Come With Us (Limited Edition)

Come With Us (Limited Edition)

by The Chemical BrothersThe Chemical Brothers

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - Reissue)

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Having proven their songwriting savvy with the pop-friendly Surrender -- which fashioned recognizable tunes from techno's toolbox of old-school breaks, jackhammer tempos, and psychedelic ambient breakdowns -- the Chemical Brothers split the difference with Come with Us, an intense album that's as much a DJ set as a collection of electronica songs. Getting this party started with the bouncy four-on-the-floor of the title track, it's apparent that the jagged days of Big Beat are over for good, and the Brothers are house-ier than ever. Even the hardest techno tracks are seasoned with Paradise Garage funk: the clattering timbales of "It Began in Afrika" alludes to hip-hop's prehistory as a disco-era offshoot and comes complete with a Soul Train-worthy vocal hook. Which doesn't mean the Brothers have gotten lazy -- "Hoops," which samples the Association, drops an acoustic guitar line to mind-bending effect, and the more songlike tracks show an even greater appreciation for dynamics and colors. Once again, Tom and Ed employ star vocalists -- the Verve's Richard Ashcroft and folkie Beth Orton, this time -- but the tracks are more identifiably Chemicals than on Surrender, where the Brothers drafted Bernard Sumner to mime New Order and Noel Gallagher to ape Oasis, The closer, Ashcroft's wild-eyed reading of "The Test," frames the link between Britain's shambolic rockers and e-addled ravers far more effectively than did Surrender's Oasis collaboration. When the former Verve frontman asks, "Did I pass the acid test?" fans can't help but give him -- and the Chemical Brothers -- the thumb's up.

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Release Date: 01/13/2017
Label: Astralwerks
UPC: 0724381168219
catalogNumber: 811682
Rank: 26451


  1. Come with Us
  2. It Began in Afrika
  3. Galaxy Bounce
  4. Star Guitar
  5. Hoops
  6. My Elastic Eye
  7. The State We're In
  8. Denmark
  9. Pioneer Skies
  10. The Test

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