Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot

by Randa Handler

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Three multiracial seven-year-old boys with varied backgrounds befriend a super-wise visitor from an enchanted part of Antarctica, tiny Cubbie Blue and his minuscule dog, Dot, who have accidentally landed in their hometown. Even though Cubbie is only three inches tall and therefore appears vulnerable, he has supernatural powers. He can read minds, make himself invisible, or stop time when needed. He also has the uncanny ability to only see things in a positive light.   

Throughout the series, this new friendship leads to important discoveries for both the boys and Cubbie. As they fly over cities in a magical bubble and explore realms near and far, Cubbie and Dot learn the true meaning of friendship and how to solve small and big problems while feeling protected in their scary new environment. The bond between them proves that sometimes unlikely allies are found among beings who seem to have the greatest differences. The tiny creatures are effective vehicles for conveying subtle messages, about rights and wrongs within the frame of an exciting and entertaining story.

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ISBN-13: 9781497660687
Publisher: Open Road Media
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Series: Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 41
File size: 7 MB
Age Range: 7 - 10 Years

About the Author

Randa Handler is an author, international journalist, publicist, and publisher. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. Her expertise in public relations made many products and personalities household names. She is the author of the Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot series and If I Were King. Her educational series of children’s books are still being used as “lesson plans” by elementary school teachers. 

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Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot

Cubbie Blue ~ Book 1

By Randa Handler


Copyright © 2012 Randa Handler
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4976-6068-7


In the mists of Cylon, the oldest Antarctic iceberg, was the enchanted land of Baltar, with diamond-faceted ice stalactites and stalagmites that twinkled in any light. The sky-blue–skinned Baltarians were always happy, doing cartwheels as they walked and giggling when they talked. They were only a few inches tall but big in knowledge.

Their knowledge came mostly from supernatural powers inside them that were so strong they never had to say what they felt since others could sense their feelings intuitively. Nor did they need cars, since their minds moved them wherever they wanted to go. They didn't need telephones either, because they stayed in touch telepathically.

The inhabitants of nearby Aryon were very different. Almost always unhappy, they waited for Baltarians to leave so they could capture them. They wanted to get rid of Baltarian laughter, although secretly they wanted to know what caused it so they, too, could be happy.

The Baltarians, who knew what the Aryons were up to, had built a special shield around their land. Anyone or anything that came within miles of Baltar's protective shield was engulfed in light twisters and spun around.

Cobalt, who lived on Baltar, was about to be one hundred and fifty years old, still a child by Baltarian standards. Although only three inches tall, Cobalt had a long, flowing beard, and it reflected every shade of blue. He was often excited, especially on his birthday, when the wind would rub the clouds in a certain way, releasing torrents of sugar rain that transformed the grass into candy canes, the flowers into fruity pops, and the snow into delicious ice cream, making the day extra special.

On this particular birthday all the Baltarian kids played in the sugar rain except Cobalt, who could only think about his present from his dad: a shiny new moon-hubbler. He had spent months dreaming of hubbling off to see the world on his own. Finally he was old enough to do so and smart enough to know that only the hubbler was designed to save him from harm in places beyond Baltar's protective shield.

Cobalt was so excited about his moon-hubbler that he paid no attention to his dad's warning about using it. "Son," his dad had said, "don't use it until I teach you the controls. It's powerful enough to zoom through the universe, but remember that outside our protective shield we're easy targets for the Aryons."

Cobalt's two-tailed and four-eared dog, Dot—so named because of his size—could tell trouble was brewing. His best friend was edgy, darting back and forth to check out his new hubbler. Dot knew he would have to stay as sharp as a tack to save Cobalt from himself.

Later that night, Dot, Cobalt, and his girlfriend Astra took turns getting in and out of the moon-hubbler.

"Astra, what can go wrong if I try to use it? Should anything happen, I'll figure out what to do!" whispered Cobalt, getting into his hubbler for the twentieth time. To himself he added, "It purrs like water trickling down a crystal ravine as soon as you touch the controls. Genius Baltarian minds created it, so it must be fail-safe and designed to talk you through all its functions."

"Be good, Cobalt. Wait for your dad to teach you the controls," warned Astra.

But a moment later, he turned on the engine.

"Oh, no! Wait for me—Trouble Eraser! I smell trouble, and I need to be right there with you so I can erase it," shouted Dot, jumping into the moon-hubbler as Cobalt increased the speed.

Suddenly the moon-hubbler began spinning out of control and shooting out fluorescent multicolor laser-like sparks. Something was terribly wrong.

Astra's voice became very faint as Cobalt and Dot disappeared into tunnels of light.

"Oops, Dotty Dot, I did it again!" shouted Cobalt.

"Oh boy, you did!" screamed Dot.

Opening his eyes as the spinning finally stopped, Cobalt cried, "Dot, do you smell that?"

"Oh, no. It's dark and damp. We're under one of those faraway smelly cities I've heard about. What's with the sirens, the beeping, and that awful sulfuric violet smell?" barked Dot. He glanced around, sniffed, then exclaimed, pointing, "Look, a door of some kind! Let's go, Coba."

When they reached the door, Cobalt yanked it open. Right away, the strange odors and sounds became more intense, and he began to panic.

"Cobalt, look at that small structure. Little guys like us might live there! Time for your magic dust," barked Dot, referring to soft particles Cobalt carried to transport them short distances and, when necessary, make them invisible.

Cobalt removed a little dust from his chest pocket, sprinkled it around them, and instantly they were inside a dumpster with a rat, and they were invisible.


Excerpted from Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot by Randa Handler. Copyright © 2012 Randa Handler. Excerpted by permission of OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA.
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