Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide To Creating Crystal Essences For Abundant Well-Being, Environmental Healing And Astral Magic

Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide To Creating Crystal Essences For Abundant Well-Being, Environmental Healing And Astral Magic

by Judy Hall

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Crystal essences and gem waters have been used for thousands of years to bring the body back into harmony and restore personal and environmental well-being. They are an extremely convenient way of combining crystal properties. In this, the latest volume in the Crystal Prescriptions series, you will learn how to create your own essences from healing crystals. Powerful aids to self-development and soul growth, these potent essences heal and rebalance the chakras, support your abundance and aspirations, assist in overcoming addictions, stress and PTSD; expand your consciousness; provide protection against detrimental electromagnetic fields; facilitate environmental and earth-healing, and accelerate karmic, ancestral and past life healing. Sections are included on emotional and mental healing, physiological essences and those to specifically assist young people. You can also explore innovative astrological and astral-magic essences that harness the power of the planets and their associated crystals to capitalise on the strengths of, and overcome the challenges in, your birth chart. These, along with essences for the day-to-day movement of the planets enable you to fulfil your true potential. Each section is accompanied by a Directory of appropriate crystals and an introductory section assists in the care and selection of exactly the right crystals for your essences.

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About the Author

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five years and is the author of the million selling Crystal Bibles, and O-Books' series Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to healing crystals. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. She has been voted the Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year, and has appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

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What is a crystal essence?

Essences are essentially nutrients for the soul.

– Mary Wutz

Nutrients for the soul. An excellent way to describe the subtle vibrational healing properties of crystal essences and gem waters. They offer balm and solace to the soul and abundant well-being to the body, psyche and environment. As we will see, they are a form of holistic healing that has been in use since time began and which calls on correspondences established with astrology and astral-magic since its inception.

Modern essences

Crystal essences are an excellent way to use the healing power of crystals, particularly for chakra balancing and higher chakra activation, protection, mental and emotional rebalancing, stress release and space clearing. In this context, it must be remembered that energy healing is defined as 'bringing back into balance' and does not imply a cure. Crystals assist your body, or your psyche and soul, to heal itself. However, essences are versatile and may also assist in manifesting your aspirations and outcomes, supported by the crystals chosen, or take you journeying through the multidimensions of consciousness and the multiverses that surround us. They can also facilitate bringing out the innate potential in your birthchart and assist you to be all that you may be. The possibilities are literally limitless.

At its most basic, a crystal essence is the vibrational frequency given off by a crystal, its 'energy signature', transferred into water. This is achieved either by immersing the crystal in water (the direct method) or by standing the crystal in a container within the water (the indirect method). Or, placed alongside the water if the crystal is large. Essences can also be made by using sound to transfer the vibration to the water – some powerful essences have been made in Tibetan bowls for instance. The water stores the crystal energy-pattern-vibrations and transfers them to the physical or subtle bodies in a similar way to that in which a homoeopathic essence works.

As Simon Lilly explains, "Matter is what our biology experiences as holding patterns, temporarily localised in time and space." 'Dis-ease', in whatever form, arises from an imbalance or disturbance in that holding pattern. An essence restores equilibrium to the core energy pattern. Crystals have a fixed, coherent energy lattice that holds constant. The human body, and the environment, do not. Our vibrations and those that surround us are easily 'thrown out' of balance. By 'entraining' the energies, the coherent lattice of the crystal restores the disturbed energy pattern to equilibrium. As the memory held in the water is short term, it is stabilised by adding a preservative such as brandy. Essences are holistic, that is they treat the whole person and the issues that underlie or surround a situation or condition, bringing all levels of being into harmony.

Everything on Earth resonates at a vibrational frequency. Frequency basically means the rate at which the molecules, or atoms, of matter rotate around one another, creating an energetic wave or vibration. The human vibrational field operates in harmony with all other beings – animals, plants, minerals and the planet itself – and has to be maintained at a specific level to ensure optimal health and well-being. This synergistic bioenergy, including our auric and physiological structure, can be disturbed by disorganised and disharmonious frequencies. Modern technologies and communication devices rely on electro-magnetic waves in order to carry out their function. The frequencies these generate can affect human vibrations, leading to the disturbance of our inner biological clock, compromised immunity and a drop in overall well-being ... fortunately crystals return the body to a state of equilibrium.

– Crystal Prescriptions volume 3

Crystal essences gently facilitate letting go of layers of buried emotions and past-their-sell-by-date thought patterns that no longer serve. These patterns unconsciously create who you are and how you react to situations and people in your life. They can be changed. However, as with a computer, when new programmes are inputted into our energy field through our thoughts, emotions or experiences; when old patterns are overwritten, or the system defragged, remnants of an old programme may remain that distort or clog up the subtle energy field. This may be in the form of a psychosomatic ailment of the body, an imprint or distortion on one of the etheric bodies, or an engram – emotional memory. In other words, a toxic residue can occur on several levels that may require more than one essence to release it. You could look on crystal essences as the means by which your energy bodies are deprogrammed and a totally new operating system inputted as appropriate (see Deprogramming crystal essence page 45 and specific directory entries).

The rare and rather wonderful Rainbow Mayanite is an example of a crystal that repatterns the energy field to its optimum functioning and highest frequency. If even a tiny scrap of toxic or inappropriate energy has been left in the energy bodies, Rainbow Mayanite highlights the last remnant of transmutational work required. Having brought such scraps to your attention, it dissolves them, de-energizes the memory structure left behind, and replaces them with 'divine sparks' of pure energy. As it is a rare crystal, a tiny fragment or the energetic imprint from a high quality photograph (such as the one in The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, 101 Power Crystals or on my website) can be used to create an essence that is then added to future repatterning essences without the need for the actual crystal to be present (see The photographic method, page 61 and see defragging crystals page 44).

Several, or indeed many, possible crystals are included under each entry in the A-Z directories. This does not mean that you have to use them all. One, two or three crystals up to a maximum of four are generally all that is required. Several crystals may be combined in an essence, provided you choose compatible crystals (dowse to check compatibility, see page 31). The synergy can be powerful – if you don't overdo it! Adding regulatory crystals (see page 52) assists the essence to work at a rate and vibratory level suitable for the body to which it is being applied. You simply have to ascertain the best crystal(s) from the list for your personal energy field (see Choosing your crystals, page 20). If you do find you have a surfeit of crystals that offer to assist, sequential concatenation could be your answer (see page 70) as it strips back layers to reveal the core issue which the final essence resolves.

This book also shows you how to create innovative astrological essences to bring out the potential in your birthchart or facilitate handling challenging aspects and transits – the current movement of the planets overhead. Astral-magic harnesses the power of the celestial spheres to your essences (see pages 145–176).

All the essences within this book are intended for personal consumption (usage). The book is not a guide to creating essences for sale as these must adhere to strict legal requirements regarding production, labelling and the claims made. Such requirements vary from country to country. However, even when creating essences for personal consumption, attention should always be paid to basic hygiene and appropriate storage.


Ancient prescriptions

Drink Bloodstone in wine and poisonous asps defy. Drink too the changeful Agate in thy wine. Like different gems its numerous species shine.

– The Lithica

It became clear to me during my Master's degree research a few years ago into the connection between crystals and astrology that crystal healing is not a 'new-age' fad. It's one of the oldest forms of vibrational healing. In Mesopotamia around 1900 BCE, Bloodstone was used for diseases of the blood and was sacred to Mars, as were Chalcedony and Jasper, often used then, as now, for fertility and protection. Selenite, then as now, was sacred to the Moon. Similarly, ancient astrological connections between celestial objects, the hours of the day and night, days of the week and months of the year have carried forward through Arabic and Renaissance magic into the present day. These correspondences still hold good and are the basis for many of the zodiac 'birthstones' and planetary gems.

What did surprise me initially, however, was that, in ancient Egyptian and similar medical texts, instructions were given to gather the morning dew not only from flowers but also from crystals and rocks. Dew from a Malachite left out overnight in the desert was collected to make an eyewash for infected eyes. Malachite having natural antibiotic properties. Similarly, even earlier in the Stone Age, water was collected from pools around the Preseli Bluestones in Wales. The same Bluestones that would later form the sacred heart of Stonehenge. In other words, these ancient people were using crystal essences. Some of the methods continue today, bathing in and drinking the essences, for instance.

A popular method was to pulverise crystals and mix them with liquid to make an elixir for oral consumption. Ancient peoples routinely put crystals into wine, honey (a natural antibiotic) or into oils (many of which had antiviral and antibiotic properties). Pliny the Elder (23–79 AD) called mead militites in his Natural History (Naturalis Historia) and differentiated wine sweetened with honey, 'honey-wine', from mead. All of which are preservatives, of course, although essences were usually created for immediate consumption. The elixirs used were often chosen for their colour – Yellow Beryl for jaundice, red Bloodstone for bleeding and Lapis Lazuli for the blue of restricted circulation for instance. Crystal wine prescriptions were seen by the fourth century Greek Lithica, Orpheus on Gems, as being particularly effective against snakebite,

For wounds inflicted by the reptile race, the Ostrites [Serpentine] mixed with wine affords again a quick relief to cool their fiery pain.

And what man could possibly resist "fresh honours on a barren scalp", the Lithica's baldness cure using "Stagshorn". Although, strictly speaking, this appears to have been an organic substance not a stone. The ancients made little distinction between the two:

If time hath thinned thy locks, its force shall spread a youthful covering o'er thine aged head. With [Stagshorn] in oil dissolved anoint, and lo! Fresh honours on thy barren scalp shall grow.

The Lithica also offers a rather poetic way of treating sickly ewes whose milk had dried up – and also new mothers – with milky Snow Quartz. We catch a glimpse of the rituals that accompanied the preparation and use of such stones in those ancient times:

When their piteous tale they bleat, bid thy shepherds lave it [Snow Quartz] in the dark pools where sleeps the fountain-wave.

Next, ranged in order 'gainst the rising sun. With fitting rite thus purify each one.

Take in thine hand a goblet filled with brine. Mixed with this stone reduced to powder fine.

Thy sheep and goats then carefully go through, sprinkling their fleeces with the lustral dew.

Straightway the mothers, of their sickness healed, to their glad young shall milk abundant yield ...

And bid the bride, but late a mother made, to drink this gem with honied mead allayed that her sweet infant on her flowing breast, drunk with the copious stream, may soundly rest.

Pliny, a first century Roman historian and geographer, whilst tending to disparage crystal pharmacology, tells us a great deal about the use of crystals and organic substances as a healing tool in his and earlier ages. He mentions over two hundred crystals and methods such as "draughts", boiling in wine, combining with honey and even pomegranate juice. The method he describes here uses water as a medium to convey powdered Amber, a natural antibiotic, as an antidote to "attacks of wild distraction" and "strangury" amongst other ailments:

Amber is found to have some use in pharmacy ... Callistratus says that it is good also for people of any age as a remedy for attacks of wild distraction and for strangury, both taken in liquid ... affections of the ears when powdered and mixed with honey and rose oil, as well as weak sight if it is powdered and blended with Attic honey ... and affections even of the stomach if it is swallowed in water.

Equally useful would be the "gold-spangled acopos" if only I could find a modern translation for this crystal name which literally means 'not fatiguing'. The defines it as "perhaps a kind of stone, crystalline quartz or spar" and Jeni Powell's guide Guisseppe suggested Gold Rutilate. Which could be Rutilated Quartz, or the wonderful Hematite and Rutile combination crystal that's been around for a few years. When heated in oil, so Pliny tells us, it creates "an embrocation that dispels fatigue". It was prized for relieving stiffness and pain. It sounds like it could also be Magnetite or Magnesite, or possibly a pyrite given the "gold-spangled" element. Not quite such an obscure a name, "ostracites" seemingly translates as fossilised oyster shell. According to Pliny it was taken as a "draught to arrest bleeding", and applied with honey as an ointment to "cure sores and pains in the breast". Boiled in wine, Jet relieved toothache and Hematite created a "universal remedy" and was much associated with blood.


Using this book

This volume of the Crystal Prescriptions series is set out somewhat differently to the usual Crystal Prescriptions format in which the A-Z directory is the final section. In this book, to assist you to navigate around the topics, there is an A-Z directory with a selection of potential crystals for particular issues or symptoms following on from the topic heading. So, under 'Addictions' in the Specific crystal essences section, for instance, you'll find not only crystal essences for addictions to specific substances but also for the psychological or physiological issues that underlie the addiction. These issues may need addressing, either preceding or during withdrawal from the addictive substance. It is all part of 'peeling back the layers' to reach the core. You will also find remedies for conditions such as codependency and 'poor me' (victim mentality) that so often accompany addiction. In some of the introductory material too, crystal suggestions follow on immediately after a topic as they may relate to more than one section. As always with the directories, choose crystals from the lists that are appropriate to you (see Choosing your crystals pages 20–43).

Why so many crystals?

Literally every body is different and not all crystals will work for you. You need to find a crystal or combination of crystals that resonates with your own subtle energy field. There is no one-size-fits-all crystal, although Shungite and Brandenberg Amethyst come closest. Therefore, a choice of crystals is given so that you can discover which crystals are uniquely suited to you.

However, do bear in mind that an emphatic 'no' response may mean exactly that, or that there could be an underlying resistance to what the crystal would reveal. There may also be a conflicting agenda between what your physical body and your head thinks is needed and what your soul actually requires. It is possible to work through this by dowsing or intuiting your deepest needs, stripping away the layers in sequence (see page 31), so long as you are aware that conflicts may arise and are prepared to work with these during the ongoing process of healing.

What if an essence doesn't work for me?

It is rare that an essence fails to work but it does occur. Not all crystals work for everyone as we've seen. But most people can find at least one or two that resonate in harmony with their personal energy field and soul needs. It may be a case of applying a little patience and gradually refining your choices. It may also be necessary to discover what lies behind a condition, or an issue that is creating an apparent aversion. There may be deep-seated causes – or hidden blockages. Desperately wanting a crystal essence to work and/or being cynical and antagonistic to the very idea are self-defeating. Toxic attitudes and negative expectations may block crystal energies. Disbelief is a powerful block. An open mind is essential. You may need to address the underlying resistance first, opening your mind to possibilities. Or, be prepared to sit back dispassionately and allow crystal energies to work in their own way and in their own time. Outcomes may not necessarily be what you thought you wanted. Crystals work for your highest good and that may mean uncovering hidden agendas, ancestral or karmic traumas, repressed memories or emotions and so on. Once these are resolved, you will enjoy much greater well-being. Also, it must be remembered that there are times when your soul has actually chosen a condition or issue through which to learn and grow. In such a case, an essence cannot work against your soul purpose, although it could accelerate the soul-learning process and facilitate evolving and moving on.


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by .
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Table of Contents

Foreword by David Eastoe, 1,
Part I: What is a crystal essence?, 3,
What is a crystal essence?, 4,
Ancient prescriptions, 10,
Using this book, 15,
Part II: Choosing your crystals, 19,
Choosing your crystals, 20,
Crystal vibrations, 23,
Colour vibrations, 27,
A word of caution, 29,
Dowsing, 31,
Purifying and focusing your crystals, 38,
Deprogramming a crystal, 44,
Part III: Creating a crystal essence, 47,
Before you begin, 48,
Regulatory crystals, 52,
Timing: full, new moon, solstice, equinox,,
eclipse, etc., 53,
Creating an Essence, 55,
Sterilising your equipment, 56,
Direct and indirect preparation methods, 57,
Storage, 63,
Alternative methods, 64,
Shungite Water, 66,
Using your crystal essences, 68,
Part IV: Chakra and auric essences, 75,
The Chakras, 76,
The Chakras and Physiology, 95,
Auric and subtle bodies, 103,
A-Z Directory of chakra and auric essences, 106,
Part V: Astrological and Astral-Magic Essences, 127,
The luminaries and the planets, 142,
Astral-magic, 145,
Would you like an example?, 149,
Directory: Crystals for astrological essences, 161,
Part VI: Specific crystal essences with A-Z Directories, 177,
Abundance and Aspirational essences, 178,
Addictions and underlying issues essences, 184,
Consciousness expanding and journeying essences, 193,
Emotional and mental healing essences, 202,
EMF and Personal Protection essences, 217,
Environmental and Earth-healing essences, 229,
Karmic, ancestral and past life essences, 242,
Physiological essences, 264,
Stress and PTSD essences, 286,
Useful adult essences, 295,
Young people's essences, 304,
Contraindications, 311,
Contraindications and cautions, 319,
Resources, 321,
Endnotes, 325,

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