Deceptions of the Ages

Deceptions of the Ages

by Matthew Heines

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The truth is not "out there."
It's right here.

How has the historical conflict between science and religion created the modern world?
How did an oppressive Catholic Church first promote then destroy the Knights Templar during the Crusades and why?
How did the Knights of the Temple evolve into the modern day Society of Freemasons?
What is the real story behind the Illuminati, the Rothschild banking empire and the Society of Freemasons?
Why is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints referred to as the "Mormon" Church and why has there always been so much violent opposition to this venerable organization?
Why has the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints openly embraced science and acknowledged the presence of extraterrestrial visitors, while the rest of Christianity does not?
Why is a God who matches the historical descriptions of Jesus Christ present in Native American societies from the Inca, Mayan and Aztec to the modern day Hopi? Is it just a strange coincidence, or something more?
Why do members of the Society of Freemasons figure so prominently in the classification of UFO and extraterrestrial information and programs?

How do the answers to these questions explain the modern world? In Deceptions of the Ages: "Mormons" Freemasons and Extraterrestrials, American teacher, historian and author Matthew Heines takes you on a whirlwind tour of five thousand years of history and Western civilization to give you factual, historical insights into some of the biggest deceptions, and connections of our time.
Using historical texts and holy writings from the ancient Greeks to the Declaration of Independence, from the Old Testament to modern physics, from Saints to Satanists, Deceptions of the Ages explains in an interesting and often humorous way how the conflicts between science and religion have created a world of illusions, lies and secrecy.

Can you handle the truth?

"Suffice it to say that Deceptions of the Ages offers much food for thought, will find its most enthusiastic readership among new age circles who appreciate wide-ranging discussions pulling together facts from a range of disciplines, making for a powerful, thought-provoking read."
Jeff S.
Sydney, Austraila
From the Author:

Though some may claim it is, or is not, this book is not about religion, it is not about secret societies, deception or the massive amounts of human tragedy that have been heaped upon entire populations for the most nefarious of reasons. This book is a historical attempt to teach the reader about history while at the same time explaining how events, organizations, brotherhoods and cultures contributed to the modern world we see, or don't see, in the present day. The reader will soon discover that there is a lot of history that seems to be left out of the body of what we call history, as the reader comes to understand why that history was deemed as better left hidden in the darkness of Plato's Cave.
Ultimately, the reader may or may not come to understand that our world is a continuum of the same forces that always have been present and will always be present in some form or another. As we explore the modern world all the way down to the subatomic level, we will see how these same forces are necessary for the universe to even exist. It is my hope that the reader will take away from this book an overview of not only how we got to be where we are, but that the reader will have a better idea of exactly where we are and, where we appear to be going.
It is my sincere hope that if enough people read this book and are able to see the world as it really is, then the decisions we make will hopefully be based upon an understanding of actual history, religion, science and human nature and not the illusions and delusions we see today.

Matthew D. Heines

UFO, freemason, Mormon, Templar, conspiracy, Federal Reserve, illuminati, extraterrestrial, illuminati, Book of Mormon, Bible, LDS Scriptures

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"If you love to read, you'll love to read my books."
Published works: My Year in Oman: An American Experience in Arabia During the War On Terror (2005). Another Year in Oman: Between Iraq and a Hard Place (2007). Deceptions of the Ages:"Mormons" Freemasons and Extraterrestrials (2010). Killing Time in Saudi Arabia: An American Experience (2013): Sequim, Washington
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