Contextualization of Sufi Spirituality in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century China: The Role of Liu Zhi (c.1662-c.1730)

Contextualization of Sufi Spirituality in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century China: The Role of Liu Zhi (c.1662-c.1730)

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Liu Zhi (c.1662-c.1730), a well-known Muslim scholar in China, published in Chinese outstanding theological works, short treatises, and easy-to-memorize short poems on Islam. He encountered various challenges in his interpretation and transmission of Islamic texts. First, traditional Arabic and Persian Islamic texts used Arabic and Persian concepts to explain Islam. This book answers the question, did Liu Zhi communicate difficult Islamic concepts? Second, Islam has insisted on monotheism. This book discusses whether and how Liu Zhi integrated the basic religious living of the Hui Muslims into their pluralistic Chinese culture. Finally, Muslims have settled over hundreds of years in various parts of China. Were Liu Zhi's works able to make a substantial difference in the life and thought of Hui Muslims in China? Liu Zhi's success was due to his method of contextualization, integrating the Muslim way of life into Chinese culture. This book is an in-depth study of Liu Zhi's contextualization of Islam into Chinese culture that argues that his contextualization has not deviated from the basic tenets of Islamic belief.

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ISBN-13: 9781498225236
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 11/11/2015
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About the Author

David Lee is Associate Professor of Theology at Evangel Seminary in Hong Kong. He has served as Senior Pastor in the Chinese Church of London.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables ix

Foreword Peter G. Riddell xi

Acknowledgments xv

1 Methodological Introduction 1

2 The Historical, Philosophical, and Islamic Context in China 19

3 An Examination of Liu Zhi's Writings 66

4 Liu Zhi's Engagement with the Concept of the Unity of Existence of the Ibn 'Arabi Tradition 90

5 Liu Zhi's Sufi Spirituality in Conversation with the Neo-Confucian Context in China 123

6 Liu Zhi's Engagement with Islam and Neo-Confucian Culture in His Rules and Proprieties of Islam: An English Translation and Detailed Examination 157

7 Model of Contextualization, Contemporary Relevance and Final Conclusion 194

Appendix I The Poem of the Five Sessions of the Moon in English 205

Appendix II Translation of Selected Texts of the True Record of the Utmost Sage of Islam 210

Appendix III Personal Narrative of Tianfan Dianli: (Selected Essential Explanations of the Proprieties of Islam) 215

Appendix IV The Rules and Proprieties of Islam 218

Bibliography 257

Index 275

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