Complementary Health for Women: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide for Major Diseases and Common Conditions

Complementary Health for Women: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide for Major Diseases and Common Conditions

by Carolyn Chambers Clark EdD, ARNP, FAAN

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"The volume features extensive references throughout to document evidence-based practices...For practitioners of complementary therapies this is a useful resource...that provide[s] more in-depth understanding of each condition and therapy. Summing up: recommended."








"Carolyn provides a foundation for healthy sharing and decision making."


--C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD


Holos University Graduate Seminary




Complementary and alternative therapies have become increasingly popular in the West, but to date no book has served as a practical, how-to guide for administering complementary therapies specifically for women.




This authoritative guidebook documents all the nonmedical approaches nurses will need when treating women with functional complaints, diseases, and disorders, including depression, breast cancer, menopause, pregnancy, and more. For each condition and disease, Clark outlines expected responses, cautions, assessments, tips for treatment, and additional references.




Key Features:




  • Offers extensively detailed case studies

    Conveniently organized in alphabetical order by condition or disease


    Features tables comparing various complementary approaches to specific diseases


    Lists available products and training programs for each disease or condition


    Contains cutting-edge research on nonmedical therapies and advice for counseling women




    Essential for all levels of nurses working with women, this book provides an invaluable wealth of information on complementary health and treatment for women.

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    ISBN-13: 9780826110886
    Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
    Publication date: 11/12/2008
    Sold by: Barnes & Noble
    Format: NOOK Book
    Pages: 400
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    About the Author

    Carolyn Chambers Clark, ARNP, EdD, FAAN, AHNC, founded the Wellness Institute and now runs a website called Wellness and Relationship Resources at that provides continuing education materials, newsletters, seminars, and practice management consultation. As a certified advanced holistic nurse and mental health nurse practitioner, she has maintained a private practice with clients for more than 30 years, focusing on whole person wellness.

    She was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing in 1980 and is an award-winning author who has conducted research and published widely on wellness, holistic, and self-care topics, including Wellness Practitioner, Integrating Complementary Procedures into Practice, Health Promotion in Communities: Holistic and Wellness Approaches (Springer Publishing Company, 2001),Holistic Assertiveness Skills for Nurses: Empower Yourself (and Others!) (Springer Publishing Company, 2003) and The Encyclopedia of Complementary Health Practice (Springer Publishing Company. 1999) She was also founding editor of the Alternative Health Practitioner: The Journal of Complementary and Natural Care and is the author of Group Leadership Skills (Springer Publishing Company, 2003), now in its fourth edition.

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    Table of Contents

    Abdominal PainAIDS/HIV
    Alzheimer's Disease
    Bladder Infection
    Blood Pressure
    Bone Health
    Breast Cancer
    Breast Feeding
    Cervical Cancer
    Cholesterol (Elevated)
    Colon Cancer
    Crohn's Disease
    Diverticular Disease
    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
    Heart Disease
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Liver Inflammation
    Ovarian Cancer
    Respiratory Health
    Triglycerides (elevated)
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Urinary Tract Infection
    Vaginal Health

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    From the Publisher

    "A well-established resesarcher and practitioner in wellness and self care, Clark...provides evidence-based therapies for health concerns of women, ranging from Alzheimer's disease to strokes (a total of 31 conditions). She offers protocols or the assessment and treatment of such conditions and gives concise, consistent actions for each."


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