Crazy Love [Expanded Edition]

Crazy Love [Expanded Edition]

by Michael BubléMichael Bublé


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Buoyed by the popularity of the hit contemporary pop ballad "Home," singer Michael Bublé's 2005 album, It's Time, clearly positioned the vocalist as the preeminent neo-crooner of his generation. Bublé's 2007 follow-up, Call Me Irresponsible, only further reinforced this notion. Not only had he come into his own as a lithe, swaggering stage performer with a knack for jazzing a crowd, but he had also grown into a virtuoso singer. Sure, he'd never drop nor deny the Sinatra comparisons, but now Bublé's voice -- breezy, tender, and controlled -- was his own. It didn't hurt, either, that he and his producers found the perfect balance of old-school popular song standards and more modern pop covers and originals that at once grounded his talent in tradition and pushed him toward the pop horizon. All of this is brought to bear on Bublé's 2009 effort, Crazy Love. Easily the singer's most stylistically wide-ranging album, it is also one of his brightest, poppiest, and most fun. Bublé kicks things off with the theatrical, epic ballad "Cry Me a River" and proceeds to milk the tune with burnished breath, eking out the drama line by line. It's over the top for sure, but Bublé takes you to the edge of the cliff, prepares to jump, and then gives you a knowing wink that says, not quite yet -- there's more fun to be had. And what fun it is with Bublé swinging through "All of Me," and killin' Van Morrison's classic "Crazy Love" with a light and yearning touch. And just as "Home" worked to showcase Bublé's own writing abilities, here we get the sunshine pop of "Haven't Met You Yet" -- a skippy, jaunty little song that brings to mind a mix of the Carpenters and Chicago. Throw in a rollicking and soulful duet with Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings on "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)," and a fabulously old-school close-harmony version of "Stardust" with Bublé backed by the vocal ensemble Naturally 7, and Crazy Love really starts to come together. All of this would be enough to fall in love with the album, but then Bublé goes and throws in a last minute overture by duetting with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith on Sexsmith's ballad "Whatever It Takes." A devastating, afterglow-ready paean for romance, the song is a modern-day classic that pairs one of the most underrated and ignored songwriters of his generation next to one of the most ballyhooed in Bublé -- a classy move for sure. The result, like the rest of Crazy Love, is pure magic.

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Release Date: 01/18/2011
Label: Reprise / Wea
UPC: 0093624959465
catalogNumber: 526812
Rank: 4478

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Michael Bublé   Primary Artist
Brian Bromberg   Bass
Peter Erskine   Drums
David Foster   Keyboards
Rusty Anderson   Guitar
Rick Baptist   Flugelhorn
Paul Bushnell   Bass
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Vinnie Colaiuta   Drums
Nathan East   Bass
Josh Freese   Drums
Eric Knight   Guitar
Joe La Barbera   Drums
Michael Landau   Guitar,Soloist
Jamie Muhoberac   Keyboards
Rafael Padilla   Percussion
Dean Parks   Guitar
Rob Perkins   Drums
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Bob Rock   Guitar
Keith Scott   Guitar
Ramon Stagnaro   Guitar
Ron Sexsmith   Background Vocals
Tom Colclough   Clarinet
Joel Shearer   Guitar
Roger Thomas   Rap
Saundra Williams   Vocals
Sharon Jones   Vocals
Victor Axelrod   Piano,Keyboards
Tiffany Smith   Background Vocals
Brad Turner   Trumpet
Angela Fisher   Background Vocals
Neil Nicholson   Bass Trombone
Neal Sugarman   Tenor Saxophone
Fernando Velez   Percussion
Naturally 7   Background Vocals
Campbell Ryga   Alto Saxophone
Tamir Hendelman   Piano
Ian Hendrickson-Smith   Baritone Saxophone
Steve Kaldestad   Tenor Saxophone
Jacob Rodriguez   Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Justin Ray   Trumpet
Alan Chang   Piano,Celeste
Bryan Lipps   Trumpet
Nick Movshon   Bass
Rob Wilkerson   Saxophone
Binky Griptite   Guitar
Homer Steinweiss   Drums
Mike Allen   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Brenneck   Guitar
Onita Hutton   Background Vocals
Jumaane Smith   Trumpet
Nick Vayenas   Trombone
Jeremy Berkman   Trombone
Garfield Buckley   Harmonica,Tenor (Vocal)
Teresa Dowin   Vocals
Hops Hutton   Bass
Craig Polasko   Bass
Jamal Reed   Electric Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
Dwight Stewart   Baritone (Vocal)
Graham Dector   Guitar
Warren Thomas   Clarinet,Guitar,Percussion,Tenor (Vocal)
Rod Eldridge   scratching,Trumpet,Tenor (Vocal)
Dave Guy   Trumpet
Joshua Brown   Trombone
Michael Thompson   Guitar
John Castellano   Vocals
Jason Morals   Background Vocals
Robert Scott   Piano

Technical Credits

Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Don Henley   Composer
Bill Holman   Orchestration
Quincy Jones   Arranger
Russ Morgan   Composer
David Foster   Arranger,Producer
Nacio Herb Brown   Composer
Billy Byers   Arranger
John Clayton   Arranger
Arthur Freed   Composer
Glenn Frey   Composer
Humberto Gatica   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Arthur Hamilton   Composer
Jerry Hey   Arranger
Van Morrison   Composer
Clyde Otis   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Lou Pomanti   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Bob Rock   Arranger,Producer
Alejandro Rodriguez   Engineer
Bob Seger   Composer
J.D. Souther   Composer
Randy Staub   Engineer
Larry Stock   Composer
Billy Vera   Composer
Ron Sexsmith   Composer
Stuart Gorrell   Composer
Roger Monk   Engineer
Murray Stein   Composer
Gerald Marks   Composer
James Cavanaugh   Composer
Neal Sugarman   Horn Arrangements
Michael Bublé   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Horn Arrangements
Ian Hendrickson-Smith   Horn Arrangements
Gabriel Roth   Arranger,Engineer,Horn Arrangements
Eric Helmkamp   Engineer
Jorge Vivo   Engineer
Justin Ray   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Alan Chang   Arranger,Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Bruce Allen   Management
Bill Ross   Arranger,Orchestration
Hops Hutton   Vocal Arrangements
Jochem van der Saag   Arranger,Programming,Engineer,Sound Design
Myles Collins   Adaptation
Dave Guy   Horn Arrangements
Seymour B. Simons   Composer
Amy S. Foster   Composer
Robert Grant Scott   Composer

Customer Reviews

Crazy Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 171 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Michael's music makes me smile. My favorite track on this CD is by far 5) "Haven't Met You Yet", but 4) "Crazy Love", 2) "All Of Me" and 6) "All I Do is Dream of You" are really good, too. I'd also recommend his CD "Call Me Irresponsible." My favorite track on that CD is "Everything," but "It Had Better Be Tonight" and "That's Life" are good, too.
karefreeman2000 More than 1 year ago
I love Michael's style. The oldies are so well arranged and done that it alsmost makes me not yearn for the style of days gone by. His voice is perfect for the songs that take me back in time to an easier and more carefree lifestyle. I also like the song and video that is new. It was very cute and a perfect song to showcase this talented artist. I will suggest it to friends and plan to purchase a couple for gifts this Christmas for those who share me love of the old style.
dustinnikki More than 1 year ago
Michael Buble new album Crazy Love isn't as good as I thought it would be. There are 13 tracks on this CD and there are really only 4 of them that I like. None of them are really bad though-just not the greatest. Of course I have my favorites. Listed below are the tracks on the CD: 1) Cry Me A River 2) All of Me 3) Georgia On My Mind 4) Crazy Love 5) Haven't Met You Yet 6) All I Do Is Dream of You 7) Hold On 8) Heartache Tonight 9) You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 10) Baby (You've Got What It Takes) 11) At This Moment 12) Stardust 13) Whatever It Takes Some of these songs are easy listening while others are fun. My favorites are Georgia On My Mind, Cry Me A River, and All of Me. If you like Michael Buble, you will like this album. I wish there were a few more songs on this CD I could get into though. There are still a few songs I really love so I guess it's like any other CD. Most of the time-no matter whose CD it is-there are only a few that I like on the album. But if you are a Michael Buble fan, I still recommend Crazy Love!
lilyfiore More than 1 year ago
When the opening bars of "Cry Me a River" have you thinking "Bond, James Bond", you quickly realize that Michael Buble is going shake things up as he delivers a soulful, scorching, and fierce performance. Michael Buble interprets songs like few other singers and this CD showcases his skill and talent.
GoodIdea More than 1 year ago
"Crazy Love" is a long-awaited, catchy new album from Michael Buble. I enjoy the original tunes he has written as of late, and as always, his renditions of the classics. I did not, however, like "Cry Me A River", as something about the song just sounded odd to me. My husband loved the entire CD, but maybe that is because he is Canadian! I really liked the song "Haven't Met You Yet," and even more so when I watched the accompanying video. Michael is so suave and captivating, and having a visual puts this song over the top for me. I do feel that he is creating more of a "pop" sound with this album, which is quite different than his original material, but his voice is smooth and resonant, and always a pleasure to listen to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to like this album. It has a range of singing styles from Motown to big band to few new tracks. There is something for everyone on CD but it isn't quite for me. "Crazy Love", "Cry Me A River" and "Haven't Met You Yet" are the few that I have listened to more than once. This album will not disappoint but may not blow you away either.
Ryan_G More than 1 year ago
I'm in a weird mood right now so I've been listening to the new CD by Michael Buble, Crazy Love. Now I'm a humongous fan of his (seen him in concert already) so I was excited when this CD came out. For the most part it didn't let me down. His voice is able to bring to new life some old pop standards, some new songs, as well as his own. Some people didn't like when he sang "Me and Mrs. Jones" on his last CD but I loved it. They said he didn't have a soulful enough voice for the song but I totally disagreed with that. I loved his version of the song and listen to it all the time. Now on this CD he sings "Georgia On My Mind" and I must say he finally covered a song that I don't think he has the voice for. This was the really only disappointment for me and at first I was a little dismayed by it. He had never sang a song before that I didn't like so I'm going to chalk this one up to nobody can do everything right and let it go.
HeatherMc50 More than 1 year ago
I confess that I am a Michael Buble fan. Crazy Love, however, stands out as my favorite Buble CD to date. Buble's inflection and definition of some of the most memorable covers are pure and translate as original in Buble's voice. His rendition of "All of Me" - up tempo and toe tapping - makes me smile and his interpretation of "Crazy Love" is mellow and wraps around you.
Aegina More than 1 year ago
Buble has a lovely voice and a range of styles. The orchestration here can be overly lush, and sometimes the songs sound as if they're straining too hard to be cool, but the numbers that feature just Buble and minimal accompaniment are easy listening, in the best sense of those words.
SamanthaL More than 1 year ago
I've never owned one of Michael Buble's CDs. I have to say it is amazing. I don't care for all the songs, I think a few could have been left of this album. I love his sound, he's such an "old soul". I love his covers of "Crazy Love","Heartache Tonight" and "At This Moment". A lot of artists cover older songs, but fail to deliver. I feel Michael hit the nail on the head with this one. I recommend this album to anyone looking for some nice relaxing music, with a few upbeat songs.
Joann020 More than 1 year ago
From the first few bars of the first cut, "Cry me a River" it sounds like the beginning music for a high-caliber blockbuster movie and you know right away it's going to be all treats and no tricks on this October release of Buble's. My heart started to accelerate just hearing the first few bars, and from there on in, the whole CD was one decadent song after another. Among "Georgia on My Mind," which he sang as smoothly as molasses to an unexpected rendition of "Crazy Love," Van Morrison and Aaron Neville have some stiff competition! Crazy Love was among my absolute favorites, as Michael has this gift for letting the song fade out towards the end (like he did with "Home") and just when you predict it's over, he merges back into the reprise once more so you don't feel cheated. I love that! An original song, "Haven't Met You Yet" is snappy and fun - I felt like I'd stepped into the 50s. And "Hold On" was like a handout of Dove in my trick-or-treat pail - smooth, rich and decadent! "Heartache Tonight" blew my mind - such a terrific take on a classic Eagles song. And "At this Moment" - OMG! You need this album, and you won't be sorry.
inspirations83 More than 1 year ago
We are about to see what the real Buble is all about! Ever the romantic, Buble brings forth his most winning collection of love songs ever in this new album. You will find yourself caught up in the toe-tapping rhythm of his new single "Haven't Met You Yet", enthralled by the tender "Hold On" and delightfully surprised by his Elvis-like interpretation of "Heartache Tonight". Buble puts a unique twist on some old-style love songs that will capture the hearts of old and young alike.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While my all time favorite CD from MB is still It's Time, this one is certainly right up there. His song selection is great, varied, yet true to his best talent. I appreciate the mix of standards and new, and his new material definitely holds its own.
simple_girl More than 1 year ago
Michael does it again with this album. His rendition of "Crazy Love" is well done, and I like that he has written again for this album. If you have any of his previous music, you need to add this to the collection. If you are not familiar with Michael, this is a great place to start.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After seeing and listening to the promo video "Haven't Met You Yet," I think this CD is worth getting just for the one song. I'm excited to see the classic hits that I love so much on this new CD. Thanks for brining back childhood memories once again and making new memories that last through time.
dezeme More than 1 year ago
As a member of review site I had an opportunity to receive the new Michael Bublé CD to review and couldn't wait to receive it in the mail. It was waiting for me at home when I arrived from work on Friday evening, and I couldn't wait to slip it in the player and sit down to enjoy it with a glass of wine. I have to say that I have been a fan of Michael Bublé for some time and really enjoy his smooth jazzy sound. After hearing a couple of the tunes I figured it was just a full album of re-makes and began to feel a little disappointed, but that quickly changed when I reached Track #5 on the disc, Haven't Met You Yet, written by Michael along with Alan Chang and Amy Foster. This song had me tapping my foot and almost getting up from the sofa, if I hadn't been so very tired from the rough week I had just experienced. If you didn't have a chance to see him perform this on Oprah, go here and check it out. Bonus Track #13 is my second favorite and with Michaels' smooth soulful voice it really reaches the limits on this song and brings out the fullness and richness of the lyrics. I say if you have the chance to pick this one up and enjoy Michael Bublés music or are looking for something new and different, then put this at the top of your list. Experienced on a relaxing evening or taking it for a ride with the top down, you really will enjoy this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My husband and I didn't like this CD as much as previous Buble recordings. Didn't like the new song (promoted on Dancing with the Stars) -- not catchy and yet is too similar to his other hits. Only tune I've listened to repeatedly is "Baby (You've Got What it Takes)."
NicM3 More than 1 year ago
Don't get me wrong-I think Michael Buble is an incredible artist with a classic voice; however, having loved his previous work, I don't think this album lives up to what he is capable of. He is better than this-every song sounds the same, and there is really nothing new here. I know it works for him, but with his skills-I need more.
tmdprince More than 1 year ago
I am a huge Michael Buble fan and always rush out to get his albums. However, I think this one seems a little less than stellar. He still has a fantastic voice but I think the song selections are weak in this album. Would I buy it again? Why of is Michael Buble
TChamberlin More than 1 year ago
This new CD is great! I really love the diverse mixture of old and new songs. Michael puts his own spin on some great classics. I highly recommend this CD!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite Michael Buble' cd so far! I liked the arrangements, the instrumentality--great!
seattle07 More than 1 year ago
I'm a Michael Buble fan and was looking forward to his newest CD. Crazy Love does a wonderful job capturing the different aspects of love: infatuation, longing, happiness, and letting go. Buble reinterprets familiar songs and also contributes some original songs. "Cry Me A River" has gotten a sexy revamp; I think this song would make a great theme song for a James Bond movie. "Crazy Love" and "Hold On" are tenderly sung ballads which will delight fans. Two of my favorite songs are "Haven't Met You Yet" and "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)". "Haven't Met You Yet" was co written by Buble and I love the optimism, catchy rhythm and the general feel good mood that this song puts me in. "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)" with Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings is catchy and a mix of soul and pop. The songs on Crazy Love are great because they vary in tempo and mood; you'll be able to listen to this CD over and over again without getting bored!
Aurian More than 1 year ago
What a great CD. I love all the new hits and mixes of old favorites. YOu can't beat Michaels soothing voice and powerful emotion. It listen to it all day while working around the house.
EG83 More than 1 year ago
"If you're into the modernized version of the smooth lounge singer with a little attitude, this is right up your alley. Covers of old-time songs like Georgia on My Mind and Stardust (both well-known Hoagy Carmichael tunes) fit so well in Buble's warm, silky voice, the listener will probably want to slow-dance. Faster numbers like All I Do is Dream of You and Heartache Tonight sound a little cheesy with a whole string orchestra playing in the background, but not for lack of talent or effort. The title song is charming and well done, but shouldn't be compared to the more delightfully sensual Aaron Neville version. Where Buble really excels are classics like All of Me and You're Nobody, and it should be noted that the song Hold On is sincere and passionate. Baby (You've Got... ) is also a fun song with awesome guest singer Sharon Jones. The two voices compliment each other perfectly in this song. Incredibly talented singers and extremely talented musicians make this CD worth listening to on a day you need something upbeat."
suuzq35 More than 1 year ago
Singer Michael Bublé's 2009's CRAZY LOVE is one of his brightest, poppiest, and most fun. Bublé kicks things off with the theatrical, epic ballad "Cry Me a River" and proceeds to milk the tune with burnished breath. It's over the top for sure, ...what fun it is with Bublé swinging through "All of Me," and killin' Van Morrison's classic "Crazy Love" with a light and yearning touch. And just as "Home" worked to showcase Bublé's own writing abilities, here we get the sunshine pop of "Haven't Met You Yet" -- a skippy, jaunty little song that brings to mind a mix of the Carpenters and Chicago. Throw in a rollicking and soulful duet with Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings on "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)," and a fabulously old-school close-harmony version of "Stardust" with Bublé backed by the vocal ensemble Naturally 7, and CRAZY LOVE really starts to come together. Then Bublé goes and throws in a last minute overture by duetting with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith on Sexsmith's ballad "Whatever It Takes." the song is a modern-day classic .. like the rest of CRAZY LOVE, is pure magic.