Collector's Box, Vol. 5: 1995 & After

Collector's Box, Vol. 5: 1995 & After

by King CrimsonKing Crimson


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This Asian import box set boasts more than five hours of live King Crimson gleaned from 1995 and 2001. Originally the contents were issued as three respective Collectors' Club installments. Chronologically, the first of which is the complete double-trio lineup show from July 1, 1995 with the six-man incarnation Live at the Wiltern (2005) in Los Angeles. The mid-'90s band included the talents of Adrian Belew (guitar/vocals), Bill Bruford (drums/percussion), Robert Fripp (guitar), Trey Gunn (Warr guitar), Tony Levin (bass/Chapman stick/vocals), and Pat Mastelotto (drums/percussion). Following that are highlights from the same personnel over a five-night stand November 20 -- 25, 1995 On Broadway (1999) at the Longacre Theater in New York City. Fast-forward six years and a slimmed-down quartet -- minus Bruford and Levin -- is captured Live in Nashville, TN (2002) November 9 and 10, 2001 at the 328 Performance Hall in Music City USA. As there is widespread repetition of material from 1995, what becomes all the more evident are the variations throughout the improvisations and the subtleties that exist within the evolution of the concerts as a whole. There is a considerably different energy as the Longacre Theater compile erupts right out of the gate with a fast and furious ride upon the '80s Crim classic "Thela Hun Ginjeet." Compare that to Fripp's meditative "Introductory Soundscape" that leads into the modern, industrially informed "Vrooom Vrooom." Unlike the mid-'90s band -- who had logged in several months on the road by July of 1995 -- the combo heard on Live in Nashville, TN are in their infancy stages of the Level Five North America tour, which took place in November and December of 2001. This distillation of a standard 90-minute gig has familiar fan favorites "Red" and the aforementioned "Thela Hun Ginjeet" juxtaposed beside seminal readings of the edgy instrumentals "Level Five," "eleKtriK," and "Virtuous Circle." These are clear indications of the uncharted musical territory that quickly became the 21st century Crim's stock and trade. Especially when evaluating the merits of the sleek four-piece unit whose ability to turn on a proverbial dime against that of the '90s half-dozen member mini-orchestra.

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Release Date: 09/27/2007
Label: Jvc Japan
UPC: 4582213911725
catalogNumber: 20087/91
Rank: 138779


  1. Introductory Soundscape
  2. Vrooom Vrooom
  3. Frame by Frame
  4. Dinosaur
  5. One Time
  6. Red
  7. B'boom
  8. Thrak
  9. Matte Kudasai
  10. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
  11. People
  12. Improv: Two Sticks
  13. Elephant Talk
  14. Indiscipline
  15. Prism
  16. The Talking Drum
  17. Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 2
  18. Vrooom
  19. Coda: Marine 475
  20. Walking on Air
  21. Conundrum
  22. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  23. Red
  24. Dinosaur
  25. Vrooom Vrooom
  26. Frame by Frame
  27. Walking on Air
  28. B'boom
  29. Thrak
  30. Neurotica
  31. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
  32. People
  33. One Time
  34. Indiscipline
  35. Improv: Two Sticks
  36. Elephant Talk
  37. Prism
  38. The Talking Drum
  39. Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 2
  40. Three of a Perfect Pair
  41. Vrooom
  42. Coda: Marine 475
  43. Fearless and Highly Thrakked
  44. Dangerous Curves
  45. Level Five
  46. The Construkction of Light
  47. Prozakc Blues
  48. Elektrik
  49. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  50. Virtuous Circle
  51. Elephant Talk
  52. Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 4
  53. The Deception of the Thrush
  54. Red

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