Cyprus Dog Tails: Real Stray Dog Stories From The Voices Of the Animals

Cyprus Dog Tails: Real Stray Dog Stories From The Voices Of the Animals

by Natalie Reed


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If you liked the fictional book A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron then you will love Cyprus Dog Tails the true life stories of nine stray and abandoned dogs in Cyprus.

Cyprus Dog Tails is cleverly written from the perspectives of these real life dogs each having their own individual personality and story of hardship prior to their happily ever after.

All nine dogs were rescued individually by and now enjoy a 'forever' home living with the Author and her husband and as such the book includes full colour photographs of all the dogs both individually and living together as a pack.

Animal lovers around the world will find the dog tales in this book heartwarming and humourous yet at times also very sad.

A thoroughly emotional and enjoyable read with the added benefit of having contributed to this fantastic cause through purchasing the book.

Meet the dogs from the book:

A note from the dogs:

Please take the time to write a review and share with others if you liked our stories. Don't forget to visit our website to see pictures and videos of us all and to register for our monthly 'pupdates'.

Thank you for caring.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781547269167
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/24/2017
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Natalie Reed moved to Cyprus with her husband Mark and their son Ashley in 2008 from the UK for a slower pace of life and the cultural experience and fabulous weather Cyprus has to offer.

She started rescuing stray dogs and cats in Cyprus in 2011.

Since that time and up to now (2017) she and her husband have rescued 14 dogs and over 25 cats.

In 2013 they were lucky to secure a rented property with a large piece of land which enabled them to take on many more stray animals and give them a forever home.

The owner of the property has now decided to sell the property and land and has given Natalie and her Husband notice for the animals to leave by August 2018 and due to this they have had to stop rescuing animals and have struggled to find anywhere suitable for them to continue to care for their furry babies.

The upheaval of a move, one that may mean they cannot keep all the animals they have rescued is a very scary prospect. In their minds these animals are with them forever, they are part of their family and they can't let them down.

It was this that inspired Natalie to write this book about their stories in the hope that many animal lovers around the world would enjoy reading about their lives and as a result of buying the book will have contributed to their future security and that of many other stray animals Natalie & her Husband hope to help.

Natalie is the owner of The Daxi Group who produce a free monthly lifestyle magazine for the English reading and speaking community in South East Cyprus.

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