Cosmetic Cupping: A Detailed Guide on the Use of Cupping for Beauty and Weight Loss

Cosmetic Cupping: A Detailed Guide on the Use of Cupping for Beauty and Weight Loss

by Mary Conrad


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Learn more about COSMETIC CUPPING today!

Cosmetic Cupping is a new procedure that combines traditional cupping with today's beauty goals to achieve better skin. It addresses the common beauty problems such as saggy/ageing skin, cellulite and can even be used in conjunction with a weight loss program for great results.

This procedure only uses light cupping methods to ensure comfort and avoid the unsightly red marks/bruises that results from more intense cupping sessions. The skin is renewed and rejuvenated after the procedure. It also boosts the collagen production that helps tighten and lift the skin

Why learn more about it? Maximizing the use of the silicone cups you purchased is a great way of getting your money's worth. Not to mention that knowing more about how to perform cosmetic cupping can make for an interesting time with the girls when trying DIYs. It is low cost method of getting a spa treatment with results.

This book will look into the different uses of cupping for cosmetic purposes. It will include the basic techniques on how to perform cupping for toning, cellulite and weight loss. I'll also discuss the contraindications of the treatment, when to perform the treatment and what to expect.

This book includes details on:
  • What is cosmetic cupping
    Contraindications and Precautions
    How-to Cup to Tone the Skin
    How-to Cup for Cellulite
    How Cupping for Weight Loss Works, and a bit more

  • Please note that this is a short read for those who want to do their own cupping at home or for those beginners who want to include cupping in their practice. This is not created as a detailed reference that will replace a certification program but more of an easy reference for those who want to take charge of their own beauty issues at home. Take a step towards beauty with me today!

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