is in chaos, and the one spark of hope that is the Child of Prophecy has lost her way. She cannot see through the darkness. She cannot regain the spirit that once drove her. Her despair will be more devastating than all of the tragedies that have befallen the Imperium to date.

Kyria, the child destined to save the world, has fallen at the hands of the despot Zoldex. Once she knew defeating Zoldex would be difficult, but she truly believed in the outcome. She knew that good will triumph over evil. She believed in the prophecy and her role in ending the tyranny of Zoldex. Now she is fueled by doubt, by insecurity, by uncertainty. Now she is afraid of her future instead of boldly facing it. Unless Kyria can overcome the torment her mind has woven around her, the realm has little chance of resisting the insurmountable forces aligned against them. Conquest will be inevitable.

Mica, the best friend and companion of Kyria, is determined to find a way to help her heal. They have been through a lot, and Mica will do anything to help Kyria get back to being where she needs to be. But she also is a scout in the middle of a war, and her duties pull her away, putting her in peril. If only Kyria was there to help her like she always had been before.

Sartir, returning home after facing his own inner demons, he will continue to help Kyria where Mica leaves off. Unlike Mica, he has been scarred and knows something about torment and suffering. He can relate to Kyria and help her see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it leads her someplace far different than where she ever expected to go.

But the people of Adlai, while understanding of Kyria’s plight, will not stand still to give her time to heal. The war is going poorly, and Kyria has a role to play in it. With changes to leadership and the direction of the war effort, to efforts to create new allies with the assistance of the famed gnomish inventor Vingalli, to the rescue of the Madrew, to continuing to prepare the next generation of Mages, there is never a dull moment on the Adlesian Islands.

The true threat though is far from the Adlesian Islands. Where Mica is dispatched, in the Suspintian Forest. The last outpost in the south resisting against Zoldex’s forces have prepared a delegation of emissaries to visit Turning Leaf, home of the xenophobic High elves, the largest elven city in the realm, in hopes of bringing them into the war against Zoldex. Success would turn the tide and push Zoldex’s forces back. Failure would spell certain doom for the resistance and the realm. Lead by Master Cala, and having legendary heroes such as Arifos, Kai, Mylvannan, Theiler, Baldock, Ravinder, Grazlin, Lady Shanavie, and others, all hope may rest not on Kyria’s shoulders, but the success of their efforts.

Clouded Destiny will challenge everything the heroes know and believe, forcing them to find a new way to move forward, or falter under the mounting pressure. Too much is at stake, and true heroes will find a way to rise above their own doubts and insecurities and put the needs of others before their own fears and shortcomings.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781609751555
Publisher: Silver Leaf Books
Publication date: 07/03/2018
Series: Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege , #4
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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