Creative Activities for Young Children

Creative Activities for Young Children


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"Creative Activities for Young Children, 7th Edition," uses creative activities and developmentally appropriate material to foster the educational growth of children through grade 5. This technology-savvy guide incorporates creativity into all curriculum content areas. References for children's books have been divided by the groupings of Pre-K, K-3, and Grades 4-5 for greater ease of use.

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ISBN-13: 9780827305717
Publisher: Cengage Delmar Learning
Publication date: 01/28/1975
Series: Early Childhood Education Series
Pages: 185

About the Author

Professor Emerita, Duke University; Phi Beta Kappa; Outstanding Young Educator-Duke University; NAEYC; YWCA Outstanding Educator.

Table of Contents

Preface vii. Part1: Theories Related to Child Development. Section1: Fostering Creativity and Aesthetics in Young Children 2. Unit1. The Concept of Creativity 3. Unit2. Promoting Creativity 13. Unit3. The Concept of Aesthetics 26. Unit4. Promoting Aesthetic Experiences 37. Section2: Planning and Implementing Creative Activities 48. Unit5. Children, Teachers, and Creative Activities 49. Unit6. Creative Environments 64. Unit7. Using Media to Promote Creativity 76. Section3: Art and the Development of the Young Child 86. Unit8. Art and Social-Emotional Growth 87. Unit9. Art and Physical-Mental Growth 102. Unit10. Developmental Levels and Art 119. Section4: The Early Childhood Art Program 142. Unit11. Program Basics: Goals, Setting Up, Materials, and Strategies 143. Unit12. Two-Dimensional Activities 166. Unit13. Three-Dimensional Activities 182. Section5: Play, Development, and Creativity 196. Unit14. The Role of Creative Play in Development 197. Part2: Theory into Practice Creative Activities for the Early Childhood Program 223. Section6: Creative Activities in Other Curricular Areas 224. Unit15. Dramatic Play and Puppetry. Unit16. Creative Movement 225. Unit17. Creative Music 238. Unit18. Creative Language Experiences 254. Unit19. Creative Science 289. Unit20. Creative Mathematics 316. Unit21. Creative Food Experiences 333. Unit22. Creative Social Studies 356. Unit23. Creative Health and Safety Experiences 375. Section7: Creative Celebrations Holidays in the Early Childhood Curriculum 394. Unit24. The Place of Celebrations in the Curriculum. Unit25. Including Celebrations in the Curriculum. Unit26. Developmentally Appropriate Celebrations.Unit27. Resources for Celebrations. Section8: Seasons: Aesthetic Awareness 480. Unit28. Seasons: Aesthetic Awareness. Appendix A. Fine and Gross Motor Skills 540. Appendix B. Language Development Objectives and Activities for Infants and Toddlers 542. Appendix C. Basic Program Equipment for an Early Childhood Center 544. Appendix D. Room and Yard Organization, Exhibitions, and Displays 547. Appendix E. Recycles Materials 551. Appendix F. Criteria for Selecting Play Equipment for Young Children 554. Glossary 556. Index 561.

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