Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide To Chakra Balancing Crystals And Kundalini Activation Stones

Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide To Chakra Balancing Crystals And Kundalini Activation Stones

by Judy Hall

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This directory provides all you need to know about crystals for the chakras, subtle energy bodies and raising kundalini. There are many more chakras than the conventional seven that have traditionally been in use. As the frequency of the human organism is raised, additional chakras are opening up to assimilate higher dimensional energy. This frequency uplift, and overall well-being, can be facilitated by stimulating the rise of kundalini energy, which in turn can be activated with appropriate crystals. However, spontaneous kundalini awakening can be overwhelming. Fortunately crystals have the answer. This new directory in the A-Z series assists you to identify exactly the right crystal to release any blockages and return the chakras to a state of equilibrium. This will enable the higher chakras to open and controlled kundalini rise to occur.

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ISBN-13: 9781785350542
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Publication date: 10/30/2015
Series: Crystal Prescriptions , #4
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About the Author

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five years and is the author of the million selling Crystal Bibles. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. O Books publish titles in the series Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to healing crystals. She was recently voted the Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year 2014 and has appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

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Crystal Prescriptions Volume 4

The A-Z Guide to Chakra Balancing Crystals and Kundalini Activation Stones

By Judy Hall

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2014 Judy Hall
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78535-054-2


What is a Chakra?

The chakras or force-centres are points of connection at which energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another ... When quite undeveloped they appear as small circles about two inches in diameter, glowing dully ... but when awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing, coruscating whirlpools, much increased in size, and resembling miniature suns.

– CW Leadbeater

The chakras are multilayered, multidimensional vortexes of subtle energy that radiate several feet out from your physical body. Linkage points between the physical and subtle energy bodies, they are metaphysical rather than physical but they are essential to our efficient functioning in the world and to raising our consciousness. The Sanskrit word means 'wheel' but they act more like a vortex or valve, regulating the flow of energy through the subtle and physical bodies via the meridian, endocrine and nervous systems. They mediate how much energy and what feelings you take in from the world around you, and your response to that outer world. Loosely speaking, the chakras below the waist are primarily physical, although they can affect the endocrine glands and from that the personality. Those in the upper torso are aligned to emotional functioning that can create psychosomatic conditions, as can those in the head that function on a mental and intuitive basis but which may have physical repercussions.

The chakras are an ancient concept that appears in many philosophies. Ancient Hindu texts speak of them as do early Egyptian writings. These texts reveal a deep understanding of the effect of the chakras and subtle energy on the body-mind through the endocrine system. An understanding which modern scientists are only just catching up with in their research into the effects of melatonin, picoline, serotonin and DMT. The secretions of the brain that govern metaphysical as well as physical functioning. As Serena Roney-Dougal, who has been researching such connections for many years, puts it:

Our knowledge of the endocrine system, the chemistry of our body-mind and emotional system, is still meager ... However, partial as our knowledge may be, it does fit together with what the yogis, 'scientists of the subtle mind', tell us about the yogic chakra system. Our disciplines, apparently so different in language and method, appear to corroborate each other. – Serena Roney-Dougal

How active your chakras are and whether they are stressed or functioning at optimum powerfully affects your perceptions and your emotions, and how you express your inner world. If they are 'bunged up', they allow subconscious fears and feelings to rule unchallenged. If they are operating well, they test and challenge perceptions and experiences rather than blindly following the same old pathway. This is why the chakras are so important in human and soul evolution. They assist in assimilating downloads of higher vibrational energy that lift the soul beyond what has been known before.

The chakras have an essential part to play in well-being at every level. Each chakra 'governs' an area of life and an organ or part of the body, and has to do with specific thoughts and emotions. Stress, tension, distortion or sluggishness in a chakra will ultimately manifest as dis-ease within the physical body, or be reflected in psychosomatic or psychological distress. Restore the equilibrium and rebalance the chakra, and the dis-ease or distress disappears.

Chakra healing

Traditionally, each chakra is linked to specific organs and has its own colour, although, as we will see, there are also other differently coloured crystals that relate to the chakras. It is a question of resonance and harmony rather than simply colour. Certain crystals will stimulate a sluggish chakra, others will slow down an overactive one – the directory has a comprehensive list. If a chakra is spinning too rapidly or is stuck open, using a complementary coloured crystal from the colour wheel (see page 29) can bring it back to equilibrium. Simply select a crystal of a colour from the opposite side of the wheel to the traditional chakra colour. Then dowse to check that it will work for you. A crystal of the same traditional colour as the chakra will stimulate a sluggish or blocked spin. By placing crystals of the appropriate colour and vibration on the chakras, chakra imbalances are quickly eliminated and the chakras harmonized to work together, leading to better health and a sense of well-being.

Chakra spin

The chakras whirl and it is not so much the direction of spin that matters but rather the speed and whether it is an appropriate direction for the individual. Each person has a direction of spin that is right for them, which can be checked by dowsing. Occasionally the direction of spin needs to be reversed but more often it is the rate that needs adjusting. Whether a chakra is open or closed affects how energy flows through it, but so too does the speed of rotation. If a chakra is spinning slowly it will be sluggish and blocked, deficient in energy, so that it cannot mediate flow or receive fresh input. If it is spinning too rapidly then it is stuck open and energy will be whirling in and out without restraint. Crystals adjust the rate – and direction – of spin to optimum, and assist with opening and closing the chakras as appropriate.

If a chakra is stuck open and spinning too fast, this may be because the chakras above and/or below it have blockages and are stagnant and toxic so that energy cannot circulate freely along the spine and through the subtle bodies. So those chakras would also need treating. The aim is to have all the chakras balanced and functioning at optimum.

Blown or blocked chakra

If a chakra is stuck open and spinning too fast, it is known as a blown chakra. A blown chakra is particularly vulnerable to outside influence as there is no protection or mediation of the energy flow. A blown chakra may be quite literally 'blown away', that is, out of line with the other chakras. If when dowsing or checking how chakra energy is flowing it veers off towards one or other sides of the body, then the chakra will need bringing back into line. That is, it needs to be aligned not only in spin and energetic frequency with the other chakras but also moved back into vertical alignment.

Similarly, a chakra can be stuck in the closed position – and energy may divert around it. Deficient in energy, a blocked chakra leads to blockages and negative qualities manifesting. A chakra may be blocked because of your own past input, conscious or otherwise, or because other people 'put a block' on it – that is they seek to control you, don't want you to see something, and so on. Chakra blockages have many issues and it pays to search for the deeper cause.

What blocks a chakra?

There are many reasons why a chakra may become blocked or blown, and to some extent this depends on where the chakra is situated along the line. Geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and too long spent under artificial rather than natural light has a profound effect on the physical body and its associated chakras. But old traumas, toxicity, close-mindedness and fixed beliefs, emotional pain and physical injuries can all contribute. They become an energetic pattern or engram that is imprinted into the appropriate chakra or subtle energy body at a very deep level. However, one of the major causes of blocked or blown chakras is past life issues that have been carried over into the present life. The directory covers crystals to remedy a wide range of these past life causes (see page 301). These issues are imprinted in the karmic subtle energy body and the past life and causal vortex chakras. The layers may need to be peeled back gently over a period of time until the core issue is reached. It can then be released and the energy transmuted.


Chakra Colours

What we perceive as colour is simply the brain's way of recognizing the many different energy qualities of light. Every frequency of visible light, each colour, creates change in us at many different levels: physically, emotionally and mentally.

– Sue and Simon Lilly, Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies

Colour arises from the splitting of light. It is an energetic vibration and is perceived by receptors in the brain, or with a psychic eye. Each colour ray has a subtle effect physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. While colour seems to have long been associated with the chakras, both historically and in the modern day there is little consensus on the actual chakra colours. The 'traditional' colours are comparatively modern attributions and many older chakra drawings show a completely different range of colours. This lack of consensus is particularly striking with regard to the 'newer', higher dimension chakras, many of which are also shown on older chakra illustrations. This is because each body has a slight variation in frequency and so the resonance of the colour – and the crystals attributed to a chakra – will affect each person in a subtly dissimilar way. You may perceive a somewhat altered colour spectrum as your higher faculties open. Many people report that colours become more luminous, pulsating, almost incandescent, and may be beyond the familiar spectrum so that description is difficult.


Earth Star brown, dark grey, maroon
Knee multicoloured, tan
Base red
Sacral orange
Dantien reddish-orange, amber
Solar Plexus yellow, light greenish yellow
Spleen green
Heart Seed pale pearlescent blue, pink white
Heart green/pink
Higher Heart pink, gold, purple, blue
Palm silver-white, golden-white, red, blue
Throat blue, turquoise
Third Eye indigo
Soma blue, lavender, white, ultraviolet
Crown white, purple, lavender
Stellar Gateway deep violet, white, gold, silver or clear
Soul Star magenta, white, black
Alta Major magenta, green
Causal Vortex white, gold
Gaia Gateway black, brown, silver, gold

The Colour Wheel


The Personal Chakras

Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells.

– Caroline Myss

The personal chakras govern the sphere of everyday reality and how you react or respond to the world around you – although they may be a knee-jerk reaction to inner states of being such as emotions or habits. Mediating between the inner and outer worlds, and your physical body and the energies of Earth, they assist in assimilating energies and frequencies at the lower level of the scale. They also affect how well or otherwise your body, emotions and mind function. Roughly speaking, the chakras in the belly correspond to the physical level of being, those in the upper torso to the emotional and from the throat upwards into the skull the mental level. Chakras above the head work mainly at the spiritual level. They work in conjunction with the subtle auric bodies that are closest in frequency to those levels of being. Although there are many chakras, including the lesser known (pages 56– 74), seven major personal chakras are traditionally utilised. But, to this must be added an eighth, the earth star which is essential for keeping you grounded and in touch with the Earth whilst in incarnation.

Traditionally the organs, systems and endocrinology of the physical body have been linked with specific chakras, all of which you will find under the individual chakra entries in the first half of this book. Each chakra is also connected to a sense. The senses range from those of touch, sight and so on, through more subtle senses such as safety and security, to the metaphysics of inner sight and spiritual connection. Imbalances or blockages, rapid or sluggish spin cycles in a chakra relating to an organ, gland or sense will, ultimately, have a physical effect. Crystal healing is based on the premise that placing an appropriate stone on the chakra restores it to balance and the problem then stabilizes itself.

The chakras are not static. Like the whole human organism, they have the capacity to evolve. Crystals assist in opening higher, finer and more subtle layers and levels of the personal chakras as well as the subtle energy bodies, and reactivating dormant higher chakras. They then integrate and ground the interconnected system to bring higher dimensional energies into everyday reality. You become an expression of those expanded vibrations. To facilitate this, there are energetic connective correspondences between the personal and the higher chakras. These are listed under relevant chakras.

The Earth Star Chakra

The sphere of everyday reality and groundedness

Location: About a foot beneath the feet.

The earth star chakra connects you to the Earth's core as well as its electromagnetic fields and energy meridians. This chakra helps you to bring things into concrete form, grounding and anchoring new frequencies and actualising your plans and dreams. It is a place of safety and regeneration. Without it, you will have only a toehold in incarnation and be physically and psychologically ungrounded. With it, you have a stable, calm and strong centre from which to handle the vicissitudes of life and its pleasures with equal composure. If your earth star is not functioning well you will be unable to assimilate and ground kundalini energy when it is awakened. When the chakra is functioning at optimum you have a natural electrical circuit providing a physical and spiritual energy boost. The sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, runs from the heel of the foot up the legs to the hips and then across and into the spine. Passing up the spine it connects your brain to the vibrations of the Earth. It also connects your earth star chakra with the knee chakras and those chakras to the base so that you are fully grounded and connected to the physical dimension of being.

Physiology: The physical body, electrical and meridian systems of the body, sciatic nerve and the sensory organs.

Sense: Security and survival.

Positive quality: Empowerment. When this chakra is functioning well you are grounded and comfortable in incarnation with a well-functioning immune system and the ability to anchor higher dimensional energies into the earth plane. You will be practical and operate well in everyday reality but will be open to assimilating higher dimensional energies.

Negative quality: Powerlessness and ungroundedness.

Higher chakra correspondence: The soul star chakra.

Overactive/blown/spin too fast: If your earth star is blown you will lack grounding and have no connection to the planet or awareness of being part of a greater overall system. Or, paradoxically, you may be overly concerned for the planet and not give enough attention to your own body. An out of balance earth star easily picks up adverse environmental factors such as geopathic stress and toxic pollutants. It is highly sensitive to electromagnetic energy as it governs the electrical systems of the body and is your connection to the planet through the soles of your feet with their many nerve endings and minor chakras.


Excerpted from Crystal Prescriptions Volume 4 by Judy Hall. Copyright © 2014 Judy Hall. Excerpted by permission of John Hunt Publishing Ltd..
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Table of Contents


Part I,
Introduction: The Dance of Shakti and Shiva,
What is a Chakra?,
Chakra Colours,
The Personal Chakras,
Exploring the Lesser Known Chakras,
Opening the Personal Chakras and Integrating the Lesser Known,
The Microcosmic Crystal Orbit,
Expanding Awareness: The Higher Vibrational, Soul Level, Chakras,
Higher Chakra Activation,
The Subtle Energy Bodies,
Balancing the Chakras and Subtle Energy Bodies with Crystals,
Cosmic and Shamanic Anchors,
Harmonizing the Entire Energy System to a Higher Resonance,
The Earth's Chakras,
Earth's Kundalini,
What is Kundalini?,
The Anatomy of Kundalini,
Benefits of Awakened Kundalini,
The Downside of Uncontrolled Kundalini Rise,
Activating Kundalini with Crystal Assistance,
Crystal Essentials: Choosing and Taking Care of Your Crystals,
Purifying, Re-energizing and Focusing Your Crystals,
Using Your Crystals,
Crystal Essences,
Case Histories,
Using This Directory,
Part II: A–Z Directory of Crystal Solutions,
The Chakras and Their Activation Crystals,
The Subtle Energy Bodies and Their Crystals,
Kundalini, Organs, Conditions and Healing Crystals,

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