Dark Side of Valor: A Novel

Dark Side of Valor: A Novel

by Alicia Singleton

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A child advocate and a mercenary must work together to overcome their past losses and save both of their lives and hearts.

A child advocate and a mercenary must work together to overcome their past losses and save both of their lives and hearts.

  Lelia Freeman created a life for herself after growing up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. When the horror has passed, Lelia vows to make a better life.

Now, Lelia spends her life trying to save children. As the director of ChildSafe Shelters, she is summoned to Washington and asked to serve on a committee that aids the children of a war-torn African nation. Life takes a dramatic turn when Lelia uncovers terrible corruption and is kidnapped for her knowledge.

Her fate is in the hands of Elijah Dune, a mercenary stuck in the past. Haunted by the loss of his daughter, Elijah is the only one who can save Lelia—but he believes she is to blame for his daughter’s death.

Dark Side of Valor delves into the destructive forces of guilt and revenge as two people are connected by their love for a lost little girl.

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ISBN-13: 9781451645194
Publisher: Strebor Books
Publication date: 02/07/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Alicia Singleton was born and raised in Philadelphia. A graduate of Howard University, she is a clinical nurse. Alicia lives in Maryand with her husband and son. Visit her at AliciaSingleton.com.

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Dark Side of Valor 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Any book that keeps you on an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end is definitely a book worth reading. Dark Side of Valor is such a book. Alicia Singleton has written an intoxicating suspense thriller that you can’t put down and leaves you wanting more.
T_Sinns More than 1 year ago
A woman who went through it now spends her time defending others so they don't have to. Strong. Courageous. Caring. Is recruited into something she questions once getting involved. This question is her down fall as it starts to spiral the rest of the events in the book. The book brings together many different people and shows a real web of how nice appearance people can be not so nice guys. It contains fear, love, hate, question, curiosity, crime, drugs, lose and hope. A captivating read.
dreamer2229 More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing, yet it was also one of the hardest books I’ve ever read. Leila works getting runaways and such off the streets and into safety because she was once on the streets. In fact, she almost died because she refused to work for the pimp that ran the street she lived on. On the day she decided to get help and get out she got caught and was shot and left to die. The 13 year old child she had been helping and protecting died in her arms from an illness that was the final straw that led her to find help. She never let go of that moment. It haunted her for years. Even during the biggest trial of her life which involved a fight for her life. Her life seemed to be one HUGE hurdle after another, but she was strong and a fighter and got her happy ending. I have worked with Child Protective Services, specifically in the adoption department and in Foster Family Agency placements (for the harder to place kids). It’s a hard job. It tears at your soul. That was part of what made this so difficult to read. I’ve seen what she’s seeing and has seen. The ones you lose are the hardest to deal with because it takes part of you. The book is haunting, uplifting, scary, sad, happy, gritty, funny, and hopeful. It is not an easy read; this is not an easy subject. However it is definitely work reading. I highly recommend every adult read it, and any child who is thinking of running away because things at home are bad needs to read it also. If things are really that bad at home, you have other choices… Please choose something besides the streets. I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds. This product or book may have been distributed for review; this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.
b00kr3vi3ws More than 1 year ago
The novel is about Leila Freeman, a child advocate. She knows and does her job well because she knows what it is like to live on the streets. As a teenager she herself had run away from her home, leaving an alcoholic mother behind, and had lived on the streets. She had gained a lot of experience and lost a dear one in those years. But she was lucky as she managed to get off the streets and clean up. Not only did she manage to make a good life for herself but also help those around her. Her dedication and hard work leads her to a war torn Africa, where Leila finds that not everything is as it is supposed to be. That’s when all the troubles begin. With adrenalin running high Leila has to decide who to trust and ghosts from her pasts come back to haunt her. This is an amazing novel from every aspect. The plot is beyond great! It has a lot of action and a lot of heart tugging moments that take you on a roller coaster ride. The author has painted the stark truth about the life on the streets where everybody loses something. The pain and hurt portrayed through a number of characters in the book is bound to touch your heart. The language and writing style is also pretty good and helps you to settle down with the book. Coming to characterization, the author has done a great job portraying different shades of characters and personality. I personally loved Leila - real strong female protagonist! Loved the book and would definitely want to read more from Alicia Singleton.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
DARK SIDE OF VALOR by Alicia Singleton is a fast paced suspense/thriller/romance. What a complex and intense story of child abuse,teen runaways,child advocate,mercanaries,conspirancy,revenge,vengeance, suspense,romance and past demons. It is the story of the true meaning of valor. Well written with details and a great plot. The characters will have you on the edge of your seat. A wonderful debut novel full of suspense and drama. Follow Elijah Dune and Lelia Freeman through the jungles of Zaire, as they try to survive a madman. A must read!”Dark Side Of Valor” will have you turning pages and biting your nails. Received for an honest review from Pump Up Your Book and the publisher. Details can be found at Strebor Books International, the author’s website,and My Book Addiction and More. RATING: 4.5 HEAT RATING:Sweet: No sex or scenes of physical intimacy except some kissing. No graphic violence or profanity. REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More
Celticlady1953 More than 1 year ago
Dark Side of Valor is a story of child advocate Lelia Freeman. She is a woman who as a teenager ran away from home because she had higher dreams than living in a dump with her mother, who is an alcoholic. She feels that her mother does not love or care about her so she leaves. She spends two years on the streets of L.A. among druggies and pimps. A very dangerous situation indeed. She comes across a young girl, Joelle, who gets ill and Lelia vows to take care of her and she does the best she can until her and Joelle are shot by an angry pimp. Lelia wakes up in the hospital and finds that Joelle has died. Leila finds herself with no place to go until she goes to a church and meets an elderly lady who offers her help if she wants it. Years later Lelia is a child advocate and because of her works, she is sent to Washington D.C. to be on a committee to aid orphaned children of an African country. While in Washington, Leila finds herself kidnapped and ends up in this war torn country, the man who kidnapped her is the President of this country and very corrupt. He does not care about the people in his country or the children, just the power his position gives him and he will use Leila to achieve his goals. Elijah Dune is a man who is angry and guilty over his own losses. He meets Leila while he is at the President Deng's Palace, supposedly to sell arms to the president but he does have deeper, darker motives. He becomes Deng's prisoner along with Leila, but they are eventually able to escape and find themselves in the jungle. That is all I am saying about the plot lest I give away the story. This book is a fast reader, I read it in two nights, very suspenseful. This is the authors debut novel and very well done indeed. A story of two people who are finding it hard to live with their guilt and until they can forgive themselves they are unable to have any long lasting relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it if you like a suspenseful/thriller that is also about forgiveness, redemption and love. I give it five stars...
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Posted on Romancing the Book's blog Reviewed by Desere Review Copy Provided by the Author Think about the word valor for a second and see what you come up with …bravery, courage, fighting till the end? This book is about all that and so much more. The author took me to a whole new world that definitely did not previously exist in my mind. A world lived on the wrong side of the streets where “monsters” of the truly deep, dark and dangerous kind lurk around every corner ready to pounce on their unsuspecting pray. This is where we get to know Lelia the street angel advocate for children. She fights for those who cannot. Ending up kidnapped is where the author truly steps up the plot and the book got really exciting. She had me handing onto the edge of my seat and even had me double checking behind me every now and then when I was outside the house in town. That is how intense and great the book was that it really felt as if someone was following me! The book had suspense, action, intrigue and was written with such unmistakable passion! I loved every deep, dark and scary second of it! A must read for mystery and suspense fans. Favorite Quote: “You will pay dearly for your folly.”
sandiek More than 1 year ago
Lelia Freeman, a child advocate, knows what she speaks about. She herself spent years on the street, running from a miserable homelife. She managed to find a way out, but not before a tragedy occurred that stole her best friend from her, a victim of the streets and the predators that prowled them. These days, Lelia is well past those days. Her adopted family supported her as she used education to build a life for herself. A life that not only sustained her, but allowed her to give back to society, to help others who found themselves on the streets due to poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, or lives filled with sexual and physical abuse. She can relate to the children she saves since she was one of them. Her work does not go unnoticed. She is nominated to go work in Africa with the children orphaned from a civil war. Once there, she discovers that all is not what it seems; that those who requested her did so to use her work as a cover for the evil they had done and planned to continue doing. She escapes from the government, her allies two mercenaries who are there for their own purposes. Relieved at first, she comes to realise that this was no accident; the men she was counting on to save her life had old ties to her past that left her anything but safe. Could Lelia escape the danger she finds herself in and make it back to the kids that give her reason for living? Alicia Singleton has written a compelling story that highlights the pain behind the lives of street children and abused and neglected children all over the world. The reader will cheer for the heroine who attempts to assuage their pain, while learning more about what goes on in their world. This book is recommended for readers interested in social justice, an exciting story and tales of those who rise above their background to make a new life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For me, the first few chapters were a little slow, but thereafter this book had my mind spinning from that point on. For once I could not accurately guess what was going to happen next. There were quite a lot of wonderful surprises by the author. Due to a storm, I had no electricity one night while reading this book, and I actually got a flashlight out to continue reading. I could not put it down. I've already passed this book on to many of my relatives and friends. This book reminds me of some of Alfred Hitchcock's spell-binding, chilling tales, and the ending will not let you down! I am looking forward to her next novel-'Returned to Bondage'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wanted to let readers know how much I enjoyed the book. I started reading and couldn't put it down. This always happens to me when I read a good book. Consequently I was finished in two days.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Words cannot describe the pleasure that I am experiencing while reading the novel. The words create imagery, pull me into the story and compel me to become an invisible character. I don't want to put it down. I read it at bedtime, in the morning before work and during my lunch break. I grumble because I must put it aside until later. Work of this magnitude is much better that some well known authors and equal to those that I revere, i.e. Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou...need I say more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book catches your attention from the first page. The author ends each chapter with a cliffhanger enticing the reader to read on and on. Strong black women is the theme throughout this book as well as how in an instant your life can dramatically change. Alicia Singleton writes a nove that draws attention to the teenage runaway and how a life was turned around through love and kindness. The main character, Lellia, takes many paths in her life but it is her determination, persistence and faith that makes this character shine throughout this book. The "Blue Mug Buddies" of Refuge Church Ministry highly recommend this book especially to young adults and older teenagers. It is only through the grace of God that keeps us. Cheryl Walker "Blue Mug Buddy"
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was impressed by the quality of the writing in Alicia Singleton's first novel. I was very engaged in the story line and the characters. I am looking forward to her next book. Singleton's characters are rich. Although the story line was wrapped up quickly, I was left wanting to read more about these individuals.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I completely enjoyed the book. I will be reading it again and will be suggeting that the few people I know that are readers go pick up a copy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Darks Side of Valor was worth every minute of sleep I lost. I couldn't put it down. Excellent, superb, interesting, fascinating, just enough suspense. Definitely a book for any book club. Thanks for the great read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The reader meets Lelia Freeman when she is a teen. Lelia refuses to give up her dreams of a better life, and rather than give into the bitterness and despair that controls her mother's life, she runs away from home. Lelia soon discovers that life on the street holds its own brand of terror. A strong heroine and a cast of wonderful secondary characters are only two of the reasons this is a not to missed novel.