Country Sports II

Country Sports II

by M H Salmon


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More Essays of Game, Fish, and the Rural Life

Like its predecessor, the original Country Sports (2004), Country Sports-II (2015), features near 100 essays of outdoor sport that range well beyond the usual "where-to-go" and "how-to-do-it" of the Hook & Bullet press. Sporting sharp opinion, insight, and the skills of a natural-born raconteur, M.H. Salmon trails his teen-aged son on a wilderness hunt to a quarter-mile shot at a mule deer buck; and, on a hunt for snowshoe hare, is saved from a killer blizzard by a clairvoyant Bassett. Elsewhere, the author takes on the fearsome, corporate-backed Hudson Institute in an organic farming debate, and the environmental movement for its failure to take on the issue of population growth in our own USA. He initiates, describes, and hunts with the prototype of a new breed of hunting hound; and fly fishes in Hemingway's footsteps. And more!

"It sounds funny to say so, because I'm sixty-five, but sometimes I think I'd like to be Dutch Salmon when I grow up. It's not so odd when you think about it. M.H. Salmon is not only the model of the modern sporting writing, but I have been following his tracks for more than 30 years now...I salute him as not only a friend who has been a leader in so many of my own pursuits, but also as a pioneer conservationist and defender of all the Old Ways and things we must hold onto lest our civilization become too artificial to live."

From the Introduction by Steve Bodio, author of Querencia

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