Coming Home

Coming Home

by Judith Keim


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Camilla "Cami" Chandler comes home from France to take over the Chandler Hill Inn and Winery for her recently-deceased grandmother, Lettie, as she'd always promised. Determined to succeed in this new venture, she finds herself in trouble from the beginning when she discovers most of her grandmother's estate intended for maintaining the inn's business expenses was lost in a Ponzi scheme. She forges ahead to provide her guests with wonderful experiences and to produce the best wines in Willamette Valley. After being ditched by her French boyfriend, she decides that being friends with Drew Farley is the safest way to proceed. He loves grape growing and winemaking as much as she does and isn't looking for anything beyond friendship. When a bride planning a wedding at the inn tells Cami that she looks exactly like her best friend, life becomes even more complicated. Never having known even the name of her father, Cami searches for a connection and comes to realize how complicated love and family can be.

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ISBN-13: 9780999244883
Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing
Publication date: 08/21/2019
Series: Chandler Hill Inn Series , #2
Pages: 314
Sales rank: 286,492
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Judith Keim was born and raised in Elmira, New York, and now makes her home in Idaho. Growing up books were always present, being ready to go back to the library or about to be discovered. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to the idea of writing stories early on. I particularly love to write novels about women who face unexpected challenges and meet them with strength.

"Ms. Keim is known for creating believable characters and realistic settings her many loyal readers love."

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Coming Home 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
twhitehead 26 days ago
Cami Chandler returns home to her grandmother and grandfather's after her beloved grandmother, Lettie, passes away. Unbeknownst to Lettie, and grandfather, Rafe, the money that was originally being invested to use for handling the bills of the inn, Cami wonders how she is going to manage the inn and work on updating it at the same time without those funds. Bernard, Cami's former boyfriend, makes an unwelcomed visit and makes life miserable but karma is sweet. Vanessa was hired to help but, after moving on to a different winery, makes Cami's life heck also . Drew, Cami's best friend growing up, helps maintain the vines and winery for grandpa, Rafe. They choose to be friends since that is all they have time for but as they spend more time together, is friends enough? I loved this book. Even though I had not read the first book, it was so well written that I could get what was happening and a feel for the series. Thanks to Ms. Keim, Wild Quail Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book and my opinions are strictly mine.
kaitlynspet 3 months ago
Coming Home by Judith Keim is the story of a young woman that must return home when her grandmother is not expected to live and subsequently dies. "Cami" Chandler has inherited Chandler Hill Inn and Winery from her grandmother, Lettie, and is now tasked with making them as successful as her grandmother did. However, the manager at the Inn has made some bad investment decisions and has lost a lot of Lettie Chandler's money. Cami has big shoes to feel and she is learning her way. As in real life, there are ups and downs but Cami with the help of her family and friends is able to persevere. Great story, likable characters and held my interest. I would definitely recommend.
aherman 3 months ago
Keim delivers a bittersweet return home that leads to a sweet romance. Great characters and interesting relationships keep readers turning pages. I recommend this book to fans of the contemporary romance genre.
BonMaimeo 3 months ago
This charming story about a young woman who returns home from France after the death of her grandmother to take over the inn was a delightful read. I like the main character and that the promise was kept to her grandmother to take care of the inn after her death. Some of the characters were horrifying and had me cringing while a potential new love interest evolved which is good news. I like the setting of this story and it's a second chance at love and a wonderful new career for this likeable main character. Thank you to the author and publisher for this early read.
AndraB 3 months ago
I really enjoyed reading Coming Home by Judith Keim. It is a story of loss, of life, of love, and of family. Ms. Keim has constructed a story with many emotions and tension. The characters are so well written that you will either love them or despise them. The story made me feel many different emotions, sadness, anger, joy and happiness. The story had many moments where I held my breath waiting to see what would happen. I highly recommend this book as it’s a beautifully written story about a young woman who loves the vineyard and finds someone to love as she comes into her own as she navigates her professional and personal life. I always enjoy reading books by Judith Keim. Thank you #Wildquailpublishing for approving my request for an ARC of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. _
C_Beddow 4 months ago
What a beautiful story. It only took me a couple pages to remember the first story (about Cami's grandmother) I have to reread it now. Cami was alone except for her grandfather Rafe but had inherited the vineyard and everything around it. They had been having weddings, but she wanted to improve what they offered. I loved how strong she was and how she didn't let the men push her around. Most of the people respected her and cared for her and what she was doing. The story was very well written and I loved how new characters were introduced and we will love their story also. Excellent read - I got this book from NetGalley for an honest review
HHaley 4 months ago
I loved this book by Judith Keim. Coming Home is a great book which I highly recommend. This story about Cami who inherits her grandmother's Inn and Winery is written with excellent characters and puts you into their lives and secrets. It leaves you on edge always wondering what is going to happen next. Cami's hard work at learning how to run the Inn and produce the best grapes shows what a strong business woman she is. Meeting Drew, who has the same likes as she does, but certainly is not looking for anything beyond friendship, can always change.
Texas109 4 months ago
***Coming Home is the story of a young woman who inherited a guest inn and winery from her grandmother. Cami also inherited a financial mess and within her first week had to fire the man who basically had been running the operations while Cami’s grandmother was dying. As the story progresses she discovered she might have a half-sister. The plot sounded good; the execution wasn’t. The story jumps around from situation to situation and this reader found it difficult to become engaged. The author has a long list of published works, but her writing style simply didn’t make me want to read any of her other books. I found this one very simplistic. Most likely, I am not of the author’s targeted young adult demographic. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.
DisneyMarie 4 months ago
Cami has no experience running a winery and inn when she inherited her grandmother’s. She had to get rid of the embezzling riffraff and fend off advances from her opportunistic ex and his attempts to undermine and discredit her business. Cami is attracted to Drew, who is annoying at first with wanting to be a bachelor for life and then dating and thinking long term relationships with one of her new employees. I loved her grandfather Rafe and her precocious Dachshund puppy Sophie.
4GranJan 4 months ago
Turning Sorrow Into Happiness The saga of The Chandler Hill Inn and Vineyards continues in this excellent story. This is a continuation of the story that began in book 1 and will conclude in book 3. But, it does stand alone very well. There is every emotion under the sun in this book. It is a long enough book that the author could include all the details to make the reader fully enjoy the book. The author paints such a wonderful word picture, I could even hear the sea birds. I received this ARC book for free from Booksprouts and this is my honest review.
Bernadette_Cinkoske 4 months ago
Coming Home is another epic romance from Judith Keim. Ms. Keim's characters are so realistic! Cami comes home to Chandler Inn upon the death of her beloved grandmother. She faces heartache, betrayal, treachery and more. Cami is a strong woman who loves the land like Lettie did. With the help of her grandfather Rafe and employee Drew, will Cami be able to save the Inn? Will she find true love? The answers are waiting for you in this thoroughly engaging saga. I loved it!
lauriesophee 4 months ago
A delightful second novel in the Chandler Hill series! "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family." How true this is at Chandler Hill! We learn of so many new happenings at the winery and inn as the days go by. Cami is also learning how to be a business owner and doing a fabulous job, despite a plot by her ex-boyfriend to overturn her family business. He has even taken some of her best employees! Cami is looking for family connections, and her own happiness. Will she find them? Stay tuned. The best is in these pages! Looking forward to the next book to see how Chandler Hill and all the family and friends are doing!
Penny Leidecker 4 months ago
What a fantastic follow up to Going Home, Chandler Hill Inn, Book one. In this book, everyone is still mourning Lettie’s passing, but Cami is determined to carry on her grandmother’s legacy. There are people hoping she’ll fail, but then she has some wonderful supporters too. Rafe, her grandfather, is one of her biggest supporters. I won’t leave any spoilers because I think everyone should read this amazing book. I will say, I was so happy who Cami ended up with in the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.