Create Space with Your Higher Self: Angelic Feng Shui

Create Space with Your Higher Self: Angelic Feng Shui

by Serafina Krupp


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Do you want to become the master of your own reality? Do you want to uncover personal truths and pathways to the divine within? Do you want to live a magical, wonderful, joyful, loving, abundant life?
Create Space from Your Higher Self is dedicated to give you the tools to do just that. You will discover when you are self-sabotaging yourself and being observed by your inner critic. You can start observing yourself from your higher self and working with your higher self.
During your journey, follow steps through the chapters and the meditations to uncover your authentic self. You can also understand how to use the elements for healing and transformation. Experience the magical wonders of the feng shui bagua to call in all your blessings, and connect and work with the angels.

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ISBN-13: 9781452578156
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/07/2013
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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Create Space with Your Higher Self

By Serafina Krupp

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Serafina Krupp
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7815-6


Angelic Feng Shui

This book is about creating spaces with your higher self through "Angelic Feng Shui". It is about the teachings and practice of Feng Shui with Angelic help. The will book explain the nine different areas of your life that can be enhanced and re-scripted. It introduces the world of the Angelic realm that one can call upon to enhance the nine different areas in your life. It explains the Bagua Map, the Roadmap that is the map to your treasures in life.

The book also explains how important it is to choose what you truly desire and how powerful it is to choose the environment you want to live in. Because, what you choose to surround yourself with determines how you live your life and determines what you become. Your environment is an expression of who you are. Practicing Angelic Feng Shui you will become aware of the areas and treatments that will change your Health, Career, Fame, Wealth, and Relationships.

This book will introduce you to some of the Archangels, Angels, and the different groups of angels. I will share with you the endless possibilities that lie in store for you with these heavenly connections and help. They are messengers from heaven. They give us Truth, Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Grace, Protection, harmony, healing, and Guidance. They guide us to the heavenly kingdom within each one of us. Everything you need to know, all the tools you need for changes are inside of you. This heavenly connection will unlock and open the doors of knowingness. For non-believers I challenge you to check it out and to surrender to the resistance and reservations.

With practice you can become sensitive enough to see, feel, or hear them. You will be able to imagine them, picture them and sense them as the Light beings they really are and who are just here to help you on your journey. There is a thin line between heaven and Earth. It is a matter of vibration. Right now with all the changes going on in the world there is so much help from the other side. The vibration of the whole planet is lifting, let's lift with it.

The message thread of this book is to empower you and give you the tools to create the spaces inside of you and to create the spaces around you that you want to live and work in. The deeper message of the book is to let you, the reader know that you are the main character in your life and that your world revolves around you. If you don't like the way things are you have the choice to change it.

Call upon the Angelic realm for help and they will guide you on how to start making choices that bring you joy! If you resist and are unable to surrender to the ability to manifest what you want, this book will guide you on how to re-script your life in your inner world and outer world. It will show and explain to you how we can create Heaven on Earth.

Using the principles of Feng Shui and the Angelic realm you will be able to create enlightened, positive, changes in your surroundings and your lives. Through the practice of Feng Shui you can achieve balance to the mind, body and spirit within the interior and exterior spaces of the world you create and live in. Feng Shui is about bringing in balance, the yin and the yang. Feng Shui is about bringing you to that place of inner peace.

I have written this Book to bring forth the practice of Feng Shui at an understandable and user-friendly level with the teachings, passion and sacredness of the cultures of the past and the sophistication, maturity, and needs of people in today's modern world.

My passion is to affect people's lives in a way so they can observe themselves from their higher self and experience their bliss. To give them tools to create beauty in the world they live in. To bring more love in their relationships. To create financial returns and abundance for all. My passion is to give you the tools to call in all your blessings!

Everyone has a choice of five paths on this earth journey that we are on. There are two lower paths, one middle path and two higher paths. With Angelic Feng Shui you will have the tools to choose your highest path. Let Angelic Feng Shui be the key for you to open your Golden door.

My wish is for you to open your heart and be ready to bring in more love, light, joy, and abundance into your life. I wish for you to experience your transformation easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. To begin your journeys just turn the page.......


Feng Shui and the Bagua Map

Feng Shui is all about energy and has been practiced for over 3,000 years. It is a Chinese term meaning "wind and water". The moving of air and the moving of water activates and invigorates energy. In Feng Shui we use the word Chi as the name for the energy around us. There are three principles of Feng Shui and these principles are: everything is alive, everything is changing and everything is connected. Feng Shui is also about balancing the dark and the light, the feminine and the masculine, and Yin and the Yang. It is about bringing harmony and balance to one's life.

In Feng Shui it is very important to combine together in our surroundings the right mixture of the elements; water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. We combine this perfect blend of elements into our environments by using nature as an example. It is important to bring this balance and beauty of nature into our lives. Feng Shui is about healing people and making them feel whole and healthy. Feng Shui is about healing people with themselves and with others.

To give you a clear understanding and a structure to formulate this thought we start with the Bagua map. The Bagua map is the foundation of Feng Shui. It is the most result-producing tool in Feng Shui. The Bagua map correlates with the design and structure of your home as well as it correlates with each individual rooms of your home. You can also use the Bagua map to correlate with the structure of your place of business, your desk, and your car.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement. There is order in the universe and the Bagua map shows you the placement. It is the roadmap for the manifestation of change in one's life and environment. This tool aids in bringing the blessings of health, joy, and abundance into your life. When you follow the Bagua map guide obstacles fall away and powerful changes will occur in your life. You will be manifesting blessings in your life. The Bagua map is the major tool to re-script your life. It is the roadmap to your treasures in life.

To get started draw a floor plan of your home on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. Once you have drawn the floor plan of your living space, place a sheet of vellum paper over the floor plan and draw the Bagua map. Whatever the shape of your home is fit it completely inside the Bagua Map. The entire structure should be within nine sections. The Bagua is stretched to accommodate the shape of your home. Draw out the nine spaces and label the spaces as shown on the example of the students floor plan on the next page.

Your front entrance is the position or standpoint for determining the orientation of the Bagua map. The front entrance is the front of the Bagua Map. Once you've determined which Bagua area your front door is in, the rest of the areas can be easily located.

Remember whatever the shape of your home is fit it completely inside the Bagua map so that the entire structure is within the nine sections of the map. If the building is square, rectangular, the Bagua map is stretched to accommodate the structure of the home. If the home is the shape of an L, T, S, or U, there will be Bagua areas on the map that will be outside the structure of the home. Here are some examples.

It is important that there are no missing areas in the Bagua. When this happens and there are missing areas on your map you can take care of this problem by lining up the outer walls of your structure. Where the two lines meet and intersect complete your Bagua with a plant, tree, fountain, or by burying a mineral. If the area is cemented you can paint a symbol on the service symbolizing the two points meeting or if possible place a potted plant there. You want to do this for there should be no areas missing.

The Bagua map divides the floor plan into nine areas. Each of the areas is called areas of the Bagua map or Life areas. Each area holds a different energy and corresponds to a specific area of your life. If your home is square the sizes of these areas are equal. If you have an odd shaped house or structure the sizes of the area will vary. The actual size of the different areas is not as important and does not influence your life as much as the energy contained in these areas. The Bagua map enables you to pinpoint the areas you need to work on and then to proceed with knowledge and awareness of what you would like to change or manifest.

For example, if you want to improve your love life you would go to the marriage partnership area of the Bagua. Remember it correlates to the structure of your home so it is the furthest right back area from your front entrance. Enhance the area of each room of the home besides the main area when you want HUGE changes in your love life.

The map also correlates to the floor plan and structure were you work. Your office, cubicle, desk etc.... it is a good idea always to Feng Shui wherever you are spending your time and energy. Feng Shui your hotel room when you travel to make you feel at home. Bring a small picture, a colorful scarf, and fresh flowers into the space. It takes about five minutes and voila, it's your space. Make a little map of the Bagua so when you travel you can hold it while you are standing at the entrance of the room you are staying in. This will help you figure out the placement of the room. After a while with enough practice you won't need the map. You will just know.

Here is the Bagua Map with the colors, elements and attributes associated with the life areas.

The nine Life Areas of the Bagua Map and their corresponding locations, colors and elements are as follows:

1. Health: Located in the center of the map. Colors: Yellow and Earth Tones- Element: Earth

2. Helpful People and Travel: Located in the right front area of the space. Colors: Gray, White and Black- Element: Metal

3. Career: Located in the center front. Colors: Black and Midnight Blue- Element: Water

4. Knowledge and Inner Skill: Located in the front left. Colors Blue, Green, Black- Element: Mountain Earth

5. Health and Family: Located in the center left Colors: Green and Blue- Element: Wood

6. Wealth and Prosperity: Located in the back left Colors: Purple, Reds, Blues- Element: Fire

7. Fame and Reputation: Located in the back center Color: Red Element: Fire

8. Marriage and partnership: Located in the back right Colors: Red, Pink, and White- Receptive Earth

9. Children and Creativity: Located in the center right Colors: White and Pastels- Element Metal

See If You Know the Feng Shui Answers

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway)

A Chinese term meaning "wind + water" practiced for over Three Thousand Years

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It is rapidly becoming a universal practice for creating the perfect environment in which to live and work.


Metal Wood Water Fire Earth

What: The Chinese art of ___________________

There is a Chinese saying........ "If you want change in your life, move 27 things in your house".

There are three basic principles that form the foundation on which Feng Shui is built.

These principles define ________ (energy around us)

Everything is _______________

Everything is _______________

Everything is _______________

When: When to apply principles

Increase your _______________

Enhance your _______________

Boost your _______________

Upgrade your _______________, in any way


_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

How: Balance the _______________ _______________

Mixing the five elements _______________ _______________

Locating your treasures – How to use the _______________

Bagua _______________ Bagua _______________

Why: To bring people back into healthful _______________

The Archangel for Feng Shui and Interior Designers is Archangel Jophiel. For many reasons Archangel Jophiel is one of my favorite angels. When I call upon her sometimes I feel or sense her presence when I am doing my Feng Shui classes. I feel her gentle guidance for what the class needs to hear. When I have a de-cluttering job to do for a client and I feel overwhelmed, I call upon her for help.

She works magic. Call upon her if you are having problems with the de-cluttering or designing your space. She will help you get rid of the clutter and clear the energy around you. All you have to do is ask. It is that simple. Ask her to be your own Spiritual Interior designer and Spiritual Feng Shui consultant.

When we tap into our higher self we realize we are really spirits living in a human form. It is a natural process communicating with angels we just have forgotten. Angels are the messengers from heaven. To work with angels is to have all the help you need for making your life the most fruitful. Why not ask for their help? As they, say nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Meditation to Feng Shui Your Home

Calling in your higher self-sit upright, back straight; toes pointed a little in to align your spinal column with your inner tube of light that sits right in front of it. Imagine this inner tube of light connected to your spinal column from the top of your head to bottom of your spinal column. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths one........ Two........ three......... relax your feet, your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, and your buttocks area. Relax your body up through your trunk, arms, fingers, neck, and head.

Now there is an abundance of golden white light energy coming down from heaven...... From the top of your head breathe in all the golden white light energy from source...... breath out any negativity........ Breath in all the golden white light energy........ breath out any negativity,........breath in all the golden white light energy......... breath out all negativity........... You become filled with the golden white light energy and you start breathing it in and breathing it out..... Now begin to visualize an Angel in the distant coming towards you. It is Archangel Jophiel. You call out her name three times.

Jophiel, Jophiel, Jophiel, she gently takes your hand and you are both standing in front of your home. You can clearly, sense, feel, and see it. This is where your desires and dreams are created. You can feel the energy coming from your home. How does it feel? What is it saying to you? How does the face of your home look? What would you change if you could?

You and Jophiel decide to go inside the home. How does it feel? Does it feel warm and inviting? Do you feel loved and appreciated? If not, what would you change to make you feel at home? Take a look around in the room you are standing in. Does this room express who you are? Does it express who you want to be? If not, what are the changes you will make here in this space? Feel the newly made changes coming from your heart.

Take your time and when you feel complete leave the space and travel into the space in your home that is your favorite. What special qualities does this space have that you would like to incorporate in the other areas of your home? Consult with Archangel Jophiel on how you would go about doing this. What would you change to bring in your heart's desire?

Take some time to embellish in every space in your home.

Know that these spaces literally express who you are and what you become in life. Start to feel energized, happy, and elated at all the new possibilities.........

Jophiel takes your hand and you are back at the front entrance of your home. You turn and sense the life and breathe of your home. In however way you wish express gratitude to your home. You see the life you breathe into your home and it in return will breaths life in you. As you say goodbye to your home you also say goodbye to Jophiel. Know that you can return at any time to this space and that Jophiel will be there as your own Spiritual Interior Designer to assist you with your home.

Allow yourself now to return, let your breath be the pathway for bringing you back. You are now coming back feeling relaxed, inspirited and energized. Breathing in and breathing out...... Coming fully back now...... Open your eyes.... You are back and ready for all the Blessings that are manifesting.........


The Center

Now that you have completed the task of drawing your floor plan and overlaying the Bagua map over it as shown in chapter one, we are ready to begin on working on the individual areas. We are going to start with the center of your home or living space, which is the center of the Bagua Map. This is the area of the map that I find key to your life because the center represents you. You are the center that everything in your life revolves around.

The element related to this area is Earth. The element of Earth gives us a solid base and magnifies the importance of being grounded. We need to do this to function properly on this Earth plane. It is important to cultivate a sense of being grounded and centered within ourselves.

Excerpted from Create Space with Your Higher Self by Serafina Krupp. Copyright © 2013 Serafina Krupp. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface....................     ix     

Acknowledgments....................     xv     

Angelic Feng Shui....................     1     

Feng Shui and the Bagua Map....................     5     

The Center....................     19     

Helpful People and Travel....................     35     

Career....................     45     

Knowledge & Inner Skill....................     57     

Health and Family....................     67     

Wealth and Prosperity....................     81     

Fame and Reputation....................     93     

Marriage and Partnership....................     105     

Children and Creativity....................     123     

Feng Shui Charts....................     135     

Feng Shui Answers....................     139     

A Feng Shui Vision Board....................     141     

About the Author....................     145     

Testimonials....................     147     

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