Dark Vanilla Jungle and other monologues

Dark Vanilla Jungle and other monologues

by Philip Ridley


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It was a very hot day – dazzling sunshine! – and Mum – she was wiping sweat from her neck. No, not wiping. Dabbing . . . Dab . . . Dab. Mum was a beauty. Not like me. And don't tell me I am because you'll be lying and I won't thank you for it. Not today. Not when this whole thing – us, here - is about me telling the truth.

The latest from Philip Ridley is a beautiful, breathtaking new drama about one girl's craving for family and home, and the lengths she will go to achieve them.

Dark Vanilla Jungle embarked on a national tour of Great Britain in spring 2014.

This edition also features a selection of previously unpublished monologues by Philip Ridley alongside the play.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781472523501
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 03/20/2014
Series: Modern Plays
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 10.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Philip Ridley was born in the East End of London, where he still lives and works. He is a contemporary artist, poet, novelist, film-maker and one of the country's most celebrated living playwrights. Ridley has been described as 'probably a genius' (Time Out), 'a visionary' (Rolling Stone), 'the master of modern myth' (Guardian) and 'the best British playwright of the last 20 years' (Aleks Sierz, author of In-Yer-Face Theatre). His plays include Ghost From A Perfect Place, Leaves of Glass, Mercury Fur, Moonfleece, Piranha Heights, The Pitchfork Disney, Tender Napalm, The Fastest Clock in the Universe, The Krays, Shivered and Vincent River.

Table of Contents

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List of Contributors
Part One: Introductory Essay 1
The Political Economies of Media and the Transformation of the Global Media Industries
Dwayne Winseck, Carleton University
Part Two: From the Singular to the Plural-Theorizing the Digital and Networked Media Industries in the
Twenty-First Century
Principal ongoing mutations of Cultural and Informational Industries
Bernand Miège, Carleton University
Media Ownership, Oligarchies, and Globalization: Media Concentration in South America
Guillermo Mastrini and Martín Becerra, University of Buenos Aires
Media as Creative Industries: Conglomeration and Globalization as Accumulation Strategies in an Age of Digital Media
Terry Flew, Queensland University of Technology
The Structure and Dynamics of Communications Business Networks in an Era of Convergence: Mapping the Global Networks of the Information Business
Amelia Arsenault, Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania
Part Three The Conquest of Capital or Creative Gales of Destruction?
Hard Jobs in Hollywood: How Concentration in Distribution Affects the Production Side of the Media Entertainment Industry 123
Susan Christopherson, Cornell University
Financialization and the "Crisis of the Media": The Rise and Fall of (Some) Media Conglomerates in Canada
Dwayne Winseck, Carleton University
Deconvergence and Deconsolidation in the Global Media Industries: The Rise and Fall of (Some) Media Conglomerate(s)
Dal Yong Jin, Simon Fraser University
Navigational Media: The Political Economy of Online Traffic
Elizabeth Van Couvering, Leicester University
The Contemporary World Wide Web: Social Medium or New Space of Accumulation?
Christian Fuchs, Uppsala University
Part Four Communication, Conventions, and "Crises"
Running on empty?: The Uncertain Financial Futures of Public Service Media in the Contemporary Media Policy
Peter A. Thompson, University of Wellington
Mediation, Financialization, and the Global Financial Crisis: An Inverted Political Economy Perspective
Aeron Davis, University of London
The Wizards of Oz: Peering Behind the Curtain on the Relationship
Between Central Banks and the Business Media
Marc-André Pigeon, Carleton University
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