Dark City: A Novella Collection

Dark City: A Novella Collection

by Brian Hodge, Gerard Houarner

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Forty-two floors of premium Manhattan real estate, The Krammer Building is exclusive, luxurious…and surprisingly empty. Wendy’s brother offers her an island of escape in the building to get her back on her feet and bury her abusive past.
But while she’s ready to bury that past, a missing woman’s past doesn’t want to be forgotten. Wendy finds a mysterious dream journal stashed away on a bookshelf and she becomes obsessed with finding its author, even if it means daring to step into another dimension where evolution has gone in a very different direction. When Wendy finds herself snowed in and restless, she begins the hunt through the Krammer’s floors in search of the woman who disappeared in its negative spaces and worlds suddenly collide and Wendy finds being fearless doesn’t matter nearly as much as turning fierce.


When the world as she knew it came to an end and the people she loves changed into husks—living ghosts of what they once were—sometimes the easiest thing to do is try and continue life’s monotonous routine in a desperate grab for normalcy. That’s what Isabella is trying to do. But as she spots plumes of smoke rise from distant fires and sees these living ghosts haunting the streets, mindlessly going through their lives like they always have, she heads home and wonders just what will be coming home to her…and if his eyes will look different this time.


In the world that survived after The Turning, bureaucracy thrives. And for Marican, it’s all he has, and the Bureau of Investigations is his life. One day he’s given a folder, and an assignment…find this missing person. He sets out to find Oria, one of the multitude of orphans who lived after The Turning took everything. He’s been told she can help.
Marican treasures his bland job and his boring routine in this new grey world of devastation and dust. But he must decide if he wants change or stability as Oria inserts herself into his life bringing color and life to his otherwise bleak existence. Will he accept her or does her presence dredge up too many memories of the wonderful times before happiness died…before The Turning.

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Publisher: Necro Publications
Publication date: 08/07/2015
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About the Author

BRIAN HODGE is one of those people who always has to be making something. So far, he’s made 10 novels, and is working on three more, as well as 120 shorter works and 5 full-length collections. His first collection, The Convulsion Factory, was ranked by critic Stanley Wiater among the 113 best books of modern horror. He lives in Colorado, where he also likes to make music and photographs; loves everything about organic gardening except the thieving squirrels; and trains in Krav Maga and kickboxing, which are useless against the squirrels.

Gerard Houarner fell to Earth in the fifties and is a product of the NYC school system and the City College of New York, where he studied writing under Joseph Heller and Joel Oppenheimer and crashed hallucinogenic William Burroughs seminars back in the day. He went on to earn a couple of Masters degrees in psychology from Columbia University so he could earn a living. He’s worked in Hells Kitchen, on the Lower East Side at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and in the Bronx at the start of the crack epidemic before settling into a quiet, contemplative and genteel career as an uncivil servant at a state psychiatric center. Married in a New Orleans Voodoo Temple, he and his wife, writer and poet Linda Addison, reside in a house decorated in Nouveau African Native French Goth Tribal Fantastic atop a hill in the Bronx. His publishing career includes three novels The Bard of Sorcery, The Beast That Was Max, Road to Hell and over 240 short stories published in a variety of magazines and anthologies including Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales, Midnight Premiere, Brutarian, City Slab, Flesh and Blood, Deathrealm, Borderlands, Damned: An Anthology of the Lost; Mojo: Conjure Stories;Dark Acts, and others. Story collections include Painfreak, I Love You And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It, Black Orchids from Aum, and Visions Through a Shattered Lens. He has also edited or co-edited three anthologies: Going Postal, Dead Cats Bouncing and Dead Cat's Traveling Circus of Wonders and Miracle Medicine Show (both with the artist GAK). In addition, he serves as Fiction Editor for Space and Time magazine. People seem to talk most often about his continuing character, Max, a supernaturally endowed assassin, as well as Dead Cat—a series of collaborations with the artist GAK about, like, you know…a dead cat. Fifty-plus years into life, he has come to believe he is the kind of person who wandered away from the village at a tender age, spent too much time in the wilderness, and these days is allowed to return only on ceremonial occasions or to scare the little children. He also believes, on cold and rainy days, that his purpose in life is to serve as an example for others, much like the crucified humans at the edge of the desert in the original Planet of the Apes, or rebel gladiator slaves along the Via Appia. On better days, he sees himself standing at the crossroads of the psychological and the supernatural; the real and the surreal; the past, present and future; waiting for some thing to come along, take his soul and leave him with the voice to tell anybody who will listen the story of how it all happened. He continues to write whenever he can, mostly at night, about the dark.

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