Comprehension That Works: Taking Students Beyond Ordinary Understanding to Deep Comprehension

Comprehension That Works: Taking Students Beyond Ordinary Understanding to Deep Comprehension


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Make the most of your reading instruction through innovative approaches that will change the way you work with learners in their efforts to build comprehension skills. Developed in conjunction with the Dr. Timothy Rasinski, renowned fluency expert, this book provides background information, an explanation of reading comprehension, important research, tested strategies, differentiation ideas, tips, and more. This resource is geared towards providing you with the important information you need to help you get started with practical strategies you'll want to implement immediately. You'll feel empowered with a new confidence to improve reading instruction in all content areas, including difficult content. You'll learn what proficient readers do, how to capture student interest, and how to identify difficulties in reading comprehension. Throughout the book you'll find several tips along the way to aid you in your quest to help learners become lifelong readers. This resource supports the Common Core and other state standards.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781425802646
Publisher: Shell Educational Publishing
Publication date: 06/15/2008
Series: Professional Resources
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword     7
Preface     9
Introduction     11
What Is Reading? What Is Reading Comprehension?     13
You're the Expert     14
At Your Fingertips     15
Reading and Reading Comprehension     15
Three-Level Taxonomy of Comprehension     17
Transformational Model of Comprehension     18
A Processing Definition of Reading     19
Engaging Student Interest     23
You're the Expert     24
At Your Fingertips     25
Learning and Knowledge Goals     27
Real-World Interaction     28
Interesting Texts     29
Autonomy Support     30
Strategy Instruction     31
Collaboration Support     31
Evaluation     32
10 Cool Ways to Engage Students' Interest in Reading     33
What Do Proficient Readers Do?     37
You're the Expert     38
Proficient Readers Use Existing Knowledge to Make Sense of New Information     39
Proficient Readers Ask Questions About the Text Before, During, and After Reading     40
Proficient Readers Draw Inferences from the Text     41
Proficient Readers Monitor TheirComprehension     42
Proficient Readers Use "Fix-Up" Strategies When Meaning Breaks Down     43
Proficient Readers Figure Out What Is Most Important in Whatever They Read     43
At Your Fingertips     44
Proficient Readers Synthesize Information to Create New Thinking     45
Some Observable Habits of Proficient Readers     46
Identifying Difficulties in Reading Comprehension     47
You're the Expert     48
At Your Fingertips     49
Teacher-Directed Assessment of Comprehension     51
Word Recognition as a Source of Comprehension Difficulty     56
Fluency as a Source of Comprehension Difficulty     56
Vocabulary and Comprehension Concerns as Sources of Comprehension Problems     57
Tools for Measuring Word-Recognition Accuracy, Automaticity, and Prosody in Oral Reading     58
How to Differentiate Instruction for Student Comprehension     63
At Your Fingertips     64
Readiness     65
Interests     66
Profile of Learning     67
Environment     68
You're the Expert     68
Content     69
Activities (Process)     70
Product     72
Dare to Differentiate: 50 Terrific Teacher Tools and Ideas     73
Differentiation Songs & Dances     77
Comprehension Strategies     79
You're the Expert     80
How and Why We Explicitly Teach Comprehension Strategies     81
At Your Fingertips     81
Using Background Knowledge     82
Reciprocal Teaching     83
Questioning     84
Visualizing     85
Inferring     85
Summarizing     86
Getting to Know Types of Expository Text Structures     87
Comprehension Strategies for Before Reading     89
You're the Expert     91
At Your Fingertips     92
Activating Students' Prior Knowledge     93
Building Students' Background Knowledge     94
Determining Purpose for Reading     96
Understanding Elements and Structure of Texts     97
Working with Words     99
Some General Tips Before Reading     102
Comprehension Strategies for During Reading     103
You're the Expert     104
At Your Fingertips     105
Helping Students Become Involved with Text     106
Building Comprehension Through Questioning      109
Monitoring Comprehension     110
Making Inferences     112
What Do Good Readers Do as They Read?     115
Comprehension Strategies for After Reading     117
You're the Expert     118
At Your Fingertips     118
Post-Reading Discussions     119
Text-to-Self Connections     121
Text-to-Text Connections     122
Text-to-World Connections     123
Compare and Contrast     124
Written Response-Summaries, Syntheses, Essays, and More     126
Other Transformations     131
Digging Deep After Reading     135
References Cited     137

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